In this computerized world, we all are dependent on machines to make our work easier. It is the computer system through which we are developing new technologies which help us make our life easier with no efforts.

 Industries, software companies, factories, all depend on this computer system for their huge data storage and to handle much more work that may take more time if done by humans.

Humans can’t store huge amounts of data in their brains and represent it whenever required. So, this is managed by the computer systems which can store huge amounts of data and information without any fail.

As we all know that everyone uses devices like pc, laptops, tablets for storing their information, it is a very big issue if there is a loss of this data especially in the case of companies, industries who secure their sensitive information in these computer systems.

So, to avoid data leakage, data loss prevention software tools are used to keep their information safe.

Before getting into the data loss prevention software tools, let me give a  brief about data loss, data loss prevention, and data loss prevention software.

What is Data Loss?

Data loss is the loss of sensitive information on computer systems due to theft, human error, viruses, malware, or power failure. Physical damage, mechanical failure can also be the reason for data loss. So these confidential data should be protected from being shared with unauthorized parties. For this reason, we have DLP(data loss prevention).

What is data loss prevention?

DLP or data loss prevention is the set of tools and processes that are used to prevent the sharing of sensitive data and information from being shared with an unauthorized party.

The data can go to the wrong hands whether it is through the mail, messaging, file transfer, or through any medium DLP monitors, detects, and blocks the unauthorized flow of data.

It keeps the sensitive information safe and detects abnormal transfer of data like intellectual property, financial data, employee, or customer details either accidentally or intentionally. This is the reason why many government and industry regulations made DLP a requirement.

What is Data loss prevention software?

Data loss prevention software detects sensitive data and prevents them by monitoring, detecting, and blocking them while the data is in use, in motion, or at rest. It also performs content survey and analysis of storage data content sent through messaging applications. 

 Here I have a set of data loss prevention software tools that will help you to successfully protect and manage your company’s data.

1. EmpMonitor:

data loss prevention software tool

EmpMonitor is the best data loss prevention software. Let me explain.

Is it possible to keep an eye on every employee and record their do’s and don’ts? Obviously NO. So to do this task, we need software that can track employees’ activities during their paid hours. 

If you want to track your employees’ activity every second, install EmpMonitor in your employee’s working device that will work as a background software and give you the records of how they spent their working hours.

If you install this software in your employees’ working device, this can create fear in them and they will never mess up or waste their working hours by doing unofficial work. 

It also tracks their attendance and how they are using the company’s internet services. This will make them sincere in their work and thus results in a rise in the productivity of your organization. 

 And the most important part is, due to its tracking abilities and other features, it also protects your confidential data from leaking or transferring to unknown sources. Illegal activities are also recorded by EmpMonitor which alerts you when it happens.

2. Solar winds:



It is the main producer of IT monitoring tools. Its Access Rights Manager will give you a clear report on the access permissions and you can put better controls that will be applied through the Manager of Access Rights.

 It checks data access and produces alerts whenever data is transferred to unknown resources or copies of files are made.. It especially monitors for directories, file sharing, share point, and Microsoft exchange which can detect the activity of a user doing suspicious activities across the communication channels. It is very easy to use and you can get it on a 30-days free trial.

3. CoSoSys Endpoint protector:

cososys endpoint protector

It is the advanced  solution for windows, linux and macOS that prevents data leaks, malicious activities, and handles storage devices. 

It protects the content, controls all the devices, enforced encryption, checks networks, and manages mobile devices. The online version can be accessed for evaluation on a free demo system.

4. Symantec’s data loss prevention: 

symantec's data loss prevention

Its data loss prevention enables you to discover and locate confidential information in its cloud repositories on file web servers, in databases, and on endpoints. 

Here the sensitive documents are encoded and seen by authorized users. It destroys the copies and the retired documents and leaves nothing in the memory to get recovered. 

Protect confidential information through quarantine. Monitors network traffic for transmission of confidential data. It includes monitoring software unauthorized by businesses. It is installed on the same device as sensitive data.

5. Teramind data loss prevention:

teramind data loss prevention

It starts by observing your whole system for sensitive data that contains personal  information for identification, financial data, and health information which are considered as personal. 

It includes templates for security policies of data and focuses on insider threats and security of data. It tracks emails and includes keystroke logger for more observation.

6. Clearswift adaptive data loss prevention:

clearswift adaptive data loss prevention

It produces data loss prevention tools under adaptive data loss prevention. It does the following:

  • Monitors email and endpoint activities.
  • Monitors web app and transfer of documents and files.
  • Document access control.
  • Covers access of data on the web.

           It covers all the features that you require to use a system without any threat detection and data loss. It spots unauthorized activities both by intruders and malicious insiders.

7. CA data protection:

CA data protection

CA data protection controls all your functions to keep your data safe and secure. It carries out three major steps to protect data:

  • Locating sensitive data
  • Protecting it
  • Give alerts on unauthorized attempts against confidential data.

It has written policies for its protection strategies. It stores its data in the cloud.

Some tips to prevent data loss in your company:

  1. Always back-up your data.
  2. Diversify your back-ups.
  3. Encrypt sensitive data.
  4. Address data security.
  5. Use anti-virus and email security.
  6. Trust the professionals.

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Wrapping words:

It is necessary to protect your data from unauthorized parties. For this, getting the right data loss prevention tools is very important otherwise, it can lead to destructive prosecution. To protect your data, use the above tools.

Not decided yet? Which one of these software tools do you think is best? Comment below your views. I feel glad to hear from you!