It is 2021, and we have successfully managed to overcome the 2020 pandemic with some great strategies to work from a different place. Before the entire situation happened, employees had visited the traditional workplace every single day. Now that everything has changed, there is a change in maintaining the working hours of the employees.

It does not matter to the employers that the employees, working from home, remotely, or in the office. All they need at the end of the day is productivity and work efficiency. If at all, the circumstances are favorable. The higher authorities can expect a better span of productive hours from their team.

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Now that work from home or remote working is emerging at a higher level, employee time tracking has become a considerable measure. The managers have to keep an eye on the work furnished by their employees over a span. And they need to maintain the consistency of productivity and even have to make sure it benefits the company at a higher level.

All that matters in 2021 are the increased productivity and higher efficiency of the employees. It will make the company stand out and will be a helping hand in its success.

Increasing Productivity In Pandemic


During the pandemic, a lot of things had changed. The entire system of doing business had to go through a new phase. The employers and the employees have started accepting the new normal. But it took some time to adjust and get comfortable with the new set of rules. All the companies starting from a large scale to a small scale industry, everyone had to undergo these changes in their working style.

The employees have also started enjoying the flexibility of working from home or working remotely. The companies that have adopted WFH absolutely must have inspected every bit of it. The most important thing that they need to consider is employee time management.

Now that the employees are comfortable at their work, the managers can expect them to be more productive. If higher authorities provide employees with all the flexibility and resources, it makes things more obvious. And the most obvious thing is being efficient enough and completing tasks on time.

But in 2021, the situation is somewhat under control. And the companies are looking forward to operating the workplace like before. But for that, employers have to ensure complete safety and precaution inside the traditional office environment. They have to guarantee that the employees are healthy and not a threat to other team members if attending the office.

It might become a little daunting because they have to undergo these procedures every day and assure everyone is safe. The flexibility of remote work cuts down this hassle as well. Well, above all, every company requires time management so that they can have an idea of their productive and unproductive employees.

May it be a pandemic or normal circumstances, every company wants its employees to be productive and efficient. The work they do must get completed within the stipulated time. And the higher employees must have a record of all the projects completed or on which they are getting their work done.

Using Employee Time Management Solution


It is essential to have accurate employee time management for every company out there. It will help the employers to have an idea about the time taken by the employees and the entire team to accomplish a task. It will also help the employees to control their projects and the time involved in them. In an organization, the employees have to set particular hours to complete a given assignment if it is not time-bounded.

Otherwise, they should ensure that the task gets completed before the deadline. It is for a final review by the senior team members. It does not matter if the team is working from home or the office. They need to have control over the procedure and the approach in which they work. The reason is taking correct methods will help in completing tasks on time.

A self-regulated employee time management application will help the employees to manage their tasks and working hours. It is necessary so that the employees do not feel overburdened while the submission date arrives. The employees only need to install these tools in their working devices, and they are all set.

Here we will be introducing the employers and employees to one of the best time management apps that they must consider in 2021. 

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring software that is one of a kind. We said this because it has got some extraordinary features that all the companies require. It is best at managing and monitoring the activities of the employees throughout the working hours. The employers can successfully monitor the work furnished by the employees individually.


It provides them with a detailed report. Record of which employee is working on which task and for how many hours. Isn’t that a great feature? The employers receive every little detail regarding the work and the websites and applications related to it. It shows the URLs and apps opened by the employee during office hours.


If the employers want, they can also access the screenshots to check if the employee is working. The tool captures screenshots at random intervals and stores them in cloud-based storage that can get accessed later. 


The tool works successfully behind the screen. Hence your employees will never know that they are getting tracked. Also, the managers get provided with a list of productive and unproductive employees. They can reward the productive ones and take necessary actions to help the unproductive employees to get their issues fixed.

The time management application will help the employees to log in and log out appropriately. Hence the managers can manage their attendance at ease without the need for any other tool.


Installing and establishing the EmpMonitor time management tool is fast and uncomplicated. The companies can get it implemented at ease. The employees can get it installed on their own without the interference of any IT professional. 

The software gets quickly intrigued with the other tools utilized in the company. After the EmpMonitor gets installed successfully, the employers can immediately start monitoring and tracking their employees.

Employee Responsibility


Employee time management systems will help the employee to stay faithful to the company and the work. They cannot employ their time doing anything else because everything gets shown in the detailed report. They have to work consistently throughout the working hours, or they can get marked as unproductive employees.

Again they cannot ask their fellow employees to mark their attendance on behalf of the employees if they are late. Even they cannot get their log-out emails sent from any other devices if they have left early. Everything gets captured in the time management application. Apart from that, some employee time tracking applications have a GPS tracking system in them.

It can easily trace the location of the employees who have to travel for their work. Hence, there is no chance of time theft in the organization. The higher authorities can keep an eye on the assignments on which the employee is working right from logging in till the end of the day. The remote employee time tracking apps are great for employees working from different locations throughout the day.

Enhancing HR Response


Maintaining an entire team and their work is a part of human resource management. Implementing an employee time management tool will make the process more uncomplicated. EmpMonitor is a time management tool that includes payroll to make the HR job more streamlined. Different features let the HR professionals know about them over time and if the employee is lagging.  

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2021 Is The Time To Change

We know that 2020 threw numerous challenging situations towards businesses, but we have successfully overcome that phase. Implementing an employee time management tool in your organization will help track the employee’s work and activities during working hours. Since everything is online now, it has become more obvious to have a tool that integrates with other software and manages to offer a detailed report.

Installing an employee time management and tracking tool will be the most effective and uncomplicated decision. And will efficiently mark the productivity of your employees in 2021.

I hope the article helped you know about Employee Time Management. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!