Work from home strategy emerged rapidly and stood up against all the odds. When the entire world was juggling to find a way out from the pandemic, remote working tactics came extremely handy to keep running the business even after this unpleasant situation. All the large-scale to small-scale industries have started accepting the flexibility of remote work.

Every company has customized the rules and regulations of remote working for their employees according to the type of business they serve. But we all know that every coin has two sides. Precisely this is why we also have to face some challenges while working from home. If you are wondering what these difficulties are, let me introduce you to some of them. 

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If you work from home or even in a café, you will face numerous distractions, not just from your surroundings but from your electronic device as well, which will not let you work comfortably. And in these situations, you cannot have better time management to complete your tasks. And above
everything, with all these distractions, you cannot manage the entire team appropriately. There will be miscommunication, and you will end up completing no task in the whole day. 

Does it sound like too much? Well, these are not the only problems that arise. Again this blog is not to scare you out. We are here to help you with all your questions related to remote working. We will also assist you to pick out the right remote work software to keep your employees productive and engaged in their assignments throughout the working hours.

Remote Work Making Companies More Powerful


During the pandemic, the higher authorities of all the companies have started accepting various ways to keep their employees productive. So, all thanks to the technical teams for developing remote work software that has entirely changed the look and feel of working from home. It helped the higher authorities to see remote working differently.

It helped them know that they can easily monitor their employees from a central workstation. The managers can also employ powerful majors to maintain the productivity of their employees during office hours. So, cut down the negative aspects of remote working and start considering the positive points. 

But if we take the remote workers situation under consideration, they found working from home comfortable as it helped them maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. They can manage their personal life and keep them away during working hours. They keep themselves away from all the distractions and try to maintain the level of productivity.

Now we will be talking about remaining connected with the entire team collectively and communicating with them. There are some excellent tools to consider. The employee can share documents, files and also they can share their screen while attending a meeting. 

Researchers have found that the higher authorities find employees more productive if they implement remote work software to monitor their activities. Receiving automatically generated productivity reports from the tool has helped them guide their employees to work in a better way. Technology empowers organizations to become more active in terms of recognizing their productive and unproductive employees at ease.

Lesson From Remote Working


The most meaningful lesson learned is the companies need to adapt the changes to their work culture as fast as possible. Even in a pandemic, the organizations need to find their way out to deal with it and remain productive. They need to accept the new normal early. Otherwise, they might lag behind their competitors in the run. Hence, the companies that react fast and maintain their work with every situation perceive success shortly.

Better Working Environment With Remote Working


Now that the employees and employers have started enjoying the flexibility of remote working, it will be interesting to see what they opt for once the situations are under control. The companies have made everything digital and transparent. Hence the tasks get done efficiently. There will be a better working environment for the companies who have accepted remote working with a great spirit.

As they must have shaped the rules according to their work culture, they must be yielding better results. Again, it does not matter if the employees are working from home or the office. The whole point is accomplishing tasks on time and providing more business to the company. There is no doubt saying that even in the pandemic, the remote working companies are doing better.

Remote Work Software


As we have already discussed remote working and its flexibilities, the blog will remain incomplete if you do not look at some top tools to monitor and track remote employees. 

So here we have collectively summed up and found some of the best tools to help you ease your way of maintaining productivity. The software acquires different features. So you need to go through the entire blog to pick out the best one for your company. Let us dive right into the tools and their intriguing features.

1. EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor tops the list because it is the most trusted employee monitoring software within employers. It has some extraordinary features that help in better monitoring and managing the employees during office hours. EmpMonitor is good at recording every detail of the employee activity and storing it in cloud-based storage.


It works in stealth mode behind the computer screens. Hence, your employees will never notice that they are getting monitored. But it captures the details appropriately. It provides a report showing the productive hours of each employee individually. You can also receive a list of your top productive and unproductive employees.


Again, it enables the managers to mark the websites and applications as productive and unproductive. It is for the companies where social media platforms and other entertainment sites get banned during working hours. Hence if any of your employees spend time on these, it will be marked as unproductive. 


The employees will also receive productivity alerts if they are not producing up to the mark. Another remarkable feature is to capture real-time screenshots of the workstation of the employee. You can directly question your unproductive employees by showing the screenshots as proof and help them become more efficient in their work. 


Let us show you the EmpMonitor dashboard and how you can navigate through it.

Step-1: Click on the link given below.


Step-2: Here, you have to fill in the details appropriately, Username/ Email and Password.

Step-3: Here is the EmpMonitor Dashboard.


Step-4: Towards the left side of the dashboard, where you have the options to tap on the section you wish to and receive the details.

1. Employee


1.1. Employee Details

1.2. Employee Attendance

1.3. Email Monitoring

1.4. Employee Notification

1.5. Employee Insights

2. Timesheets


3. Time Claim


4. Projects


5. Reports


5.1. Report Download

5.2. Productivity Reports

5.3. Auto Email Reports

5.4. Web App Usage

5.5. System Activity Logs

6. Settings


6.1. Manage Location And Department

6.2. Storage Type

6.3. Productivity Rules

6.4. Roles And Permissions

6.5. Shift Management

6.6. Monitoring Control

6.7. Localizations

7. Behavior


7.1. Alerts

7.2. Alert Policies

7.3. Alerts Notifications

It does not matter if your employees are working from the office or any corner of the world, EmpMonitor can be your best pick for monitoring employees.

Pricing Plans:

Check out the detailed pricing structure here:

2. Asana


Asana is also a remote work software having cloud-based storage. It enables employers to monitor and manage their employees during their working hours. It permits you to track every little detail about the project on which the employee is working. 

You can also set the deadlines concerning each assignment and your expectations from the entire team. Hence, you will receive reports and can compare them with the job roles assigned to the employee. You can also check out the history of the entire work done within the time at one place. 

Pricing Plans:

For Small Teams: Free

For Medium Teams: $10.99 per user each month.

3. Skype


Skype has millions of monthly active users today. As communication with the entire team has become a difficult task using Skype as a solution has become more defined. Skype has various features that can easily connect you with your team. It helps you send and receive messages and other documents. 

It enables you to video call your employees and also shares your screen. You need to install Skype and log in by entering the details. So if you do not want to implement a specific software, you can choose Skype, which helps in better interaction and communication with the team.

Pricing Plans:

Skype is free of cost, but some latest features might incur charges.

4. Confluence


A confluence is a collaboration software of the documents and serves as a base for all the information. The teammates can share pictures, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations with other members. You can also track if any member has applied any changes to the documents. 

The Confluence dashboard enables the users to comment or adds feedback in the sheets shared with them. They can also edit and change the files if they wish to do so.

Pricing Plans:

For Small Team: Free

For Medium Team: $5 per user each month.

5. Clockify 


Clockify is a time tracking application. You will receive the time spent by each employee on a particular assignment as a timesheet from this tool. The dashboard of Clockify is user-friendly, which helps you to navigate better. It is easy to use. And also, provides a detailed report of the time spent on various tasks by your employees.

You do not have to maintain the updates regularly from the employees. You can directly go on the software and check if the employees are working efficiently.

Pricing Plans:

Clockify provides free services, but you can upgrade to the premium version for extra added features with $9.99 per user each month.

6. Krisp


Krisp helps remove the background noise to let your employees focus on their tasks and not get disturbed. It cancels the noise from both sides, so there is no disturbance during the call or meeting. The entire session can run smoothly, and you do not have to adjust things repeatedly. It can get used along with any software supporting calls such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. 

Pricing Plans: 

Krisp also provides free services but to upgrade to premium, pay $3.33 per user each month.

7. Freedom


Freedom helps in restricting any website or application coming your way during working hours. You can block the sites that are not important to you but keep popping up. It also has a feature to schedule it in advance, so nothing distracts you while working on significant assignments or projects. It is a comprehensive software for Windows, Chrome, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Pricing Plans: 

Any number of employees can access Freedom with $2.42 each month unlimitedly.

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Bringing It Altogether

The way work from home culture emerged rapidly, the software to monitor remote workers increased at the same pace. There is no doubt that there are enormous tools available in the market to help you out with remote employee tracking. We have tried to implement some of the best tools and serve you as a treat for reading the entire blog.

I hope the article helped you know about remote work software. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!