Have you already started to feel those festive vibes? 

Can you hear the jingle bells ringing? 

Because yeah!! Christmas is about to approach and for the world at large, it is the best season of the year.

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But are you wondering how to make your employees get more engaged yet be productive during this season of the year? Check out this blog to know more about reserving your employees this Christmas.

07 Wondrous Ways To Engage Employees This Christmas

1. Christmas Jumper Day

christmas-jumper-dayAs an employer, you can always plan out competitions or arrange some sort of fun activities that will engage your audience. So during this Christmas, you can try arranging a Christmas jumper party or say competition.

You can ask your employees to get dressed according to a beautiful theme, and the best or worst dressed participant wins the competition. The amount received by them will directly get donated to the trust that the organisation wishes to.

Just imagine how colourful and appealing it would be to arrange such an extraordinary event that will cheer up the employees as well as will be beneficial to the trust you are donating the amount for a noble cause.

2. Christmas Decorations

christmas-decorationsA little decoration in the workplace can change the entire look and feel of the season during the working hours. The employees will feel contained to work even during the holiday season. The main aim of the organisation is to lift the mood of the employees so that they can stay dedicated and productive during employee hours.

Now have you started scratching your head thinking about the theme and the burden of decorating the entire office?

Well, here I have a solution for you. Engage your employees to decorate the office in their way. Divide the employees into different groups so that they can be creative and decorate the office using different themes. 

In this way, you will be able to engage your employees so that they can feel the festive vibe, as well as your workplace, will get decorated without you getting stressed about a load of contracting other people to decorate.

3. Award Ceremony

award-ceremonyEveryone craves to get a token of appreciation for the hard work they do throughout the year. 

What would be a better time than holding this event during the Christmas season?

As an employer, make a list of your productive and unproductive employees so that you can reward them for their hard work. But try involving all the employees in this award ceremony. Like the categories of rewarding the employees should not always depend upon the projects, accomplishments and productivity.

Try including funny or entertainment criteria so that you can reward all of them, and every employee enjoys the ceremony rather than sitting and clapping at their seats.

4. Secret Santa

secret-santaHeard of Secret Santa but never organised for your employees?

This Christmas surprise your employees with this uncomplicated yet highly engaging event. You do not have to panic because it would not be a daunting task for the higher authorities. You only have to discuss the rules of this event, and you are good to go.

You can clearly ask your employees to pick up some gifts for other employees secretly without them knowing about it. You can hold this event for a week or 2-3 days according to your preference.

So the employees will be creative in selecting gifts and the employees receiving the presents will be happy, and it will create a great bond within the team.

5. Employees Can Leave Early

employees-leave-earlyOkay, now we know that most of the companies would not prefer doing this and will also think how leaving employees a little early can prove to be productive.

Yes, it can be. If your organisation allows the employees to log out just after the end of the working hours, then the employees will be highly productive. They will try to complete the tasks within the time so that they do not have to work overtime. 

In this way, the assignments and projects will get completed in time, and the employees can get free and enjoy their Christmas holiday season.

6. Let’s Dine Together

christmas-dinnerCan you imagine how fascinating it would be if the whole office seats down and dines together? What beautiful bond it will create within all the employees even if they are from different teams.

You can host this event in different ways. The first way is if you wish, then you can select a restaurant or café where all of your staff can go out and dine and spend the evening well with all of them. Otherwise, you can ask your employees to carry their authentic food.

If your organisation comprises workers from different parts, then you will have a variety of food to share. The employees will enjoy the food as well as it will create a magnificent bond and you will have a glorious evening with your staff.

7. Christmas Movie Evening

movie-eveningBack in school, how engrossing it used to watch a documentary or film with the whole class. Do you remember that?

Then why not implement the same in your office for your staff. Fix an evening when there is not much workload, and all the employees are available to attend the event. 

You do not have to make much of an arrangement. Get the projector and play a movie that everyone will be interested in watching. Let your employees grab some popcorn and cold drinks and enjoy that evening to the fullest.

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Feeling Energized?

It is notably essential to engage the employees during Christmas because when the whole world is busy enjoying this season, you want them to be dedicated and productive. So arranging some of the above events will make them feel the vibe as well as work obligately during the employee hours.

I hope the article helped you know more about engaging employees this Christmas. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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