Most small and mid-sized businesses are quite exposed to the fraud happening compared to large organizations. Especially when there are so many loop-holes around the system that someone can take advantage of. Here we are going to discuss employee fraud prevention measures that you can take in your workplace. In most of the cases, you may hear about the types of frauds like:

  • Data theft
  • Financial Fraud
  • Misuse of assets

Unlike big organizations, many small organizations didn’t have enough capital to spend and control such things to happen.

Still, don’t need to be worried! There are monitoring tools by your side that can let you detect and prevent such fraudulent practices happening in your business.

If you also want to prevent employee fraud in your organization, you should go through this blog post.

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Know Your Employees Better:

The first thing that you can notice is the behavior of employees. By observing and analyzing the behavioral characteristics of employees, you could be able to learn about potential fraudulent risks. There is always a chance that employees are facing difficulties in their work, and most of the time, management can’t be able to take notice of that. In such a case, employee behavior monitoring can help you to spot those concerns.


Usually, the HRM/HRD departments may neglect some common work behavior characteristics of employees. And that creates an opening for employees to commit fraud work. However, now you have the tools like EmpMonitor, which let you track the work behavior of employees so that you can learn about such traits. So, you can take preventive measures accordingly to avoid any losses due to any suspicious activities happening in your organization.

Segregation of Duties:

In a small organization, a single person has to take control of too many tasks. Especially when we talk about accounting, there are already so many tasks on a plate to handle. In such a case, it’s better to segregate the job. Since most of the time, with so many things going on, some accounting fraud cases may go unnoticed.

Having good internal control in the business is needed for accounting employee fraud prevention. And for that, instead of one, two people can work on accounting to inspect each other’s work. That way, you can easily prevent such fraud attempts. To overcome such problems, you can also employ computer tracking tools to check over the financial activities. And spot on wrongdoings that can happen during the payment and billing processes.

Improve Team Communication:

Communication is an important factor that can help you to reduce fraud happening in your business. With a collaborative team, you can introduce better corporate culture to implicate fair employment practices. In fact, nowadays, many organizations have an open-door policy where employees can even question the superiors about any suspicious activities. In such a case, management should also encourage their employees to be more assertive and expressive. That way, it would be easier for you to control employee fraud and employee morale boosting measures for your business.


Maintain Internal Controls:

Management must have good internal control in their firm. Basically, it helps you to track down and everything that happens in your organization. And for that, you need to have a healthy work environment in your workplace. There are 5 main components of the internal control framework that you need to manage in your business.

  • Control Environment: Make sure that you have a healthy workplace environment where employees have the stability to work without any stress.
  • Risk Management: It’s a part of the business where you have to identify and control any errors or threats that may cause losses to your firm.
  • Control activities:If there are any fraud activities detected, you have to stop them immediately.
  • Communication: Communicate with your employees to prevent any mishaps or errors in your business.
  • Monitoring: Make use of the best workplace monitoring tools like EmpMonitor to manage internal control in your organization.


Train Your Employees:

Nowadays, it has become quite important to train your employees to know about the warnings of fraud-prone areas in business. If someone is acting suspicious, such things need to be reported quickly. In such a case, you can implement an anonymous reporting system in your workplace for fraud prevention in your business. That’s why, you should encourage your employees to develop work ethics and report any kind of unethical action that can’t be tolerated in a workspace. It will also help you to win the trust of employees who have been really giving out their best for the company’s sake. So, you should also give such employees more chances to enhance their skills and be more productive in their work.

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Check Into Every Case:

Now you are ready with most of your employee fraud prevention methods. However, still you need to be careful and follow all the step-by-step processes to prevent any fraudulent practices. Reinforce the monitoring policies in your business to check on any questionable actions that may cause threats to your production. By implementing these employee fraud prevention measures, you can definitely improve the work performance and productivity in your business.


Get Help From Experts:

After applying these steps, you might have other issues with handling the legal consequences in your business. Be prepared for that, and make sure to hire experts who can help you to define the finance or legal terms in more simpler ways. There are also CPAs (Certified Public Accountant) and CFEs (Certified Fraud Examiner) services you can hire to take better control over any employee fraud actions.


Employee Fraud Prevention

Nowadays, it has become quite essential for every business to continuously monitor and update their employee fraud prevention techniques. According to the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) report, the best way to prevent such actions is by making them more visible. With EmpMonitor software, management has the ability to spot the mistakes of their employees. And take preventive measures accordingly. It is an excellent web monitoring service that can help you to remotely track each and every computer activity of employees. So, you can be assured if anything goes suspicious in your organization.


Occupational fraud is one of the major causes of losses to most of the business. But if you have the proper plan, you can significantly control any fraudulent practices. Make sure that your company has strong monitoring policies to prevent any fraud happening in your business. Hope you have got all the answers to your queries related to preventing frauds. If you have anymore, then please mention them in the comments section. We would be happier to help you opt.

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