In today’s corporate world the employers and employees both watch out for innovations. They always look for achieving more in less time. Everyone is running to obtain a better optimization process to ensure increased productivity and employee efficiency. Each company wishes to get its hands on numerous other projects.

They also want their employees to accomplish it within less time. The higher authorities are always in search of tools or procedures to boost up their employee productivity. They always focus on furnishing the less important tasks as soon as possible. Hence they can concentrate and complete their most focused tasks comfortably within the deadline.

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Okay, before entering into this, let’s first discuss where it all gets started. Well, the entire scenario begins with enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the employees at work. The complete process of optimization of employees depends on how effectively and sincerely they utilize their working hours. Before beginning with this procedure, they need to measure the current state of productivity of the team.

Employers need to analyze and follow the prevailing conditions of the company thoroughly. And even the efficiency of the employees. And it all sums up to a single term that is employee behavior analytics. It plays a vital role, and we will be discussing more regarding it in the later part of the blog.

Employee Behavioral Analytics


Employee behavioral analytics is a lengthy procedure. Yes, because it includes numerous aspects that the employers need to take care of while analyzing. The process involves monitoring and managing the employees during their working hours. The employers need to map out the intact details of the project on which the employee is working. They also need to check the exact time required to finish the assignment. 

The senior team members need to grasp some ideas regarding the most efficient and shortest path to complete the tasks. Hence, they can analyze how much time is employed by the team members to work on it. Through this, they can calculate and measure the efficiency of the employees and the entire team. 

It might sound like a lengthy procedure. But it will not take that long if the employers start using an employee time tracking tool. It will efficiently calculate the time spent on different assignments throughout the day. And it will provide you with a detailed report. 

Time Tracking Applications To Analyze Employee Behaviour


First, let us discuss what is a time tracking application. It is a tool that helps in monitoring the time taken by the employees to work on a particular project. The devices track the complete activities on the workstation of the employees throughout the working hours.

Now we will be talking about the best application to track the time of the employees efficiently. And the name we trust is EmpMonitor. Not just software, it is an entire solution if the employers are looking to monitor and manage their employees at work.

So, EmpMonitor effectively tracks the time spent by the employees on each task. The employers can manage to customize the settings through the EmpMonitor dashboard to keep a minute check on their employees. The tool provides a detailed report of the entire session.


It works in stealth mode behind the device screens, so the employees will never know that they are getting monitored until their employers want them to know about it. It provides productivity reports as well. So, the tool enables the employers to mark the productive and unproductive tasks at the beginning.


When the employees commence with their working hours, the managers start receiving the details on which project the employee is working. It effectively calculates the productivity of the employees and provides reports and alerts as well. 


The employers do not need another software to mark the attendance of the employees. EmpMonitor provides an attendance tracking facility as well.


How To Use Time Tracking Tools For Employee Behavioral Analysis?


The time tracking applications come with enormous facilities along with it. It gets used to calculate and track the productivity and work efficiency of the employees. It can also provide numerous other data. These data can further get utilized as the base of the optimization process. 

Let’s see how it works.

The tool runs throughout the working hours so the employees. But what we need is to focus on the time when the employee is active. The employees, at times, leave the device ideal. So, during this time, the device must record that there is no activity on the workstation. It can get done if the tool has a screenshot monitoring and keystroke logging feature. And yes, EmpMonitor acquires those essential features.

During the active time, the employees need to mention the projects on which they are working. Employers can mark the productive and unproductive tasks to see better results. To make the entire process more transparent, the employees need to enter the data like the project name, the files opened and the website and applications employed.

The time tracking software is highly essential to measure employee behavioral analytics. It records all the information related to the employee and the tasks on which they are working. It provides a detailed report to the employers showing the exact hour they started working on it and the time they completed the task. The higher authorities can also access the website and applications they used to furnish the assignment.

The employers can also check which employee is more efficient and what path they are taking while working on a project. They need to know if an employee can complete the task within less time, which takes more hours to others. Hence they can apply that particular method to increase the productivity of the employees and accomplish tasks faster. Employing those steps might produce better results for the team as well.

Here are the screenshots and steps to guide the employers to check the employee behavior with EmpMonitor.

Step-1: Go to


Step-2: Enter your Username/Email and Password correctly.

Here is the EmpMonitor Dashboard.


Step-3: On the left side, you can see the option saying Behaviour.

Step-4: Click on it to see the dropdown menu showing three more sections.

1. Alerts

2. Alerts Policies

3. Alerts Notifications


Step-5: Customize the setting according to your requirement and receive complete data.

Behavioral Analytics And Optimization


We have come across the procedures and one of the best tools to track the employee working hours and receive the data. Now the employers need to analyze the process and use them to manage employees at work more effectively. Hence employers can comfortably increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees.

The employers must go through all the data provided by the employee monitoring and time tracking software. Now, it is necessary because the employers get a complete insight into what is going on in the employee’s workstation. So when the managers can keep a check on it, they can also find alternatives for receiving better results.

Let’s say a strategy used by an employee is working wonders and is making the employee productive. Now the managers should employ the same for everyone. All that matters is being efficient and productive. So the employers need to go all out and check out the most used strategies and what works best for their company.

The employers reading this blog need to implement tools that monitor the behavioral analytics of the employees. It should begin all the way when an employee joins the company. They need to have an early idea regarding the strategies they need to implement and the software to install. And that is it. The higher authorities can then see a quick rise in productivity and efficiency of the employees.

The managers will receive complete data about each of the employees. So if they consider a particular department or team, it will be more beneficial. When the employers individually compare the data, they check for the productivity of the specific employee. But in a company, the higher authorities are responsible for maintaining the productivity of all the employees. So checking out how a team works to remain more productive will help to manage other team members.

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Final Words

If a company can manage all the tasks and accomplish them alongside their employees being productive, it will make an immense difference in the corporate world. Hence it is extraordinarily essential to manage the behavioral analytics of the employees. Employee behavioral analytics will help in several other aspects. It assists in checking out the current status of the company and the procedures to expand the business. 

I hope the article helped you know more about behavioral analytics. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!