A season ago, when an online employee tracking system was on the high tide, mass was in a state of doubt resulting in splits between employer and employee. According to the latest survey, 22% of employees believe that their companies use employee tracking devices to track the activities.

But even before COVID 19 hit the official routines, employers were boosting their efforts to bring out the employee tracking systems. 

Hence, the question arises why is the employee tracking system widely in demand? Why has it become a new norm for companies? Will the business world welcome and adapt the employee tracking system with an open heart in the corporate computers?

Begin the chapter with the basic background information. An Employee tracking or personnel tracking system is the software authorizing the employer to monitor worker engagement with workplace-related tasks, data security, and management. Corporations nowadays prefer to implement pc monitoring software to efficiently measure productivity, track attendance, data protection, and calculate productivity, idle time, and many more.


With this technology, we can track not merely how much people spend at work, but thanks to the modern technologies apart from tracking companies can gather information about ;

  • Internet usage 
  • Email 
  • Computer screen recording 
  • Phone usage
  • GPS tracking by vehicle and many more

Analyze everything from appropriate salary, rates, and product prices to optimal team size, tool kit, and workplace improvement. Despite all these benefits, employee monitoring software remains a controversial topic.

In this article, we mentioned facts to justify why the employee tracking systems are in demand.

  • Type of Employee Tracking System
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Best available in market
  • Legalities
  • Why opt for the software.

Talking about the type of software, we have many options with various features worth attracting.

#1. Internet Usage 

Approximately 2/3rd corporations monitor their employee internet usage, convenient to use an internet monitor to see which URL your team member or freelancers open or use. But some occupations that execute this monitoring can be problematic.

Suppose you hired a social media manager while checking the URLs you found the manager visiting Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that you can’t complain about and lacking an idea of whether she is productive or not.

URL blocking also befalls under this category which cant be justified or productive.

#2. Phone 

Wonder while you dialed customer service and hear, “This call will record for quality assurance”? 

You have been talking to the other end of an employee monitored phone call recording the staff communication with the client is proven helpful for various reasons.

#3. Location

Tracking the location of the mobile employee is the way to check whether they are productive or not. Track the GPS location of mobile employees has grown up aggressively in the past four years.

According to the studies, 62% of businesses that have roaming workforces retain records of their movements.

#4. Email 

About 3/4th of the companies monitor email to use the software, while 40% have an individual open and review message. Sort out the problem before they rise but also helpful in settling the disputes.

What Are The Advantages of An Employee Tracking System?



A crucial transformation of the business expected in the upcoming year is higher automatically in the working report, which involves less for an employee to justify their time or report their activities. 

Analyzing the live computer monitoring software can inform you what each of your employees is operating in real-time, so obtaining whether someone is available takes one step by eliminating the call to ask them.

Assent With Working Hours

A valuable and much-needed characteristic of monitoring platforms is automated attendance management. The marking attendance process is automated, accurate, and immune to punching and time theft. 

This feature allows more companies to welcome remote work while yet persevering acquiescence with office hours. Versatile working hours and is much more systematic and reliable.

Employee Evaluations

Everything about the employee tracking system is to boost your employee performance, ease the management-related task. Examining and managing many aspects of work to recognize hard work and progress for metrics of success.

Enhanced Productivity 

A disengaged employee can cost their business thousands of revenue dollars each day. One person can’t keep an eye on hundreds of employees altogether, with the employee monitoring system providing accurate feedback. When managers have real-time reports, the employee can increase their performance for better growth.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Employee Tracking System?

Reinforced pressure

Employees find themselves incredibly stressed. Understanding the employee perspective, kenning every second of your work is a guard over produced anxiety issues.

Effect on the morale 

Quite understandable why online employee tracking systems cause workers to think you don’t trust them. Unsurprisingly this feeling of distrust and suspicion can harm the relationship between the employee and the company.

Legalities Surrounded By An Employee Tracking Systems?


The electronic communication privacy act of 1986 is a federal law that gives the employer the right to monitor their employee verbal and written communication under certain circumstances.

There are also some state laws to make your employee feel more confident and protect your business from potential legal actions, which allow for supplementary monitoring of the employee’s consent. Federal workplace privacy and employee monitoring regulations stem primarily from the law formed in 1986.

To stay away from legalities, it is advisable to check with the legal counsel with both federal and state regulations. 

Interested But Confused Which One To Invest?


Choosing the best employee time tracking system before the conclusion, you should examine the below remarkable facts wisely;

  • Opportunities and goals

Identify your risks before fulfilling your monitoring solutions which assure you to monitor the outer areas of importance.

  • Terms and level

Determine the team size, goals, and scopes crucial for a better outcome of the procedures. Few well-researched employee tracking devices considered worthy of investment for the companies. Budget-friendly, fully equipped with the latest technology, and recommended by several professionals.

Let us dive into the list;



This software lets you never abstain from any update and track your employee on a cloud-based data storage system with the stealth mode or ghost mode, maintaining your relationship with the employee intact in a pocket-friendly budget.

Key Features

  • Productivity measurements
  • Screenshots
  • Stealth mode
  • Keystrokes
  • Users logs
  • Report generations





Hubstaff offers similar time tracking abilities like the EmpMonitor employee monitoring and project management features. Not only does Hubstaff track time, but it also tracks location with a GPS tracker.

Key features

  • Employee GPS tracking 
  • Auto screenshots 
  • Create payrolls and pay your employee through the software
  • Timesheet templates


Web, Mac, Windows, Chromebook Linux, iOS, and Android


employee tracking systems

Allows your organization to scale and optimize employee’s production and potency through deep behavioral data sights with the help of employee tracking systems.

Key features

  • Automatic time capture 
  • Online time tracking 
  • Payroll
  • Employee login 


Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.


employee tracking systems

Simple-to-use time tracking app that specializes in designed to help administration and their teams identify their unproductive habits by sorting web pages and applications into productive and Unproductive.

Key features

  • Daily productivity timeline
  • Detailed visuals and downloadable reports 
  • Auto screenshots 
  • Pomodoro timer 
  • Invoicing


Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.


employee tracking systems

It is an online project management and time tracking software with excellent collaboration features. With an easy-to-use interface easy for teams to get on board. Among automatic timers to start tracking every billable hour as soon as you start working on a task.

Key features

  • Advanced project management features 
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Custom reports


iOS, Android, Web



A comprehensive tracking can track any user activity. Similar features with EmpMonitor it is embedded with deep monitoring features, reporting, and analytics. As EmpMonitor is way cheaper as compared to Teramind 

Key features

  • A comprehensive set of tracking tools 
  • Unique live session viewing and video recording 
  • Keystroke tracking 
  • Privacy compliance and access control.


Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.



A cloud-native employee monitoring tool that specializes in monitoring productivity. Show you each employee’s level of engagement and alert when an employee is at risk of becoming disengaged.

Key Features 

  • Website blocking 
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Video playback
  • USB tracking


iOS, Android, and Windows.


All business organizations seek different ways to improve the productivity, strength, and efficiency of the employees. Established during the pandemic for managing the employee while on distance, now executed as ordinary. Arrange with multiple benefits for an employee like self-analysis of growth, keeping track of the completed and work in progress tasks.

Precautionary steps should be taken care of as legal issues as it is advisable to initiate the Written policy with the employee’s consent to keep the legal issues away.

Due to the advantages of the software for both management and employee,  most businesses are now preferring the employee tracking system in daily corporate routines because of mentioned factors;

  • Prevention of Critical data
  • Fair usage of internet and other facilities 
  • To resolve the attendance related issues
  • Analyzing the genuine appraisal and reason for the denial
  • Estimating the productivity and growth of the employee and companies too.

There are adequate reasons to choose the employee tracking systems in our corporate life for the betterment of ourselves and salary payers too.

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Say Hey To Employee Tracking Systems In Workplace

Employee tracking software might seem to be untrustworthy and unethical. Although some precautions and clearness with the employees let this system prove the best investment for the companies.

While drafting the written consent policy for the execution, do perceive the side of the employee also. I can’t stress enough how much this means to have an unbreakable bond between the employee and companies.

Productivity and efficiency are the peak factors that all companies desire, maintaining transparency with the employee for better outcomes.