Success Stories


Holistic Investment Planners Private Ltd

They are one of the best financial planners and investment advisors present in India. They reached out to EmpMonitor as they wanted to transform and automate their office. They wanted software with the help of which they can monitor their employees and see if their clients are treated properly and if they are receiving the promised services or not. The management also wanted to take their client relationship to another level digitally, but they didn’t want to do so at the cost of the data breach.


Company was facing productivity issues

This organization delivers financial and investment advice to Senior Corporate Executives and NRIs. Their services are available for all those who are in need of some advisory to reach certain financial goals with the help of strategic investment plans. This plan helps them create, preserve, and manage wealth.

Therefore, to get rid of all the negative figures and turn the company’s revenue around, they decided to take the help of an employee monitoring tool.

The challenge they were facing was that some of their clients were not happy with their support tech, and due to this, their revenue was taking a hit. They wanted to make some serious changes in their client handling process and wanted to improve their relationship with clients.

Selection Process

During the selection phase, Hollistic Investment evaluated 10 to 20 tools, which include open-source, cloud-based, and standalone applications. They said, “We were highly confused about the selection process as there is countless software in the market. And we were not sure if a single software could be the answer to all their problems and if it is a good idea to implement a single software.”

And we completely understand; how it can be hard for such a small organization to invest in unknown applications as their fund is limited. And if the software doesn’t meet their criteria, it could be a bad investment, which could affect their revenue even more. Thus, in the end, they found EmpMonitor, and they took the decision to trust it by reading all the success stories and reviews about the software.

They were highly impressed with the features available in the EmpMonitor, as it covered all the things they were looking for, and the trial option really helped them to test run the software before making the purchase.


Helping them track and increase their productivity

They wanted a reliable and robust monitoring tool that can do more than just track productivity. The goal was to deploy software that can track the productivity of the employees 24/7, regardless of their location.

The company then started using EmpMonitor software to monitor their employees productivity. They deployed it in all of their employees’ systems to boost productivity. EmpMonitor helped them by creating a digital interface with the help of which they can view the status of an employees work, communicate with them, and much more. The application also helped them to secure their data from any insider threat by blocking all the unauthorized devices from connecting to the employees’ system.

The implementation of such a monitoring tool meant that they can now monitor all of their devices without leaving their system. This gave them detailed information about an employees’ work and helped them track their productivity by analyzing the data (Screenshots, top apps used, top websites used, keystrokes, login & logout time, etc.).

This helped the organization to get their productivity level back on track and meet their client’s needs. It also helped them to automate the login and logout time of employees and also manage the remote employees too.

How they used EmpMonitor

This organization deployed the software in all of its employees’ systems. It helped them to find the cause of the problem as to why clients were not satisfied and what key elements were disliked by them. They later reviewed all the data gathered from their employees’ system, which helped them to isolate the problem and correct it.

They found the screenshot feature to be particularly useful as, with the help of it, they were able to track the working process of their employees and find the cause easily. Using this, they were able to successfully modify their client handling process.

The Result

After deploying this software on all their employees’ systems and implementing necessary rules, they found that their clients were fairly happy with their assistance, which boosted their revenue too. Their employees now worked cohesively and more responsibly to deliver the end result on time. The success of this organization shows how a simple tool can help you improve your organizations’ productivity easily. These folks had a clear vision of what they are lacking and what they need to do.

Other Result

  • This implementation strategy was under their budget and easy, which helped them to solve the issue in time, which is a huge concern for a growing organization.
  • The communication between employer and employee was surely improved without additional cost. It also improved the security inside the organization.
  • Growth in data transparency and reliability was also made possible inside the organization.
  • Cloud storage gave them easy accessibility from anywhere in the world.

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