When working with a team, it becomes important to consider employee behavior as a category of monitoring their performance. We often see that people get hired because of their professional skills and get fired because of their unprofessional behavior. That’s why nowadays, many organizations implement monitoring software to inspect the behavioral characteristics of their employees.

Here in this article, we are going to further discuss why employee behavior monitoring is essential in business and what are its various benefits.

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4 Reasons To Monitor Employee Behavior

Helps You To Organize Staff-

As we all know, that webspace is full of distractions. Nowadays, many organizations around the world are implementing remote working options. But the problem arises due to disorganization at the personal level. It’s not possible to keep an eye on all the things when you are working with a virtual team. Here monitoring employees’ behavior can help you to know whether they are really committed to their work or they are just spending time on unproductive websites.

Learn About Tools & Software-

While working in the corporate industry, employees come to know about various tools and software that can be useful in their work. And they might even have their own preference, and sometimes they may even resist any new approaches. In such a case, it’s better for them with the tools in which they are most comfortable. Accordingly, you can invest in the best tools and software so that you can be assured of getting better productivity in your business.


Find Fake Performer Employees-

One of the reasons why you should be considering employees’ behavior monitoring is because of fake performers. Such employees only give their best when they are being watched by their managers. Otherwise, they are not quite productive in their work. By monitoring the work behavior of employees, you can find those fake performers who are not really active in their work but fake to be more productive in their work.

Track Passive Employees-

Passive employees are those who don’t have any self-drive to be motivated enough for their work. They often are late to their work and give early log out. And even if they do their work, they take more time to finish a work, which can be completed without wasting much time and effort. Using behavior monitoring, you can track the work activities of such idlers and also encourage them to be motivated in their work. So they can also nurture their professional skills to be more productive for the business.


How To Monitor Employee Behavior?

Here we have the technology that can help you to monitor employee behavior. Using the new feature of EmpMonitor, you can keep track of employee behavior. And accordingly, give them suggestions or warnings to improve their work efficiency.

It has a rule-based alert system, which triggers when any of your employees breaks any rule that you have created. By implementing them you can check whether your employees are –

  • Punctual/ Habitually late
  • Active/Idler
  • Regular/Irregular with attendance
  • Productive with Internet usage (Software & Applications)


EmpMonitor- Behavior Monitoring:

After opening the EmpMonitor dashboard, you can see this new feature- Behaviour. With this new feature added into EmpMonitor, now the admin user has the ability to create certain rules for employees. There you can set rules for your workforce when they break those rules under certain conditions.

For example, suppose you have created a rule to alert those employees who leave their work early for a day. Under that, you have created certain conditions for which employees will receive alerts/warnings whenever any breaches happen to trigger the rule.


Also, there you can create multiple rules to keep track of your employees’ work behavior which triggers only when someone breaches the rules by breaking the pre-set conditions.

Monitor Employee Behavior Using EmpMonitor:

Now, if you are ready to implement employee behavior monitoring using EmpMonitor, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. When you open the dashboard, you will find the new feature- Behavior, which allows you to monitor the behavioral characteristics of your employees’ computer activities.employee-behavior
  2. Go to the Behavior section.
  3. Under the Behavior, you have three options- Alerts, Alerts Policies, Alert Notifications.employee-monitoring
  4. If you click on the Alerts section, there you will get the option to set rules and alerts for your organization.
  5. Give a name to the rule you would like to create.rules-and-alerts
  6. If you had your organization network across the different locations in the country, there you have the option to select locations and departments for which you have created those rules.
  7. Next, you’ll have to set the condition under which the rules can be triggered.trigger-rules
  8. After you are done with setting the condition, you can even add a note to it as a reminder(optional).
  9. Now after setting the rules and conditions to trigger it, you also have the option to assign different risk levels for any breaches.Rules-Risk-Level
  10. There you have the option to notify those who are involved in such activities that breaches the rules of your organization.
  11. If the risk is lower, they will only receive a notification. But if there is any activity which involves higher risk for the business, then it can be notified into the form of warning to the respective employees.

Alert Policies-

Now, if you want to check the rules already implemented in your organization, then go to the Behavior option again and click on the Alert policies option. Under this section, you can check various sets of rules already implemented in your organization. Also, there you have the option to alter changes in the rules according to the different situations and the need of your company.


Alert Notifications-

Next on the behavior section, you have the option to check the alert notification preferences set for your organization. It will show the time, data and employee’s name when any alert is triggered. And according to the risk of the alerts, actions can be in the form of warnings/notification alerts.


With this kind of system implemented in your organization, you could ensure that your employees are not wasting time on unproductive activities and giving their best efforts for the growth of your business. Let’s consider an example, suppose an employee in your organization is having the habit of coming late to the office. Even if he has been quite active in his job. But sometimes he also uses office internet for personal usage. Or there can be conditions where you have purchased expensive software to ease up the work for your employees. But someone in your organization is not using it and taking more time to complete a task, which can be completed in a few minutes only.

In all those cases, you can implement this new employee behavior monitoring feature of EmpMonitor software so that you can be assured of getting more productivity in your business.

Benefits of Employee Behavior Monitoring

Improve Discipline-

Using such rules in your company can help you to better organize and discipline your workforce. So, they can be more responsible for the tasks given to them without wasting time on any unproductive activities.

Reduce Risk

When working in a corporate, even the smallest of mistakes can lead to huge losses for the business. So, it’s better to ensure that even the slightest of mistakes may not happen. With the EmpMonitor alert based mechanism, the manager would be able to receive alerts when any rule of the company is broken. And they can take preventive actions to control the loss for the organization.

Cost Cuttings-

Every year companies spend a lot on various sets of tools and software to ease up the work process in their organization. But some employees have their own preference for using such tools. In that case, it’s better to not invest in those expensive software.

Overtime Payment-

Employee behavioral monitoring helps you to learn about the daily work activities of each and every employee. You will know- how well they are performing and how much time and effort they are giving for the progress of your business. When anyone claims for overtime, you have the record of their efforts and idleness. So you can judge and pay them accordingly.

Attendance & Timesheet-

Employees who are not regular with their attendance causes more work burdens for their colleagues. And it also put a negative impact on the work efficiency of other employees. With this alert based system, you can warn such employees to be more regular and organized in their work.

Eradicate Unproductive Behavior-

If there are any employees with toxic behavior in your organization, it can be tracked using this alert based system of EmpMonitor. For those who fake their work progress or give false reports to their manager, this feature of EmpMonitor will automatically send them warnings to not repeat any of such activities in the future.

Wrapping Words:

So after going through this article, have you decided to monitor employee behavior in your organization? If yes, then you must check the new feature of our EmpMonitor software. It will help you to keep a close eye on the behavioral characteristics of your workforce. So that you can take your actions accordingly to improve the production efficiency of your organization.

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