The continuous pressure to improve productivity is the biggest challenge for businesses around the world. After the pandemic, many of the business leaders are still not sure to reopen their offices. And some of the companies in the technology space such as Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, and some other organizations are even considering working remotely for the time being.

The problem with remote work is that you don’t have the visibility to track the productivity of your workforce. Whether you need to know that your team is committing on the deadlines, or they need guidance regarding their priorities, you won’t have the ability to check that. As remote working employees have to work from different places. And they can’t be able to communicate properly with their team members. To overcome these challenges, what you need is workforce analytic tools like EmpMonitor.

The remote workforce analytic tools give you the ability to monitor the workflow, time usage, and possible bottlenecks that your employees are facing while working remotely. There are many more reasons why you should be considering workforce analytics to manage employees at your organization, and I have shown a few of them here.

Workforce Analytics For Remote Team

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, people have changed their attitude towards working remotely. In a Gartner new report, it was revealed that 82% of the companies surveyed said remote working would continue for the time being, and almost half (47%) stated that some positions would become remote full-time. To ensure the safety of employees in the workplace, many companies have started working remotely. With a remote working option, an employee can work from home or anywhere else where they feel most comfortable. But the problem with this situation is that now companies can’t be able to analyze the productivity of their business. In such a scenario, they can make use of a quality remote workforce analytic tool like EmpMonitor, which gets you the ability to track real-time work data of remote working employees. It would help you to identify the performance gaps and how to overcome those bottlenecks when you need to improve the productivity of your business.


Using EmpMonitor, you also get to know about the software and applications utilized by your employees. Thus you can also analyze and shortlist the tools which are most commonly used by employees so that you won’t have to spend more on other tools and applications.

Identifying And Correcting Mistakes

The good thing about the workforce analytic tool is that it can help predict the mistakes which can happen in the future. While you can take preventive measures to correct those mistakes. As you know that when you are working with a remote team, it won’t be easier for you to pinpoint any faults or bottlenecks. Workforce analytic tools can help you to find pinpoint those while you can take the most efficient steps to overcome that scenario. Whether the issues are due to faulty processes or lack of knowledge, using analytic tools, you can easily learn about such instances and take the best possible solution to sort out the problem.

Remote Employee Engagement

Nowadays, people are liking the concept of working remotely, as they have flexibility in their work schedule. So they can manage work-life balance more efficiently. Besides, it also helps them to keep the focus on their work to be more productive. However,  many of the time, people feel isolated from their colleagues as they can’t have water cooler talks to free up their minds. And this can be one of the reasons why employees aren’t engaged and feel disconnected while working remotely.


In a survey report on Linkedin, it was found that disengagement of employees can cost 34% of their salary. And most of the time, 17.2% of workforce don’t engage in their work. Especially with a remote workforce, these numbers can be more than worse. However, if you have a workforce analytic like EmpMonitor, it would be easier for you to analyze the workload. While you can also keep your eyes on the employees’ performance to avoid any risk of burnouts.

EmpMonitor gives you the real-time visibility of your remote working employees. That means it can also help you to track productivity in your business. If you find your employees are disengaged, try to communicate, and encourage them. Also, you can shift their workload so that accordingly, they would put more effort into improving their performance.

Balance Workload To Reduce Burnouts

Too much workload can also be problematic, and sometimes it can be the obstruction in the workflow of your business. Your remote team is most vulnerable to such burnouts, as the overflowing workload distribution could implicit in the form of employees’ disengagement. In such a case, you can make use of workforce analytics to check the work distribution across your team. While you can balance out the burden evenly so that nobody has to put extra fatigue in their work schedule.

Visibility To The Usage Of Tools And Applications

The good thing about remote work is that it reduces the expenditure on infrastructure costs. However, being an employer, you have to provide your employees with all the necessary tools which they might need during their work. Analyzing the usage of tools and applications for work, you can learn about the required tools and software that your remote working employees may need. While you can also look for other alternative tools and applications that can improve the performance of your employees. This will help you to open up the opportunities for cost-saving investments that could help you to bring more productivity in the future.

Transparency With Remote Team

Communication can be quite challenging while working with a remote team. But if you have a remote workforce analytic system in your place, it would be easier for you to support your remote working employees. However, before implanting any new system, you should be transparent with your workforce. And make sure to clear that the purpose of the new system is to improve the performance and avoid any glitches. Remote workforce analytics is not only beneficial for the company but can also benefit employees. It can help you to balance out the workload and avoid any burnouts so that employees can balance their work-life more efficiently. And also, the data derived from the analytic tools can help them keep track of their performance. So they can improve their performance and get a fail opportunity to get salary raises and promotions.

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Peace Of Mind

One of the great things about workforce analytic is that it offers you the peace of mind. With the automatic tracking process of analytic tools, you can be assured that the system will notify you about the risky actions. And you can take immediate actions on such compliance risks so that it won’t affect the productivity of your business.


Have you been ready to work in the era of remote work culture? Nowadays, remote and telecommuting work has become a necessity for companies around the world. However, keeping productivity intact and managing the business can be quite a responsibility for the companies. As there are many challenges with remote work. But now you also have the workforce analytics tools like EmpMonitor using which you can analyze the workflow and keep track of productivity in your business.

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