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Is work from home working?

Remote work made easy with EmpMonitor! Give remote teams secure access to logins and important resources, wherever they are.

EmpMonitor | All-In-One Productivity Management Software

Allows managers to connect with their employees, bring together an ecosystem of partners, and enable organizations of all sizes to build the digital capability required to address these challenges, by keeping the pace of their productivity ratio high.

Real-Time Productivity Analysis

Analyze productivity, effectiveness, and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

Manage Access From Anywhere

Remotely manage access with fine-grained permissions. Grant workers immediate access to the logins and resources they need to work.

Insights and Security

Monitor virtually all remote user activity and behavior and manage their schedule, track time, projects, tasks, and expenses easily.

Empower Employees To Work From Home

EmpMonitor is quick to deploy and fits seamlessly into existing workflows, so teams can continue to deliver great work without interruption, all under the protection of industry-leading security.

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