Antivirus Configuration Guide for EmpMonitor Agent

We make every effort possible to be antivirus-friendly. EmpMonitor has been whitelisted from many of the leading antivirus packages.

EmpMonitor On AWS Deployment Guide

All the EmpMonitor solutions are ready to deploy on Amazon’s distributed, highly scalable, and reliable. Amazon Web Services platform (AWS) as a Private Cloud option.

Best Practices Guide On-Premise Deployment

Deployments for concurrent users under 1000, in most cases, be hosted on one all-inclusive server.

EmpMonitor On Azure Deployment Guide

EmpMonitor provides the best employee monitoring solutions and also offers flexible deployment

EmpMonitor On-Premise Deployment Guide

EmpMonitor is an all-in-one employee monitoring software, data breach prevention, insider threat
detection, and workplace productivity measurement software.

EmpMonitor Rules Guide

Behavioral rules are a core part of EmpMonitor’s automated insider threat detection and data loss
prevention capabilities.

EmpMonitor User Guide

The dashboard is the place where the Admins/managers/Team leads can get a fast glimpse of
what’s going on in the company.