COVID-19 and the shift to remote workforce

Since the pandemic forces many workers to adopt remote working, can your organization remain productive – and safe?

As work from home is the new norm in the Coronavirus Era, you are probably considered to allow remote desktop connections for your off-site staff. Here’s the complete solution to monitor employees working remotely.

Coronavirus Outbreak Leads To NationWide WORK FROM HOME Experiment

In early January 2020, the WHO announced the outbreak of a new virus COVID-19 disease in the province of China to be a globally concerned public health emergency. The World Health organization shared that there is a high risk of this coronavirus spreading all over the world in a short while. Considering this, federal governmental bodies, state, and local governments have asked people to follow simple measures like washing hands after every 20 minutes and maintaining the minimum distance of 6 feet.

All sections of our society – including employers and business people also play a vital role in diminishing the spread of this deadly virus. Hence, in consideration to this most of the small and large scale industries have taken an initiative to make their employees work from home for a couple of weeks, till the coronavirus spread normalizes. Though, this is nothing new for people who are already in a habit of working remotely. But, it can be a daunting task for companies who are implementing this for the first time. As employees play a vital role in companies’ growth.


But, here the question arises which most of the employees might be thinking about is, How to keep a track of employee productivity and how to stay cyber secured while managing a remote workforce. Here’s the solution for all the questions, i.e. EmpMonitor.

Solution - Securing Data And Providing Remote Access

EmpMonitor | One-Complete-Solution To Enhance Employee Productivity

EmpMonitor is an online productivity monitoring software built to help managers maintain a track of the activities of their employees. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to track the systems at your office with the aid of data protection. For business people, managing time and checking on the places their employees are visiting during working hours is a simple solution.

Some of the exceptional features of this software include :

View Team Activity

Working with remote teams requires you to have a clear picture of all the activities each person conducts. This tool comes with a monitoring feature on the screenshot that allows employers to get a sneak preview at what their employee is doing at that specific moment. You can take screenshots on particulars of time, according to your business requirement. In this way, you also get to evaluate the activities that take up much of the productive time along with monitoring activity progress.

Manage User Logs

Tracking the user logs is now made easy. You get information about the login and log out the time of the employers on their official work pads along with their productive and non-productive hours. You can also get the results in the form of intuitive graphs and charts, search for the least efficient workers and devise effective methods to keep them involved in their jobs.

Analyze and Share

Use EmpMonitor to get accurate reports and analyses of the activities of your workers, along with graphs. Explore the shortcomings and obstacles that impede its effectiveness. Communicate with your team and share your suggestions with your employees. It not only helps employees to be productive but also helps employers to stay ahead of other companies.


Your workers can pay more attention to their jobs when they realize they are being watched for their jobs. The process can be a little repetitive, though. Step up your remote surveillance game with workplace control tools such as EmpMonitor.

Track the employees working from home to make sure they genuinely spend their time in their assigned tasks, and never let their productivity go down even in their comfortable atmosphere.