Workplaces around the world have closed their doors to restrict COVID-19 transmission and requested workers to work remotely. As almost all employees have started working from home, therefore the internet is full of tips about how to manage remote employees effectively. But what productivity consequences does this situation have, and what do employers fairly expect from their remote teams?

Initially, employers expected that worker productivity would stay strong and increase accordingly.

In general, working from home is best to enhance the overall productivity of the company. As per various studies, employees who choose to work remotely are nearly 13% more productive. But this survey proved wrong when all the work from policy got extended to all.   

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The reason? The sense of alienation and loneliness workers endured eroded their productivity. Remote work success is extremely situational and usually involves the right attitude, the right staff, and the right external circumstances. The current COVID-19 pandemic does not tend to provide any of these. 

Thus, as this global pandemic has completely changed our experiences, and also brought a huge change in results, the crisis is also fundamentally increasing. Thus, businesses need to change the way of marketing, communication, and running them in the way that people want and need.  

To boost up your company sales, and get back your remote employees on the productivity track, here is the best opportunity as Black Friday Cyber Monday is around the corner. Give your business a tremendous opportunity to make and earn a good profit. But navigating Black Friday Cyber Monday successfully can be overwhelming for many store owners with their remote employees. 

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial path, there are always new goals to accomplish. Therefore, to help you ease up the whole process, here are some of the activities that help to boost your company’s overall productivity with your virtual team. 

Manage Employee Daily Work 

Black Friday

One of the best ways to boost up sales and bring back productivity is by tracking the employees’ daily allocated work. As tracking ensures that the remote employees are not slacking, and also helps in determining the variable pay, keep track of the network security needs, and many more. 

To ease up the process, there are tons of employee productivity tracking software. Amongst all, the one which fits best for all small and large scale industries is EmpMonitor

  • EmpMonitor helps employers to track the time spent by remote workers on each task. Admin can create the group on the basis of the role, location, department, and employee. Then he can assign the tracking setting so that employee tracking will work as per group.
  • Analyze the productivity of any employee with thoroughly detailed reports. Get detailed observations in the form of graphic reports and charts that are intuitive. Simple & easy to comprehend.
  • EmpMonitor also boosts teams’ productivity by identifying obstacles to performance.


Educate Employees

Remind staff to always make sure that they need to keep all the details safe while shopping for any products during this sale. Retailers who business online process Cyber Monday purchase payment information should have SSL encryption. Inform workers that when paying for a good deal, always make sure that somewhere near the browser address bar there is a green lock and that the address begins with “HTTPS” which ensures that the retailer’s link is both private and secure. And they need to trust their intuition, of course, because if an offer is too good to be true, it really isn’t.

Identify The Right Audience

Black Friday

Prepare your holiday sales as early as you can and let your clients and guests know well in advance about your impending offer.

According to research, over 70 per cent of top brands expect to participate in BFCM. Not only do you need to start planning early, but you also need to ensure that you are noticed among the sea of rivals by consumers looking for gift ideas and knowledge on unique items.            

Place Your Strengths 

Identify and use your properties to draw and entertain shoppers. If you’re a community shop with good customer relationships, for example, why not host a special event in your store? Invite your best clients, pull out the red carpet, and lavish them with a lot of publicity. Offer shoppers a refreshing break from big box stores that are noisy and crowded.

Another potential strength which you should focus on Black Friday is convenience. Big offers can be offered by major retailers, but shoppers also have to endure long lines and wait for them. You’ll be sure to draw some shoppers if you can have a quick and convenient shopping experience on Black Friday.

Be Strategic With Your Sales

Many people assume that without offers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be incomplete, so if you plan to run promotions on these days, be strategic about how they are carried out. 

Strengthen Online Efforts

Website Management: 

Virtual web assistants can search and modify the level of stocks and prices if you have an e-Commerce website. It’s highly important to check whether the server of the website is prepared when the traffic floods to the website when the Black Friday Sales launch. New properties, such as a landing page, terms and conditions page, advertisement pixels, new goods or contact forms, may also be required for your promotion, all of which your virtual assistant may help you with.

Social Media Management: 

There are so many things your virtual assistants can help you build for a consistent Black Friday Sales Campaign if your social media platforms are an integral part of the campaign. This includes – updates, articles, banners, advertisements, remarketing ads, and management of the social media environment. 

Create An Irresistible Offer


The fuel behind spending on Black Friday Cyber Monday is because of its crazy discounts. Online shoppers are trained to expect huge discounts and deals on these days. Therefore, it isn’t the only choice to discount your product significantly, and sometimes isn’t the best way to build an enticing bid. Nowadays people are looking for more value for their money. Therefore, prepare your teams to create irresistible offers, making their customers feel that they are getting irresistible offers. 

Create Suspense & Buzz For Upcoming Sale

Black Friday Cyber Monday sales help the business to make a good profit by attracting new customers and organic traffic to their sites. But creating a buzz and suspense helps to make a great success.  

Attract the customers with newsletter & emails of the offer, post sneak peeks of upcoming sales on social media, and other things related to interest customers. The sooner you begin doing this, the more momentum you will have during Black Friday Cyber Monday when you finally announce the sale.

Prepare Team To Test Websites 


Usually websites get bogged down by too many simultaneous requests or sometimes by accessing threatful sites. Therefore a good computer tracking software would help in keeping a track of all the threatful websites visited by the employees during the work time and the employers can block or restrict the employees from accessing the sites again. 

Plan Ads & Ad Copies 

One can also keep a check on the competitor’s ads using the best ad intelligence software, which helps in knowing the latest ad creatives trending in their niche. It is always a good idea to schedule the advertising and ad copy that you are going to run ahead of time for a sale or promotion so that you can put more thought into copying and positioning of ads. 

Only note that bids will become more costly depending on your niche during the competitive holiday season. To maximise the exposure of your ads during big holiday sales, you need to increase your bid price on particular keywords or for certain audiences. It’s a good idea to schedule your holiday sale ad budgets as well if you intend to do paid ads.

Here’s To A Successful Black Friday Cyber Monday 

The keys to a good Black Friday Cyber Monday are training, organising, and beginning sooner rather than later. For this year’s upcoming sales activities, this checklist should cover much of what you need to remember. It will ideally place you in a great position to make this holiday season a success.

If this is your first Black Friday Cyber Monday, treat it as a learning experience. Keep motivated and stay optimistic, set goals that are reasonable, and remember to enjoy the trip.