In any organization, workforce management is a part of the job, which can be quite unpredictable in nature. Based on the situation and job roles of employees, sometimes managers have to go beyond their limits to handle everything appropriately. This is where workforce management software becomes an essential need for modern business.

It would not only help you to simplify the mundane work activities while also seeking efficiency to enhance the employees’ productivity in your business.

Of course, the workforce management software capabilities and requirements in the industry are growing better and better. There are so many WFM software and tools available in marketing with different kinds of features and specifics.


In this article,  we are going to discuss some of the most important features of the workforce management software which suits your company’s needs.

But first we should understand what a workforce management software really is:

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What is Workforce Management Software?

In simple terms, workforce management can be defined as a process of managing or handling activities in a way so that the workforce will be more productive for business. And it could function like a well-oiled machine. Such functions may also include the roles of HR management, where employers need to take care of attendance, timesheet, benefits, payroll management, and other things. To manage all things together can’t be easy. That’s why you need to have the best workforce management software that fulfills all your business requirements.

How To Find The Best Workforce Management Software For Your Business?

Have you been researching the different workforce management systems? That’s great! If so, have you been able to find a software with capabilities to manage every single department of your workforce? Here and there, there might be some features that you could miss out in your WFM software.

Based on the workforce management capabilities that you may require for your business, you might be looking for some particular features of the WFM software.

Here are some of the most important workforce management features. Check them out before choosing any particular WFM tool for your business.

Remote Management-

Nowadays, there is a demand for mobility in work culture. Due to various kinds of work requirements, the workforce can’t be tied longer to their desk. And sometimes they even have to work remotely away from their office. To manage that mobility in the work culture, you need a remote workforce management solution. Especially in the field service industry, the mobility of the employees plays an important role in the production.


Nowadays, there you have the software in the market with cloud-based features that can remotely access the information from employees’ devices. While there are also tools that let you commute remotely with your employees. With such remote management solutions it becomes far more easier for the managers to handle the complications, as they can assign  the projects to the right task force. That way work can be completed before reaching the deadlines.

Performance Management-

One of the essential features of workforce management is to keep a record of the production rate in the business. There are some software like EmpMonitor, which not only help you to gauge the performance of an organization but can also let you keep an eye on the individual performances of each employee.

It can analyze the work activities of employees to check the productivity insights. And according to the individual performance observed, you can define the different roles that could be assigned to each and every employee in the organization.

Timesheet Management-

To manage the attendance and log records of the workforce, you need to have a Timesheet management feature in your WFM software. For time and attendance tracking, there are so many advanced features, like biometric and compliance measures, which also helps you to ensure security in your system.  However, it is also quite important to keep the record of all such information and manage them accordingly.


Having software like EmpMonitor gives you complete control to accurately measure the work hours of employees. It also has a feature, which allows you to check the activity levels and measure their productive work hours accordingly. With the accurate insights provided by workforce management tools, the decision-making process becomes easier for employers.

Administrative Control-

This feature of the WFM system gives you the ability to define new rules and policies based on your business requirements. If any deflation of rules and policy happens, it would automatically alert the admin to take preventive measures. Such rules can be implemented to improve security in the system as well.

Advanced Security Features:

With the remote work option, there is always a vulnerable side, which can expose you to cyber threats. Therefore a security workforce management software is a must in a business. As it has the ability to track down the internal and external threats that can cause data loss for your firm.

Coming to the advanced security, features like screenshot monitoring, real-time reporting, and rule-based alert system can really help you to improve security and prevent breaches in your organization.

Scheduling & Forecasting-

Another thing to consider before opting for the workforce management solution for your business is to manage the work schedule. That way, you can prepare your workforce for the upcoming tasks and projects in the future. Of course, there are also some WFM tools that let you predict future possibilities based on past data analysis. It is called forecasting.


By utilizing the scheduling and forecasting features, you can really improve the workforce efficiently. And it could certainly help you to boost productivity in your business.

Deployment Flexibility-

Most of the workforce management tools have different options with deployment based on the service required. With cloud based systems hosting the platform online, such tools can be easily accessible remotely and it also provides excessive storage options as well. On the other hand you also have the on-premise platforms to keep the company’s data stored in the personal devices.


Have you checked the above shown features before deploying a WFM software in your business? There are tools like EmpMonitor, which gives you multiple features to control productivity and manage your workforce more efficiently. While there are also some other tools which provide better commute options and  other management features. It depends on the individual requirements of the firm so they can opt for the workforce management software with the best capabilities.

So we hope that after going through this article, you might have figured out what are the kind of features you will be looking for in your WFM software. If there are any queries in your mind, please mention them in the comments section. We would be happy to hear  you out. And don’t forget to share this article with others.

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