Data Security & Insider Threat Prevention

Monitor and analyze your staff work behavior with non-invasive monitoring system

cloud-based employee monitoring

Identify & Prevent Insider Threats Using The Best Employee Monitoring Solution


How can you ensure that you don’t have malicious insiders in your workforce? How to know whether your employees are genuinely doing their tasks and not acting as false performers?

In the current scenario, there isn’t an organization, which is completely safe from insider threats. In a company, there are many people who have access to sensitive inside data. And there is quite a chance that some of them intentionally or unintentionally may cause potential harm to your business data.

EmpMonitor brings you employee behavior monitoring features that keep you updated about your staff work behavior without being too invasive about their personal privacy.

EmpMonitor- A Complete Employee Monitoring Solution

EmpMonitor lets you access a complete employee monitoring solution for your business,
using which you can easily keep track of your employees’ work activities.

Real Time Activity Monitoring
With An Early Alert System

It helps you to monitor the real-time web activities of your employees with an alert-based mechanism that automatically notifies you about any mishaps.

Keep A Secure Record of
Employee Work Data

Protect your sensitive work data securely in the records of EmpMonitor. Also, you can assign roles and give permission to access data to the rightful Employee, Manager, or Team leader.

Behavioral Analytics Feature
To Detect Anomaly

Feature to detect any breach of the company’s rules and policies that helps you block anomalies, which may threaten to cause a breach in your business data in any possible way.

Auto Generated Email Alerts

Get yourself notified of any internal threats to your business with an auto-generated email alert system. It keeps you aware of any misuse or improper handling of data that may harm your business.

Risk Prediction Analytic
To Detect Vulnerabilities

Analyze and predict the risk level of alerts to let you identify security gaps in your system so that you can avoid any critical data security or insider threats.

What's More?

Cloud Based Storage


Easy To Use Dashboard


Auto Generated Screenshots


Employee Work Reports


Stats Showing Why You Need Insider Threat Protection

Stats Showing Why You Need
Insider Threat Protection

Why Employee Behavior
Monitoring Is Essential

  • EmpMonitor has provided a complete monitoring package for our business, and it really helped us prevent data loss in our business. Thanks to this we have been able to analyze employee behavior to avoid any kind of anomalies in our business. Especially, I find it a great tool for small and medium-sized enterprises like ours.

    Ellsworth B. Ambrose

    File Review Manager
  • We have been quite impressed with this software. It has all the mature features that we need to manage our workplace. With an easy-to-use dashboard, it becomes feasible to keep track of the work time and productivity of employees. Thanks to the pre-alert system, which notifies us ahead of time before any mishaps.


    Startup Founder
  • Impressive functionality! Empmonitor has been really useful with productivity management and ensuring data security in our business. Thanks to this we have found a few work negligence which was fixed right on time before causing any damage. The best employee monitoring option, certainly.

    Ashis Junanker

    Marketing and Advertising