Do you ever wonder how much time you contribute to doing something that does not count as productive work for you? At first, you might be unaware of the time you spend doing unproductive work and think there aren’t many things like that. If you start making use of activity logs, then you will be surprised to know exactly how much time you spend in doing other stuff which deteriorates your productivity hours.

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Using an activity log will help you out because it will make you realise how you can utilise your employee hours in getting involved in high-value jobs. It will assist you in eliminating the work that is not highly productive. Hence you will be able to accomplish your assignments and projects within the provided deadline.

So how will you be able to get this corrected? One of the best ways is to make use of an activity log that will keep guiding you regarding your high-value assignments. And that is what we are looking forward to in this blog.

Activity Log

An activity log also gets referred to as an online activity log or a log website activity. It is basically a detailed report of how an employee spends his/her working hours.

Starting with a few days if you start maintaining an activity log, you can create an actual representation of what task and assignments you are doing during the employee hours, and how can you utilise this time properly. You will observe that memorising your tasks throughout the day is a daunting task. It can get maintained if you maintain a proper log of everything you do. 

An Activity Log will assist you to recognise whether you are performing your most relevant projects throughout the employee hours of the day. For example, if you are active and productive at the commencement of the day, you would be more immeasurable working on your most significant tasks during the starting of the working hours. After then, you can concentrate on low-value responsibilities, such as replying to email messages or answering to calls, in the low energy hours.

An Activity Log is beneficial for assisting you to recognise uncalled tasks that do not encourage you to reach high-level goals. For instance, you might end up spending considerably more hours than you imagine on scrolling the social media or preparing coffee every other hour. If you understand how much hours you are consuming doing non-productive activities. Then you can improve the way you can control your work to reduce these things.

How to Maintain an Activity Log?


To maintain an activity log, the first thing is to download a template, or begin with a different spreadsheet and start setting up the following list of headers: 

  • Activity description
  • Date and Time
  • Duration
  • How you feel
  • Value (Low, Medium, High)

Without adjusting your way any further you need to, record every activity that you perform during the working hours as you generally do it.

Each minute you switch your activities, whether responding to an email message, managing a record file, preparing coffee, or having a session with your colleagues, record each of these activities, the number of times you have switched, and currently what kind of feeling you have maybe observant, dull, exhausted, active or others.

At a suitable moment, get back into your activity log and pen down the span of every other activity you did during the working hours, and check if it was a low value or high-value task. Calculate this on the basis of how efficiently it is devoted to accomplishing your objectives. 

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee tracking, monitoring and managing software that will help you keep track of your employees without any hassle by accurately maintaining the activity log of each employee.

EmpMonitorEmpMonitor accurately manages and tracks the employees in an organisation may it be in office employees or remote employees working from any corner of the world. It presents a detailed report of all the activities, assignments and projects of the workers throughout the employee hours.

All the data recorded gets stored in cloud-based storage. It is a vital characteristic for the employers as they will never miss out on any information related to the employees.

Some extra added features of EmpMonitor:

1. It provides detailed Productivity Reports. 


2. The tool also offers Productivity Alerts so that the employers will be aware of the productive and unproductive employees.

3. The tool captures Real-Time Screenshots of the monitor of the system used by the employees. 


4. It offers the employers Advanced Access Control. 

5. The higher authorities can have appropriate Productivity Analysis & Measurement of their employees.

productivity analysis

6. It offers detailed information about the visited Web & App Usage Reports.

web usage report

7. It also has an amazing feature that is Stealth mode.

8. The software also acquires Flexible Monitoring Mode features.

9. The higher authorities can have a Detailed Timesheet of their employees.


10. EmpMonitor also provides Role-Based Access.

Studying Your Activity Log

Once you have started using an activity log for a certain number of days, interpret your records. Maybe you will be surprised to know the number of hours you consume doing unproductive jobs!

You can also observe that you remain active during some hours of the day, and low in other hours. Numerous measures depend on the number of breaks you demand and the tasks on which you are working.

Once you are done interpreting your activity log for a few days, you must be capable to encourage your productivity levels by implementing the following activities:

1. Cancel or do not choose tasks that are not included as a replacement of your assignments or projects, or something that does not support you reaching your goals. It may involve responsibilities that anyone else in the company must be carrying out, probably at a low pay scale or individual tasks such as responding to emails that are not related to work or scrolling the social media.

2. Shift the most daunting tasks for the hours of the day during which your strength level is high. In this way, your job will become of more excellent quality, and it will definitely take you more limited time to accomplish. 

3. Reduce the amount of time you shift between different tasks throughout the day. For instance, you can monitor and respond to e-mail messages at certain hours of the day, or prepare all of the records at a particular time of each week.

4. Decrease the number of hours you employ on genuinely personal tasks such as preparing coffee. Maintain shifts in your group to do these odd jobs – it will save time as well as will establish team spirit.

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Wrapping Up

An activity log is a beneficial tool for interpreting how you handle your time during working hours. It assists you to track variations in your strength, attentiveness and usefulness completely during the whole day.  It will also encourage you to eliminate the activities that consume much of your important hours. Hence you can remain highly productive.

Once you are done interpreting your whole day’s activity log, now you should be capable to strengthen your productive hours by reducing or decreasing medium value or low tasks, shifting difficult assignments for the time of the working hours when you can give your best, decreasing the times that you keep switching between other tasks, and overcoming the hours you waste on personal stuffs.

I hope the article helped you know about maintaining an activity log. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!