2020 was a year that completely turned the employee’s and employer’s fate upside down. And it was surprisingly challenging for everyone out there. Many businesses had a problem that they were not able to cope with and had to shut down. But if you and your team have successfully overcome that situation, it is remarkable.

By now, your team must have become clear about the remote working practices, but it also impacts the employee’s state of mind. And as an employer, it is your responsibility to take care of the well-being of your employees. 

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Again, the situation in 2021 is still the same, and we have to accept the new normal. There is no sign of this pandemic coming to an end, so the employers have to plan out some strategies to help their team. The employees are working from different parts of the world, and it is tricky to keep the entire team motivated. 

If you feel it is getting harder for you to handle your employees in this situation, you have landed just at the right place. We are here to suggest some strategies to skyrocket the productivity of your team.

1. Origin Of Motivation


From where do you find your motivation? We often forget this, right? But it is not acceptable to forget about the roots of the will to work. The reason is this can get the employees into great trouble. And it might become difficult to get out of it later.

It gets hugely said that we do not find motivation only when we are under some circumstances. In particular, it is all about the thoughts and the mindset of the employees to overcome the situation. When the employees lose motivation, it is because they do not get truly connected with their work. 

So, in these situations, make your employees capable and ask them to take their responsibilities seriously. Hence, they can use these resources to come out more productive.

2. Set Precise Objectives


Motivation is not a challenging task when you have an objective. Your team needs to know the long-term and short-term goals of your company. Hence, it will help them keep moving towards it. Today, most companies are trying to measure their business metrics after the pandemic ends. But as we can see no end to this, it does not make any sense to look at the other side of the coin.

It is more important to ask your employees to work towards the set goals and make all the strategies work. You have to set the right objectives to let them know what they have to achieve. It will boost up their motivation as they will get to see the results right away. Rather than just waiting for the situation to get better.

But make sure there is some reward for this hard work. Yes, we have seen the companies not offering a bonus to their employees last year. But it will simply demotivate your employees. As it is a difficult time for your business, it is tricky for your employees too. Hence to keep their mental health stable, we need to keep them motivated. Plan out some strategies to compensate your employees and praise them for their work in these unfavorable times.

3. Creativity


It is not a surprise that creativity can keep your employees keep going in this pandemic. Incorporating creative initiatives is a better way to motivate employees to work towards their goals. You can also hold a meeting and discuss these ideas to excite your team regarding any new project. It is already a great strategy that the larger enterprises have taken into account. Hence, it is time for the small-scale industries to give it a try as well.

We found that the companies that engage employees to propose creative ideas to initiate their projects have better employee engagement. It is enough to keep your remote team motivated and keep working to achieve the targets within a short span. 

4. Balance The Workload


When a team is working on a project, the tasks get assigned from the initial stage itself. And it is according to the strength and skills of the employee to work on a particular assignment. The employers can analyze the knowledge and understanding of the team to work towards accomplishing the project.

But it is also necessary to shuffle the job roles in between. Yes, in a team, everyone knows which employee is best at which task, but why not keep your employees equally productive. Hence, to implement this, you can balance the workload and ask employees to pursue other jobs than their regular ones.

It will keep them motivated as they will get to learn new skills every day. And they do not have to keep doing similar tasks over and over again. It will also build a great bond and communication within your employees even if they are far apart. It ultimately leads to the overall development of your business. And most importantly, you have all the skillful employees in your organization.

So you can start using employee monitoring tools to mark the tasks performed by your employees each day. Later you can shuffle their responsibilities to make them understand what the entire project is all about. It will boost up the team productivity and have a strong bond of communication within the team. And if any of your employees are unavailable, their tasks can get handled by other teammates without any delay.

5. Use Right Tools


When your employees are not working from the same place, it is necessary to implement the right tools to measure team productivity. The employee monitoring tools must have some extraordinary features to keep a close look at the employee activities. It should monitor them throughout the working hours and provide you a detailed report of it.


Are these the features you were looking for in an employee tracking tool? Then, you are at the right place. We have the best employee monitoring software with even more added features.

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring, managing, and tracking tool that works wonderfully in the stealth mode and provides all the details. It is a great tool to keep an eye on employee productivity. The software provides detailed productivity reports throughout the working hours. It also shows the top productive and unproductive employees of your team. Again, it also pops up productivity alerts for the employees that are not up to the mark.


Team productivity gets calculated based on the website and application usage reports, keystroke monitoring, and screenshot monitoring features.


The website and application usage report show the top sites visited and apps installed by the employee. The employers get to mark these as productive or unproductive. Hence, you can check if your employee was working on something beneficial or not.


The keystroke logging features allow the software to monitor the keypunches of the employee’s workstation. It records the keyboard activity of the employee throughout the working hours and dispenses accurate reports.


If you enable the screenshot monitoring feature, the tool will capture screenshots after regular intervals. The employees will never know about their screen getting captured. Hence, you can check if the employee is working or has left the workstation ideal.


If you get intrigued by the features of EmpMonitor, you can go for a free trial before actually implementing or investing in it.

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Wrapping Up

Team productivity is one of the most fundamental aspects of doing business in these challenging times. But the employers have to dig out some strategies to motivate the entire team to get to the finish line. Make employee motivation the central perspective of enhancing team productivity, and you can see better results during this pandemic.

I hope the article helped you know about team productivity. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!