Covid-19 vaccines are out! But the fear of getting infected with the coronavirus is not allowing us to step outside. It is a bitter truth that we all are tired of wearing masks, hand sanitization, home-cooked food, online classes, meetings, and seminars, etc. But we have to do this for the safety of ourselves as well as our family.

In this article , we are going to talk about the employees who are working remotely due to this pandemic situation. Remote work is going mainstream in most of the industries nowadays. It is the smart way to keep employees safe from the virus and at the same time productive as well.

We all know that remote work has never been a new concept. In case of any emergency, employees do work from their homes. But now, the entire organization is working remotely, which was not in the chart. Work from home poses several challenges that are different than working on traditional office premises.

How remote work is more challenging than working in office premises?

We all know that working from home is difficult, especially with distractions like kids. It is hard to concentrate on your work. There are also many technical issues like communication that remote employees face during their work from home.

 Remote teams fail to do critical conversations that are required to meet group goals. Though video conferencing and online meetings bring employees together in one place but it’s hard for the remote employees to maintain consistency and flow throughout the meeting. You can’t even perform a brainstorming session on video conference. 

So we need to adopt some best practices for the remote teams that will help remote employees overcome these challenges and increase their efficiency.

Remote work best practices:

1. Put the right expectation:

put the right expectation

Expectations should be managed both from the employer’s and employees’ perspectives. It is better to do this earlier. Expectations based on productive hours, attendance, email compatibility, scheduled meetings, etc should be crystal clear from the beginning.

It will help you to run your organization smoothly and overcome the challenges of a remote work environment. It will also give you a smooth work-life and more productivity.

2. Set the right tools:

set the right tools for communication

Manual ways of managing employees in excel sheets are the gone days… There are many tools available which you can use in your organization to manage your remote team and their work. 

Since communication is the key, it is important to implement the right tools which can avoid small hiccups as well as big hassles. Tools like communication software, video-calling software can help you out of many problems.

You can also use monitoring software to monitor your remote employees and track their work during productive hours. There are many employee monitoring software available in the market out there. One of the best employee monitoring software is EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring software that acquires all the features you need to manage your remote teams as well as local teams without causing harm to their working hours.

Features of EmpMonitor:

1. You can get insightful charts of the productivity hours of your remote employees. You can track the productive and non-productive hours of the employees from the time of their login.


2. It automatically captures screenshots generated with high-quality within 15 seconds.

real time screenshots

4. As an admin, you can designate managers and team leaders to monitor their team members.

5. You can analyze the workflow of all the currently active remote employees with a detailed chart provided by the monitoring software.

productivity analysis

6. You can track the web URLs and apps used by the employees during their working hours.

web usage report

7. The EmpMonitor works behind the desktop as an invisible software which is not recognized by the task manager and is not found in the program list.

8. All the generated reports are saved in the cloud with no issues.

cloud storage

3. The key is communication:

communication is the key

Communication between team members and managers is very important. If you don’t want your remote workers to get into miscommunication, you have to introduce an improved communication structure that will help your team members to communicate with each other in this current pandemic situation.

There should be a centralized communication system where each employee can connect with others on a single tap. Sending messages should reach all the employees at a time. 

You can send an alert notification which will alert your remote workers to communicate. Through this communication system, there will be no confusion and conflicts between the management and the employees.

4. Maintain an organized team:

maintain a organised team

An organized remote desktop will help remote employees work smoothly and efficiently. So keeping your remote team organized is also a key point in remote work best practices.

In your work from home scenario, you have to create a transparent work culture of remote employees that will help them know about the pending tasks and the completed tasks. 

You can create a single dashboard where the update of all the tasks are given where the employees can check their work as well as others. This software helps the managers and team leaders to keep their remote team organized. 

5. Build trust:

build trust

When you work remotely, you have to trust your employers and colleagues. Trust is the reason behind successful team management. Trust can have an impact on the efficiency and productivity of the employees. A trustworthy team can be built by developing a transparent working environment.

 When you share all the required information in a single dashboard where all the team members can reach and if you assign work to your employees according to their performance, there will be no question of partiality and discrimination in the minds of the remote workers. In this way, you can win the trust of your remote employees.

6. Motivate using feedback:

motivate using feedback

All employees remain excited to know their performance in their working field. Giving feedback and motivating them can make them grow in their respective work. Meetings regarding the work performance of the employees and chat with the employees about their work can result in a healthy work environment for the remote teams.

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Wrapping words:

From the above discussion, we got a brief idea about how to manage your remote employees and remote work best practices to overcome the challenges faced by the remote workers.

For more help, you can use EmpMonitor to monitor your employee’s every activity during their working hours. It is the best employee monitoring software with which you can have a great experience.

Throughout this article, if you feel any doubts or want to add something valuable, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.