Every workplace has its privacy policy for both employers and employees.  The employee privacy policy is all about the rules and regulations of an organization specified in a document. It makes sure to protect the employee’s personal information, both former or contemporary, and protect the company’s sensitive data. Usually, these privacy policies get enforced by accepting the labor laws, and others get specified by the company itself. 

A part of the employee privacy policy defines the constituents of employee information, and the other is about the sensitive company data and how it gets collected. Also, developing electronic media is providing numerous ways of communication. 

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It seems like the employee information and other significant data of an organization are becoming readily available for the public. Hence, the employers and employees undoubtedly need to know their privacy rights as there is easy access to their information.

Employee Privacy Policy


Employee privacy or data protection policy ensures the employees or employers actively participate in safeguarding the sensitive data by incorporating employee monitoring or data monitoring software as an essential element to ensure data loss prevention.

As the entire corporate world is working remotely due to the pandemic, the IT department of every organization is frequently looking for tools that can work remotely and provide an accurate report of the employee working hours. The rapid change in working habits unlocked more challenges for employers to protect their company data.

As the employees are using their workstation and a wireless internet connection, it is more prone to have data security theft and insider threats.

The dissatisfied employees of any organization are always a threat concerning the risk of data loss or insider threat. And probably the risk of the same has increased due to lack of security as the employees using personal devices for work. Also, it is not just about the unhappy employees. The workers who are not so responsible and unaware of the safety protocols are also responsible for data theft.

As work from home culture is emerging, the employees combine both personal and professional work from a single system. Hence, important information such as specific codes and passwords gets saved on the home networks. The data from these unsecured networks gets transferred freely to other devices and networks.

Remote employees got pushed into working from any corner of the world with less knowledge of handling sensitive company data and having a casual attitude towards protecting it. And it increased the risk of data breaches in the organization forcing employers to invest in tools to protect the data from insider threats.

Ensuring Employee Privacy Policy With EmpMonitor


Work from home is slowly growing as the new normal. Hence, the companies need to find themselves reliable data protection software that would uplift employee productivity and enable the employers to protect their meaningful information. And here, we will be introducing you to one of the best employee monitoring tools to prevent insider threats.

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring, managing, and tracking tool which is the best solution to prevent data breaches in your organization. The software has some extraordinary features which make sure remote employees remain efficient and productive. Apart from that, it keeps a close look at every single activity of the employee’s workstation and provides you a detailed report.

So, you can always remain aware if any of your employees get involved in any malpractice. Also, there is no risk of the unsecured device and internet connection remembering the access codes and passwords as EmpMonitor protects all the relevant data. The monitoring features of the tool are pretty robust and make sure no information gets flooded out of any employee device.

Productivity Measurement


You can analyze the productivity and efficiency of all your employees from a single dashboard. The tool provides you detailed reports of each of your employee’s activities individually. Hence, you can check the top 10 productive and unproductive employees and take necessary actions. 

EmpMonitor enables employers to check the productivity reports of employees from the past 180 days at a glance. Again, you can also adjust the time, date, and location to check the accurate results. 

Screenshot Monitoring


EmpMonitor captures screenshots of the employee’s workstation in high quality. You can select the number of snapshots required within an interval, and the tool delivers you the same with the detailed report. Hence, you can check on which task your employee is working on throughout office hours.

The screenshot monitoring feature also lets the employers rest assured about their company data being safe. The tool keeps capturing the screenshot throughout the working hours. So, the employees cannot indulge themselves in any theft or insider threats.

Also, it is the most intelligent way to keep a close look at an employee’s workstations, even if they all are working remotely.

Website And Application Usage


As work from the home facility is predominant these days, employers are worried about the insecure internet connections. But with the website URL and application usage monitoring feature of EmpMonitor, things have become pretty uncomplicated. 

The reports generated by the tool show all the website URLs and applications used by the employee on their working device. Also, you can have a look at the top 10 websites and apps getting used by the employees regularly. And you can receive data of 180 days altogether. 

So, if you find anything suspicious in the data, you can straightaway question your employees with proof.

Apart from that, you can also perceive if your employees are using productive websites and applications during office hours or using something thoroughly irrelevant to work.

Stealth Mode

EmpMonitor works in the stealth mode behind the computer screens of the users. The tool also remains unrecognizable by the task manager. Once the software gets installed on your employee’s devices, they cannot make any changes. And also cannot stop getting monitored.

Keystroke Logging


Another impressive feature of EmpMonitor is it records the keypunches of the employee working device. You can get a detailed report of what gets typed and on which window. Also, you can see if the employee was working throughout the office hours or has left the workstation unattended. 

Attendance Monitoring


You do not need to implement an external device to monitor the attendance of the employees. The tool starts recording the data right from the employee logs in and works till the log-out time. Hence, by looking at the clock in and clock out the time, you can easily mark the attendance.

Cloud-Based Storage


EmpMonitor has a cloud-based storage system. So, all your data remains safe in the cloud without any sign of missing out on them.

IP Whitelisting

The IP whitelisting feature helps you reduce the uncertainty of data theft or insider threat.

Measures To Balance Employee Privacy Policy And Insider Threats


When you have a tool like EmpMonitor, nothing can stop you from protecting your company from insider threats and data breaches. But you also have to be gentle with the employees and show trust within them by providing a balance which can be achieved by implementing the following actions.

Communicate With Your Employees


As an employer, you need to protect both your company’s data and your employee’s personal information. Hence, it must get communicated with your employees in advance. Make your employees understand the need to keep themselves away from any suspicious activity. 

As the employees must keep company data safe, you must also be very particular about protecting employee personal information from getting exposed to the public. So, before implementing any tool to their system, clearly explain the usage and working. Hence, later they do not have any issues with them getting monitored by the organization.

Train Your Employees


When a new employee joins your organization, make sure you guide them about the data protection at their levels. As they will be working from home, they must not think they are not getting monitored. Hence, they must not indulge in data theft or insider threat activities which can later have harsh consequences.

Crisis Management


Apart from all the security measures, mishaps can occur. So, every organization needs to have a legal procedure that they must undergo if any malpractice occurs. Also, the disciplinary actions taken must get equally justified for all the employees in the company. 

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Wrapping Up

Data theft and insider threats prevention are indeed more complex in work from home policy. So, well-defined employee privacy and data protection policy must necessarily get implemented. It will safeguard both employee and company information and ensure employee productivity in the organization.

I hope the article helped you know about employee privacy. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!