The corporate world is struggling with data security concerns not only from the pandemic but way back. The business and corporate world are always on the radar of breaches, data loss, and many security-related issues. 

These breaches and security concerns have become the dominant concern, while cloud monitoring solutions have become part of the infrastructure.  The cloud provides the business with unparalleled advantages and agility. 

According to research, companies and corporations expect to spend about 27% more on cloud services in 2019 and chances of getting it hype. To cope with the modern business’s needs and appetites cloud monitoring comes to the rescue and saves the corporation from unfortunate breaches.

What is & Why Do We Need Cloud Monitoring?

what-is-cloud-monitoringTechnically, cloud monitoring serves as reviewing, monitoring, and managing a range that measures and maintains a cloud workflow. It is practiced manually, and computerized monitoring assistance to establish a cloud is operational. In other words, it is the utilization of automating and standard tools to maintain and estimate the computing foundation, layout, and assistance. 

It compares with an overall cloud management policy permitting authorizations to monitor the state of cloud-based sources. It assists in investigating the defects and troubling patterns to prevent minor concerns before they turn into significant predicaments.

It explains the perplexing need for remote real-time data to contrive the set of assets.

How Does Cloud Monitoring Work?

how-does-cloud-monitoring-workTo apprehend the working of cloud monitoring, we have to examine its functionalities, and some of them are ;

? Website Monitoring-

Administer and monitor the processes, traffic, and availability, and use of resources. 

? Virtual Machine Monitoring – 

Monitoring virtualization, infrastructure, and the individual virtual machine 

? Supervision of the Database in the Cloud- 

Monitoring processes, queries, availability, and consumption resource

? Cloud Storage Monitoring – 

Storage resources, processes they supply to virtual machines, services, applications, and databases.

The working of cloud monitoring depends on the types of tools that deliver the purpose. The commonly used tools are in-house present at the cloud provider. Diverse corporations favor this alternative, as it’s already filled with cloud services. So, there is no annoyance of installation, and integration is at comfort.

One of the cloud-based monitoring tools pro sufficient monitor and keep track of the users in a single dashboard. EmpMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring tool that can serve the exact purpose of cloud performance monitoring. Its features counterattack all the complications related to numerous threats businesses are facing today! Magnifying a few of the astonishing features are; 

? Block Insider threats –

Review, record, analyze the insider threat before it turns into a possible threat. Limit the exposure of sensitive and confidential data and moreover alerts before the intimidation turns into a breach. Reduce the risk of the breaching of the data and unlimited cloud space for automatically collecting data.

? Keystroke & Auto Screenshots – 

Automate the capturing of screenshots at decided regular intervals with customized monitoring parameters to make there will fewer chances of any unfortunate events and ensuring the employee stays on track. Monitor user screens without appearing on the taskbar or list of the program on the stealth mode. Record and track exact keys pressed in real-time.

? Time Management- 

Monitor and track employees’ presence and activities by analyzing and eliminating the wasted time, with what and how many hours are doing in the real-time tasks. Calculate exact active, idle, productive, and non-productive hours with the easy user interface through easily generated timesheets.

? Observe Employee-

EmpMonitor is a unified platform that identifies and classifies the sensitive regulated or critical data consistently and precisely whether it’s in the system or the cloud.

? Browser Monitoring – 

Track and monitor all the website monitoring and application tracking with the detailed time and activities done or spent on the website and application. All screen activity video playback features with detailed reports and timely alerts and notifications.

EmpMonitor marks a fine line between the privacy and productivity of the employee with the technology to shield from every kind of threat at budget-friendly plans. To know more about EmpMonitor, click here.

cloud-monitoringAnother alternative is an independent tool by Saas providers because they are the experts in managing the performance and cost consumption of cloud architecture. Nevertheless, both types of tools have the same functionalities. Like they scan the problem in the cloud that becomes the obstacle to deliver a service.

We understand there will be a vibe of confusion about what’s the difference between SaaS and cloud monitoring. To simplify these, let’s get into the upcoming section. 

Difference Between SaaS, Cloud Security Monitoring, and Cloud Monitoring?


Difference between SaaS, Cloud Security Monitoring, and cloud monitoring?

SaaS ( Software As A Service) encompasses the installment of a subscription for all the requirements of a technological project. Corporations do not have trouble installing any updates, SaaS systems classify on the server not linked with the organization, so you will not find it on the company’s local computers.

While cloud monitoring is the global maneuvering of managing the data in the cloud since the IT department has to verify the operational status of resources remotely. Cloud monitoring strategies enable the performance, evaluate resource levels and time frames, and predict the problem they occur.

Advantages of Cloud Monitoring 

Cloud monitoring comprises numerous advantages. Even a corporation that solely depends on cloud computing or designs can privilege the significant benefits; 

  • Intensifying the security and assurance of cloud applications.
  • Accessible for numerous stations and from distant locations with an internet admittance connection.
  • Effortlessly recognizable in the styles of graphs, dashboards, statistics, and data analysis through graphic content.
  • It has less speculation of collapse because of the stabler and exceptional servers for the software and complete recovery of data in any case of failure or being attacked by any cyber threats.
  • Accomplishing and retaining ideal application performance 
  • Simple scaling in the event cloud activity rapidly
  • Diminishing the risk of surprise cloud risk leaks due to its design and complete visibility.

The Best Practices for Efficient Cloud Performance Monitoring

best-[practice-for-cloud-monitoring➡️ Plan what activity needs monitoring. Choose the metrics and parameters that matter the most and are crucial.

➡️ Keep track of which users are using that cloud application and what specific applications need monitor response time, frequency of use, and other parameters.

➡️ Clouds have an arrangement of performance because of poorly designed APIs. Avoid poor cloud API performance that operates via objects instead of operations. 

➡️ Application response time and resources are vital to understanding the hindering performance. Follow the application workflow to identify where and when delays occur. 

➡️ Allocate cloud servers by using APM tools to help you find the issues and privacy policies and procedures to mitigate sprawl and pull back resources and networks when necessary.

➡️ Separate the centralized data and store monitoring data separately should be centralized for easy access. 

➡️ Allot the single platform to report all data, invest in the solutions that report data from variable sources to an individual platform.

How is EmpMonitor the Best Option for the Cloud Monitoring Software? 

empmonitor-cloud-monitoringEmpMonitor empowers to identify the sensitive data and information with the utmost precision, reduce the organization’s exposure to risks like data breaches, insider threats, and cyber threats and fill the compliance. It is power-packed with risk-appropriate security controls and detects abnormal activities before it turns into a breach.

  • Proficient in data security-Real-time monitoring, automatic screenshots at regular intervals, and save data in the cloud. 
  • Observe Employees-Automated screenshots at regular intervals and record all the exercises.
  • Monitor Employees-Capture and record every single user activity and measure productivity. 
  • Cloud Storage-Save screenshots and vital data in the most secure cloud system and prevent them from risky breaches.

How To Manage Remote Work Easily With Powerful Monitoring Software;

Wrapping It Up!

Cloud monitoring tools help evaluate the state of cloud-based infrastructure and track the performance, safety, and availability of crucial cloud apps and services. The new cloud monitoring technologies facilitate the work and improve the functioning of preventive maintenance, thus contributing to improved performance. 

EmpMonitor is the cloud monitoring software that detects and monitors employee’s productivity, business, and overall operation with its various amazing functionalities. 

Cloud monitoring plays a crucial role in enabling the provision of a shared set of technological services to companies, allowing access from anywhere in the world and on-demand to a shared set of computing resources. We hope you like the article and require your necessities. If you have any suggestions please share them in the comment section below.