We all are aware of the employee attendance system but have you ever wondered what an employee attendance tracker is and why it gets implemented in an organization?

Let’s jump right into the blog to gather more information about an employee attendance tracking system.

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An employee attendance tracker is a tool that assists in maintaining a proper record of the employee working hours. By using this tool, employers can hold track of the attendance of every individual employee in the organization.

It is a fundamental aspect of all the organizations to have an attendance tracking system. It helps in knowing which employee is working and who is on leave on a particular day.

In this blog, we are going to reach out to the benefits and tactics of an attendance tracker in an organisation.

Why Do Employers Need An Attendance Tracking System?employee-attendance

Here we have listed out specific reasons why it is necessary to implement an attendance tracking tool to the system of an organization.

1. Manage Leaves

The tracking tool helps the employer save time in monitoring the leave of all the employees in an organization. The employees could themselves keep a check on the number of available leaves. Hence the employees can plan their leaves accordingly. 

On the other hand, employers get benefitted because when they receive a request for leave from any employee, they can immediately check the tracking system to know how many employees are away from work on a particular day or for the whole period. 

So then they can decide whether to approve the request or reject it depending on the fact that they do not miss out on their employees any day.

2. Manage Truancy

It is notably crucial to monitor the employees that remain on leave without any prior information to the higher authorities. It is the responsibility of the employers to check on these employees and mark absent on that day. 

Otherwise, the employers won’t be able to hold track of the emergency leaves used by an employee. The employers can also keep an eye on if this occurs periodically. The organization can take strict actions against the employees planning uninformed leaves regularly.

3. Manage Specific Records

How wonderful would it be if the employee attendance tracker of your organization provides you with a detailed statement to check out the pattern of leaves? 

That is going to be extraordinarily helpful to the employers. 

It is because the employers can check if any employee is maintaining a proper pattern of remaining away from work. The tracking systems stock every data correctly. Hence the employers can provide facts while taking severe actions against the employees as these things never get entertained in any organization.

Varieties Of Employee Attendance Tracking


Today we have come a long way, leaving behind the method of having a register of attendance of the employees in an organization. The tracking systems have introduced new and more productive ways of managing attendance.

Let’s check out some of the simplest yet the most effective types of an attendance tracker.

1. Make Use Of Keycards

Nothing can be simpler than using keycards for monitoring the attendance of employees. There is a wide range of keycards from which the employers can choose to implement in their organization.

 Here we are going to address a few types of keycards. 

The first one is punching time cards. It records the date and time when the employee uses the card. The information gets stored directly in the company’s database. Hence the employers can easily access these records to check the working hours of any particular employee. 

The second type is a swiping system. In this method, the employees have to swipe their keycards on a device so that they can register their login and logout time at ease. 

The third type of keycard scans the QR code present on the card. Hence it becomes more convenient as the employees only have to show the keycard in front of the scanner to read the QR code. 

But this system also holds both pros and cons. 

No doubt these keycards are comfortable to use, but the drawback is it can get misused. It is because the keycard of an employee can also get used by others. The employers won’t be able to know if the employees have themselves used the keycard or someone else did it for them.

2. Hand Operated Attendance Record

We know that the era of maintaining registers of attendance is gone, but now it is emerging in a more improved way so that it will ease out the method of managing the attendance reports. 

The employers can make use of Excel spreadsheets to fill in the information on the attendance, emergency leaves, and casual leaves of each employee. It can also keep the employers far from any technical issues that might occur. Well, the demerit of this method is that the task might become quite daunting for the employers. 

It is because the employers have to take care of every small detail while entering the spreadsheet or they might have to bear the consequences. Therefore it comes in handy only for small scale business consisting of less number of employees. 

3. Perform Biometrics

We noticed that there are some drawbacks to the first two methods that we discussed. Using biometrics would solve both the before mentioned demerits.

It is because biometrics means using a fingerprint or iris scanning system, or face recognition system to register the attendance. As these things are different in the case of every individual, there is less chance of mistake. But the significant drawback of using biometrics is it is quite expensive. So it becomes unaffordable for small organizations.

4. Employee Attendance Tracking System

It is the most useful and best way to manage the attendance of employees in any organization. It is hassle-free as everything is automated. 

The employee only has to take care of sending the login and log out mail appropriately. Then everything becomes smooth and easy for the employers. The complete data of these emails from all the employees get stored in the company’s database. 

The employers can reach out to these emails whenever needed. Apart from having all these facilities, it is cost-effective, hence all the companies starting from small scale to large scale will be able to avail it.

Are you looking for an employee attendance tracker that fulfills all the requirements of monitoring the attendance of employees safely?

Then the answer is EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee attendance tracker tools that can ease the work of both employers and employees regarding maintaining the attendance of all the employees.


It is cost-effective software that quickly gets intrigued by other software used in an organization. So the IT professionals do not have to interfere with the installation of this software to the system.

It has got a cloud-based data storage system. Hence all the data related to attendance remains safe. 

Benefits Of Using Employee Attendance Tracking System


We have already discussed the benefits of using an attendance tracker system.

 Let’s check what more we can add to the list.

1. Improve Productivity

The attendance tracker maintains a record of the working hours of an employee. So the higher authorities can keep track of the employee’s productivity by keeping an eye on the projects on which the employees are working.

It also holds a record of the leaves taken by employees, so if the employers take necessary actions, the employees will be more particular about their tasks and deadlines from the next time.

2. Enhance Safety

It is evident that the tracking system is more convenient and secure than the old, traditional method of registering attendance. The attendance tracker stores every piece of information safely so that the employers will never miss out on anything.

3. Promote Remote Working

The different types of employee attendance tracking systems that we have discussed till now demand the employee to be present at the office. But it is different in the case of the employee attendance tracker

The employees can mark their attendance from any corner of the world, and the employers would still be able to track them. Hence, companies can promote remote working. 

It will be comfortable for the employees as they have the flexibility to choose their workplace and the employers as well because there won’t be any issues maintaining the remote employee’s attendance.

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Wrapping Up

An attendance tracker is a tool that will address every query related to holding records of attendance of the employees. It is equally beneficial for both employees and employers. It is convenient for the employees to register their attendance and also hassle-free for the employers to maintain the data.

EmpMonitor is the best tool because it acquires all the necessary attributes that the employers look forward to while purchasing an attendance tracker for their companies.

I hope this article helped you know about employee attendance tracker in more detail. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!Employee-Monitoring-Ethics