We all might complain about the monotony that the work from home schedule has brought to us, but low-key, we all love it. It was not a very long time ago when only a fraction of the employees used to get this luxury of remote work- now it is the new normal. 

While the world is fighting with a global crisis, the corporate sector managed to keep it running distantly. Telecommuting was not a problem until the employers realized how less control they would have over their employees’ behavior and the company’s assets. As a result, many workplaces started using PC monitoring software and tools to track their staff. 

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This step proved to be revolutionary for various workplaces in a lot of aspects. For starters, there was a hike in the overall productivity and more employee satisfaction. Is it due to the flexibility that the staff gets now? How does monitoring computer activity ensure the increase in productivity, responsibility, discipline, and, most importantly, employee satisfaction? 

Before we dive into further details, let’s get to the basics: 


What Is Workplace Flexibility? 


Contrary to the general belief, workplace flexibility is way more than having flexible shifts. A flexible workplace indicates the willingness of an employer to adapt their staff’s changing needs- regarding when, where, and how they perform their work. 

A company with flexible work ethics includes all kinds of flexible work arrangements that cater to employers as well as employees. It aims at creating a work environment that proves beneficial to both of them and helps the organization to grow faster. 


Benefits Of A Flexible Work Environment 

There are various reasons why all workplaces must adopt a flexible work culture. Here is how it helps: 

1. Work-Life Balance: 

Providing your employees with flexible shifts, remote work, fair work assessment, etc. will assist them in being more responsible and focused during the working hours. As a result, they will save some time. 

And since the staff will save a lot of time from getting ready and commuting to the office, they will be able to understand the value of those extra hours as well. They will be able to spare more time for their families, hobbies, and interests. They will eventually learn how to manage these extra hours in completing their pending tasks or managing their upcoming projects beforehand. 

A flexible workplace, thus, leads to peace of mind, job satisfaction, and high employee morale. 



2. Self Control: 

A flexible shift will allow the employees to have much better control over their working environment, schedule, breaks, lunch hour, and many more. 

It doesn’t matter if they are an early bird or a night owl- they are going to manage their time accordingly to finish their assigned tasks and meet deadlines faster. 


3. Employee Retention: 


Employees feel valued when their employers start focusing more on the quality and quantity of work instead of the total working hours. 

Deploying a tool or employee computer monitoring software on their systems will assist the employers in focusing on the actual number of active hours. You would know which employees work harder, despite the number of breaks that they might take. 

Such workplaces are, thus, more preferable for the hard-working employees who may feel like their company doesn’t recognize their efforts. 


3. Saving on Commute: 

Whether an employee travels by public transports or a private vehicle, they get to skip all the hours, expenses, and money spent on their mode of commute when working from home. The extra money and time that they get to save here are WAY MORE than what they could when going to the office. 

All the extra bucks that these people have now goes directly into fulfilling their personal needs. It’s more like a saving that they never saw coming! 


Impact Of Using A PC Monitoring Software 

The reason behind the majority of employers using employee computer monitoring software is to ensure that they are providing their teams with a flexible workplace without compromising their company’s security and overall productivity. Some of the best pc monitoring software like EmpMonitor provides employers with a statistical analysis of what their staff is up to during the working hours. 

Using such tools is a mandatory step to introduce transparency and flexibility in your distant premises. Here is why: 


1. Fair Work Assessment: 

Some of the best pc monitoring software and tools provide employers with a detailed analysis of what their staff does on their screens. This way, you stay aware of the apps and websites that they visit and the number of hours that they spend on them. 

As a matter of fact, you can check why they visited particular websites, for instance, their social media handles (Staff may refer to their social media for research purposes, at times). 

Thus, you can fairly assess the tasks performed by your teams, taking into account their actual working hours on the keyboard and mouse. 

PC Monitoring Software

2. Employee Productivity: 

Employees work more attentively when working under vigilance. Procrastination and distraction seem to take them over very little when they are aware of the company computer monitoring software running on their systems. Always make sure that you keep your staff informed about the vigilance, or else they may not trust you in the long run. 

On one hand, you can always catch hold of the employees who are goldbricking or taking advantage of the flexible shifts. On the other hand, you can always reward the ones who sincerely work for longer hours. 

Don’t worry. The staff won’t feel threatened by your employee computer monitoring software. They would, in fact, appreciate the fact that you are aware of their efforts and productivity. They would act more responsibly, manage their breaks wisely, and input maximum efforts in completing their assigned tasks. 


3. Data Security: 

One of the main reasons why employers generally hesitate from letting their staff handle their company data from elsewhere is the risk that comes along. Various employees work on public WiFi, share their devices with their siblings, barely check before clicking on an unknown link, and download unsolicited files without hesitation. 

While training your employees to identify and avoid cyber threats is something you must never skip- you also cannot avoid using a tool or employee computer activity monitoring software. 

While there are various free pc monitoring tools available in the market as well, we would advise you to go for the best ones that provide you with detailed statistics and reports of your staff’s screen. Check for the type of files they download, if they purposely extend their working hours to work on suspicious tasks, look for the ones who share unnecessary files with their colleagues, etc. 

Having a flexible work environment does not imply letting your staff make their own rules. It has a lot more to do with how the employers, as well as employees, can stay happy with the regulations that the workplace has. Use the best computer monitoring software to ensure that you keep an eye on your teams while they work their best. 


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Wrapping It Up 

The dawn of this COVID-19 crisis was not only sudden but also a bit too overwhelming for all of us. But we are all loving the visible transformation in nature and the environment as well as in our workplaces. The strategy of workplace flexibility is becoming increasingly popular day by day as it benefits both the employers and the employees. 

Follow the methods and tips that I have mentioned in this article to use a pc monitoring software on your employees’ systems, and introduce better flexibility in your distant workplaces. Was this article helpful? Drop your suggestions/ queries to us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!