When there is a problem, there is a solution too. Right? Today in this blog, we will chew over an interesting topic that might take your reading flow into a world of your interests. 

Have you ever heard about Insider Threat? If you ever worked in a company or an organization, you must have heard this term frequently. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few things like Insider Threat, or threat detection software, and many more things.

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What is an insider threat?

When any person becomes the root cause of a data breach in an organization, it is called an insider threat. Any person in the organization who provides access to sensitive information to the individual who owns malicious activities is considered an insider threat.


Insider threat management is crucial. Why?

why insider threat management is crucial

When it comes to security, every organization should be aware of insider threats as it gives heavy loss if not eradicated on time. As compared to external attacks by hackers, insider threats are more dangerous to detect the insiders between the employees.

 Also, the cost for resolving insider threats is more than outside attacks. So, insider threat management is essential to save your organization from malicious attacks done by trusted employees.


Oh, Attackers want this!


When the attackers target any organization, they have few goals to achieve. They are:

1. User credentials: 

With the help of any user credentials, the attackers can enter into the systems. After taking the stolen credentials, they can sit as a legitimate user of that organization. Once they are in, they try to take over the user credentials and create a new user.

2. PII:

PII represents personally identifiable information that includes ID numbers, financial details, employee details which are valuable for cybercriminals. When they have such information, they can use it to fulfill their evil purposes.

3. Sensitive information:

Sensitive information is valuable for your enemies and competitors. They can use this information for their gain. They can also sell this data to others.

The more risk is employee theft because the employees working inside an organization know about the information and the systems where this information is stored.

4. Revenge:

In this case, the only motive is to shame the company or punish the employees. Mostly it is done by ex-employees, angry users, or hacktivists.

As I have said earlier, if there is a problem, there is a solution too. If we want our company to be safe from these attackers, we need to know a few things like, how to detect, hunt, and respond to threats.


What is threat detection? Is it required?


 Threat detection is the term related to computer security. It is the essential aspect of the cybersecurity of every organization. There should be the ability to identify malicious intruders. Otherwise, you will not be able to respond to security attacks that can cause damage to your organization.

Generally, a threat can put harm to a computer system or network. With the threat detection process, we can identify insider threats and take action against it.


Kind of threats in an organization:

It is going to be interesting! Let us know a few examples of threats that companies face sometimes.

1. Malware:

It is malicious software where you can consider a computer virus that infects your entire system. Malware can be worms, spyware, trojan horses, etc.

2. Phishing:

When sensitive information gets sent through emails from an unwriting recipient, this is called phishing.


What’s the solution?| Threat detection software and methods.


In the above, we have discussed certain pain points of insider threats that many companies face. But we have the solution too. Here we will discuss the best methods to be aware of insider threats to take action against it.

Employee monitoring:

Employee monitoring is one of the best ways to stop insider threats. How?

Through this monitoring process, you can watch every activity of your employees during their productive hours. You can track the following:

  • Software or applications used by the employees.
  • Internet searches and URLs.
  • Use of social media.
  • Time of login and logout.
  • Active time spent by the employees.
  • Idle time spent by the employees.

When you watch every work of your employees, there is less chance of insider threats occurring. Even the employees will never try to do such things when employee monitoring software gets installed in their systems. 

If any breach occurs, employee monitoring can give you the activity records to identify the guilt.

For your easy reference, let us talk about one of the best employee monitoring software tools to consider if you have not used any till now. Also, you can use it as the best threat detection software of all time.


EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring software to track employees’ working hours. Now, all the activities of the insiders can get tracked with this software. 

It is also the best software to use in this pandemic situation where most organizations have adopted the culture of work from home. It can act as the best insider threat detection software for your organization.

With it, you can manage all the computers of your organization from a centralized location. In case of an emergency, you can access your EmpMonitor account from any internet-enabled device at any time.

If you want to use this software for your organization, do check out its features later in this blog.


Monitor your employees with the best monitoring tool| EmpMonitor:

1. Login to EmpMonitor dashboard.

login info-empmonitor

2.Move your cursor to the left side, where you can get information like employee details, employee attendance, most productive employees, idle employees, timesheets, downloading reports, productivity reports, auto-email reports, and many more things.


3. If you want any changes, you can click on the settings options.


Data loss prevention:

With Data loss prevention tools, you can ensure that your sensitive information does not leak to hackers. Also, security professionals use DLP tools to take care of insider threats.

EmpMonitor is an all-in-one solution for all your security problems. It is also one of the best data loss prevention tools out of many available in the market. With its features and monitoring capabilities, it never let the insiders get success on their evil intentions. Let us see its features.


Features of a data loss prevention software| EmpMonitor:

1. Productivity Reports-

productivity reports

 Detailed reports on the working of the employees during their productive hours.

2. Real-time Screenshots-

It automatically captures screenshots at regular intervals set according to the owner’s choice. 

3. Productivity Analysis & Measurement-

 Measure the productivity of the employees, individuals with a detailed report. 

4.  Web & App Usage Reports-


It tracks the browsing history and applications used by the employees during their paid hours.

5. Detailed Timesheet-


 It tracks the time spent by the employees on a particular project.

6. Currently active users-

EmpMonitor gives you reports about the employees who are working currently.

7. Dashboard-


An intuitive dashboard will help you monitor and manage your employees from a single place.

8. Department wise report-

To avoid confusion, EmpMonitor provides you detailed reports of your employees and their work according to their department.

9.  Report on downloads-


Employees use the internet and download things during their work. You can get a detailed report on those downloads so that you can avoid malicious downloads intentionally or unintentionally done by your employees.

10. Employee details-

You can also get employee details and their working locations through EmpMonitor.

11. Employee work details with the screenshot-


How your employees are working and on which tasks your employees are currently working, these all information you can get from EmpMonitor.

And you know the best part is, you can use EmpMonitor without spending a penny. Yes, you heard the right. If you are using EmpMonitor now, you will get a free trial of 15 days for five users. Isn’t that exciting? So, are you up to? Just grab the offer and ensure your company is safe from insider threats.


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It’s time to RECAP:

In every organization, there is some essential information and credentials. These credentials gone into the wrong hands can cause data breaches, insider threats, etc. 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to take care of your company’s sensitive information. It can break its backbone if exposed to malicious hackers.

So, it’s time to implement the best threat detection software solution for your company and say no to insider threats. What’s to say? Are you going to pick the threat detection software for your organization? Haven’t you decided yet? Please let me know what you think.

I hope you liked reading this blog. If you have any queries or you want to add something to this blog to make it more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!