Virtual workplace! The days of getting ready, picking up our laptops, and walking down to the office are long gone. It has been almost a year and more now where employees are trying and getting comfortable with virtual workplaces. It has made working pretty flexible. Remote working provides some extraordinary benefits, and both employees and employers seem to enjoy the advantages of working from home.

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But these do come with some challenges. It is not always as uncomplicated as it looks. Managing a virtual team altogether can be a little daunting for employers. A sudden shift from monitoring in-office employees to remote employees can have some intense issues which need to get addressed. 

But to get started, we need to identify the virtual team management challenges at first. Once you recognize them, you can input various measures to get them sorted. So, here we have listed down some of the significant hurdles that the virtual teams might face and some methods to make a way out of them.

Virtual Team Management Challenges


The work-from-home culture has been persisting since 2020, and the entire corporate world has accepted the same. But still, the remote teams have to face some challenges which pull their productivity down. Let us look at them in detail.

1. Virtual Team Meetings


For any remote employee, team meetings these days are pretty intimidating. For them, it might seem like long hours of discussion, which in the end, builds more pressure on them. But it is not their fault to feel so. As the meetings are virtual, there seems to be a lack of fun throughout the session, making it not-so-exciting for the employees.

So, while conducting a meeting, you must look forward to including some fun aspects, sharing screens, and creative presentations which can keep your employees focused on the information you are willing to deliver. 

Again, always spare some time for interaction. As you can not meet your team physically, meetings are the best way to take some time out from your busy schedule to check for everything working in the right direction. Also, this maintains a healthy and interactive relationship between the employer and the team.

2. Varied Time Zones


If your company is hiring employees from around the globe, the varying time zones can be a significant challenge for your organization. Managing a virtual global team is an add-on difficulty in these troublesome times. As an employer, you need to consider the time zones under which the employees are working and spare a few regular hours when all your team members are active.

A global virtual team can also face issues like receiving incorrect or partial information from their employers. And this arises if they do not hold a regular meeting at appropriate timings. You need to share the data with the entire team accurately to maintain a consistent workflow.

However, when you are conducting a meeting, you clearly cannot pick out a time according to your convenience. Here, you have to take all the time zones under consideration from which your team is working. Then, you can interact with your team and find out a suitable timing when holding a meeting that would not become hectic for any employee.

3. Monitoring Remote Teams


When your team is working remotely, it becomes difficult to monitor their activities. You might be receiving regular updates from your team regarding the task, but you might lag in information in real-time. However, it is necessary to keep a watch on virtual teams to check your productive and unproductive employees. 

Luckily, the technologies are making things pretty easier for all the employees out there. There are numerous virtual team monitoring tools available in the market, and the most reliable one among them is EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring, tracking, and managing software that works perfectly for a virtual team. The tool produces detailed reports of all the employee insights throughout the working hours. There are various under which the remote employees get monitored through EmpMonitor. 

There are separate sections, and the software beautifully manages to collect all the employee activity details and stores them in the cloud. And the best part is it works in the stealth mode, which makes it non-recognizable by the task manager. Hence, once EmpMonitor gets installed in your employee device, they can not stop themselves from getting monitored. 

So, let us look at the features of EmpMonitor under which an employee gets a productive or unproductive remark on the dashboard.

Keystroke Logging


One of the most intriguing features that EmpMonitor holds is keyboard monitoring or keystroke logging. When your employees are working virtually, you precisely have no idea of how much time they spend working and when their workstations are left unattended. Here is when the keyboard monitoring feature comes into play. 

The EmpMonitor feature records the keypunches of the employee’s workstation and generates a report. Hence, whenever you wish to check your employee activities, you can see their keypunches to know if they were truly working or not.

Website And Application Usage Monitoring


Moving forward is another monitoring feature that appropriately tracks the website URLs visited and the applications used by an employee during working hours. Before getting started, you can mark the productive and unproductive websites and apps for your team. So, whenever your employee opens any webpage or app, it gets recorded.

Screenshot Monitoring


The screenshot monitoring feature can be your best friend while tracking employees working from various corners of the world. The tool captures random screenshots at regular intervals that help you monitor your employees more accurately.

You can check on exactly which task your employee was working on and at which time. Hence, if they are productive, it is excellent, and if not, you can take necessary actions against them.

You can receive all the reports in real-time and also access them for 180 days straight. Also, you can access the reports of all your team members from a single dashboard. You can distinctly mention their role for a specific project and set the parameters to monitor them.

Even after acquiring all these features, EmpMonitor has a pretty reasonable pricing plan. And this makes it the best among its competitors. Also, you can get your hands on the EmpMonitor free trial version for close association with the EmpMonitor features.

Best Approaches For Successful Virtual Team Management


By far, we came across some significant challenges that a virtual team manager might face while tracking and monitoring their employees. But now, we will look at some remarkable techniques to implement instantaneously by employers to maintain the efficiency and productivity of remote team members.

1. Mention Appropriate Work Systems


Different employees use different ways of analyzing a task. But by setting precise standards, you can cut down on time spent to achieve the required results. Also, there is less chance of miscommunication and doubt in general. The team will also recognize how much time should get spent to accomplish a particular task. 

2. Creating The Best Virtual Work Environment


It is advisable to maintain a healthy working environment in a traditional workplace to maintain effectiveness within in-office employees. Similarly, a virtual team needs the same. Setting up correct standards while working remotely can put employees in the perfect mindset to work towards their objectives.

3. Reward Your Employees


Employee recognition is a significant aspect of corporate work culture. It was much easier to appreciate your employees in front of the entire team while working from the office. But how can you do that virtually? 

Well, whenever you conduct a meeting with the complete team, make sure you acknowledge the most productive employees for their hard work. So, this is the best way to motivate your remote teams working miles away to maintain the consistency of their workflow.

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Bringing It All Together

A few possible difficulties might arise while managing a team virtually initially. But you surely can overcome them. Remember, communication is the fundamental element for a remote team. Interact in the best possible way with your team to make them understand their objectives and the ways they can take to get their tasks done faster.

So, consider all the challenges and remedies mentioned above before beginning with managing a virtual team. Also, once you are aware of these, you can rest assured of working with one of the best remote teams of 2021.

I hope the article helped you know more about managing virtual teams. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!