Have you ever thought about how employee monitoring helps you to track productivity in the business?

Many of the entrepreneurs have the same question in their minds. So we have explored some of the details about the employee tracking tools that can be quite effective in improving the productivity of business firms.

From the words itself, you can assume that employee monitoring tools help you to track the computer activities of employees. Besides, it has further analytical features that can help you to keep the productivity intact in your business.

After coming across various studies and speaking with some of our clients, we found that tracking employees’ activities can help the business to explore further.

By monitoring employees computer activities, you can keep track of the productivity growth in your business. But being an employer, you also need to consider various factors like work engagement, motivation, team management, communication, and tech solutions. With the perfect combination of all the things together, you can obtain better work productivity in the business.

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Things That Can Hurt Productivity-

One of the main reasons for low work productivity is the wastage of time during production hours. Because of not having enough training and knowledge, sometimes employees may take more time on their work. There are also chances that they can make mistakes in their work, which can result in losses.

On the other hand, there might be some negligent employees who are purposely not doing their job or making mistakes. In such a case, workforce monitoring can help the management to track their computer activities.

There might be some situations when employees might face some trouble in doing their tasks. However, with monitoring software, management can learn about those issues and certainly help their employees to grow their professional skills. So you can also say that it is a win-win case for both employers and employees.

Calculate Work Productivity-

Using employee monitoring tools, managers can measure and count work productivity in the form of numbers. By comparing the numbers it becomes easier for the management to judge the performance of their business. It will help the management to evaluate the individual performance of each employee.

In general, employee monitoring tools check the productive and idle hours of each employee. When employees get distracted from their work, their idle activity hours get calculated by the software. In a study, we found that because of distractions during work, employees could only be able to deliver 30 to 40% of their abilities. Thus it would greatly impact the productivity of the business and make huge losses for the business. Of course, buddy-punching is also the reason, which causes huge losses to various companies around the globe.


To put an end to all such losses, monitoring employees’ activities is the best solution. As it can help the employer to make sure that their employees are doing their job diligently. And at least 40 hours of work productivity in a week.

Some Stats About Employee Computer Monitoring-

We did our research to learn about the productivity benefits of employee monitoring software. In the research, we have asked our clients about their experience. Here are the facts that we have found.

  • Employees of companies who use monitoring solutions can perform their deadline tasks better than employees of companies who don’t use employee monitoring tools.
  • We found that companies who monitor their employees have 15% better clock-in accuracy.
  • Our EmpMonitor clients have admitted that by tracking employees’ activities, they have been able to gain more daily work time in their business.
  • Because of monitoring, employees also feel enthusiastic that their work gets evaluated by the management. So they try to give out their best for business.
  • With work time tracking, companies found that the office reporting time of their employees has improved significantly and become more accurate. It also helps them to maintain accountability in their business.

Why Employee Monitoring Affects Productivity?

After seeing the numbers and stats, you might be thinking about why employee monitoring tools affect business productivity. Indeed, one of the reasons is- when employees know that their performances are being monitored, this may help you to discover the true potential of your staff. And another fact is that employees want to avoid any negligent mistakes which employers can track using workforce monitoring software. It’s quite simple that employees don’t want to give their bad impressions to their managers. And according to the company’s policies, they can also get punished.


In such a case, what employers need is world class employee monitoring tools like EmpMonitor. It has tracking features, which allow the management to monitor the real-time activities of employees’ computers. That way, management can ensure the work production of every employee in their organization.

About EmpMonitor & How It Can Help You To Enhance Productivity?

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring tools, which gives you total control over your employees’ computer activities. You can restrict any unwanted actions and can also praise the good works of employees, by having a single glance at their work activity. It can help you to enhance the individual work performance of each employee. And that would help you to gain more productivity in your business.

So far, we have shown you- how employee monitoring tools can positively affect your business. Though there are many workforce tracking tools available in the market, EmpMonitor is the one that monitors the workforce while being in stealth mode. Employees can’t know that the management is tracking their computer activities. So even if any employee is purposely having some malicious intentions, management can catch them off guard.

Besides, you can also openly tell your employees that their activities are being monitored by one of the best employee monitoring tools- EmpMonitor. It contains all the specific monitoring features like real-time monitoring, web history, time & productivity tracking, screenshots, keystrokes, and cloud computing, which record all the business data and keep it safe under the management. That way, you can also encourage employees to perform their best for business growth. By knowing that their work performance is getting recognition, staffers will also feel motivated to be more productive for the business.



Here we have shown some of the productivity tips implementing which you can make better use of EmpMonitor-employee monitoring tools to achieve better productivity for your business.

  • The EmpMonitor dashboard can help you track your business’s productivity in numbers. And analyzing the calculated results, you can take steps to grow your business further ahead.
  • Working continuously for eight whole hours, sometimes employees may become agitated and negligent, which can affect productivity. In such a case, employers can provide flexible work-time perks so that employees can take small breaks. It will make them feel relaxed so they can work more efficiently.
  • During work hours, social media is the biggest distraction for employees. And to avoid such distractions, employers can make use of EmpMonitor firewall security to block all the domains (social media and other miscellaneous sites), which are not related to business.
  • Employee monitoring tools like EmpMonitor have a function, which lets you check the individual performance of employees in your firm. Using it, you can learn about the top performers and compliment their work. It’ll help you to motivate other employees to give their best for the business.
  • Without giving any growth opportunities, you can’t be able to retain performers in your company. Thus it also becomes essential to provide proper guidance for the professional growth of employees. As it not only helps you to retain employees but also enhances their work performance.
  • For better proficiency in work, employees need to have proper communication with each other. So that they can plan against the various business issues ahead of time. It will help them to make progress in their work, and they will deliver far better results for the growth of the business.

These are the productivity tips, which you can apply in your business to bring growth for your business productivity.

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Indeed EmpMonitor also has features, that let you monitor the work progress of your employees remotely. Thus you can use this software for remote workforce tracking so that you will also be able to implement flexible work-time and work from home in your company. So if you are ready to implement monitoring, EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring tools that you can use for your business growth.


Wrapping Words:

By exploring some of the essential features of employee monitoring tools, we have learned about the ways to comprehend business productivity and how it can be enhanced using monitoring solutions.

To help you a bit more, we have also shown some essential tips using which you might be able to enhance the productivity of your business. We hope that you have got some essential information from this blog. If you want to check more of our blog posts.

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