“Systematic way of attaining success is a plan”. In every organization, continue all the processes in a systematic way to avoid several issues. Similarly, employees should maintain their check-in and check-out time when they enter and leave from their work.

But due to the remote work culture adopted by almost all companies, maintaining employee attendance has become crucial for employers. So, attendance management software needs to get adopted by all the organizations to avoid compliance issues, errors of payroll, and many more rather than maintaining traditional hand-made timesheets. The software makes employee attendance manageable.

In this blog, we will walk through how attendance management or time attendance management software stays crucial for all businesses and ways to track employee attendance? Also, we will pick up the best attendance management software of all to adopt for the growth of your organization.

Let’s start from the top!

What’s the hype with attendance management?

Attendance management gets updated by all the organizations to track employee hours. In this system, the employee updates their time when they logged in and the time when they log out.

Attendance of employees can get managed through spreadsheets or any traditional method. But the trending way to track the attendance of the employees is to use attendance management software. 

What are the benefits of attendance management software?

Let us count down the advantages of managing the attendance of the employees through software.

1. Accuracy:

We humans sometimes make mistakes, but not the software installed in your installation. It is the gone days where humans maintained the attendance of their workers in a piece of paper or an attendance register where employees sign when they enter and leave from their work. 

This system raised a lot of issues like duplicacy, proxy, and more. So, it is better to use software tools to manage the attendance of the employees that is crucial for every organization. It minimizes errors and provides real-time reports.

2. Productivity:


When you manage the attendance of your employees through employee monitoring software, it saves a lot of time which you can use to increase the productivity of your employees.

3. Real-time tracking:

With attendance management software, you will get real-time reports generated by the software. It tracks employee attendance and provides information available in real-time.

4. Security:


The software developed nowadays is fully secured with security systems and architecture. So, there is no chance of theft in the company.

Is attendance management software making your employees more sincere| #MyExperience?

If you would ask me, then yes. With my experience as an employee, I guarantee, when employee attendance gets managed, they feel more dedicated and sincere towards their work with fear deep inside their heart.

When employee monitoring software gets installed in your system, all the activities, including attendance, are also tracked. So, this makes the employees more productive during their working hours.

Managing attendance through attendance management software is crucial. But we are far away from the traditional way of attendance management with new technology software to track the employee work and attendance. So, here we have a few software tools to manage the attendance of the employees.

Best time attendance management software| EmpMonitor:

attendance management with EMPMONITOR

Are you worried about the attendance management in your organization? No worries! Here we have the best attendance management software to decrease your stress and manage employee attendance. 

There is many attendance tracking software available in the market out there. But when we talk about attendance management software, the only software tool that can act as the best is EmpMonitor. 

It gets used by most companies with the best customer experience. It is the best employee monitoring software tool that monitors all the activities of the employees from the time of login till the time of logout. In this way, it manages the attendance of the employees.

Features of EmpMonitor:

1. Productivity Reports:

productivity reports

Want to know what your employees are doing during their working hours? EmpMonitor provides Detailed reports on the working of the employees during their productive hours.

2. Real-time Screenshots:

When you suspect any of your employees, capture the screenshots of their screen every 15 seconds. EmpMonitor automatically captures screenshots at regular intervals set by the owner. 

3.  Productivity Analysis & Measurement:


 Want to know how productive your employees are? It is easy with EmpMonitor. It measures the productivity of the employees, individuals with a detailed report. 

4. Web & App Usage Reports:

Employees cannot misuse the internet access and download apps that can cause damage to the existing files on the systems. EmpMonitor tracks the browsing history and applications used by the employees during their paid hours.

5.  Detailed Timesheet:


 What was the time taken by the employees to complete a single task? With EmpMonitor, you can track the time spent by the employees on a particular project. Isn’t this interesting? There are more features.

6. Currently active users:

Want to know which of your employees are working currently? EmpMonitor gives you reports about the employees who are working currently.

7.  Dashboard:


An intuitive dashboard of EmpMonitor will help you monitor and manage your employees from a centralized location.

8.  Department wise report:

To avoid confusion, EmpMonitor provides you detailed reports of your employees and their work according to their department.

9.  Report on downloads:

Employees use the internet and download things during their work. You can get a detailed report on those downloads so that you can avoid malicious downloads intentionally or unintentionally done by your employees.

10. Attendance Management:


EmpMonitor tracks the log hours from anywhere with its flexible user-based settings. Along with the working hours, it monitors the attendance of the employee’s department wise. It also gives you real-time reports for up to 30 days.

11. Employee details:

You can also get employee details and their working locations through EmpMonitor.

12. Employee work details with the screenshot:


How your employees are working and on which tasks your employees are currently working, these all information you can get from EmpMonitor.

 What are you up to? Want to continue with the old monitoring tools or adopt EmpMonitor with updated features that will make your remote work even better with its best attendance management software features.

As an employer, always decide to choose the best for your organization. It will reflect in your business success. Think about your employees and select the right one.

Want to know how EmpMonitor works?

I know, after reading out the above features, you must be curious to know how to download and use them. Follow these steps.

1. Sign up:


Enter Your Email Address To Create An Account.

2. Add employees:

Add as many employees or users as you can.

3. Add details:

Fill In The Details Of Your Employees As Per Location And Department Wise.

4. Relax and track:

In A Couple Of Seconds, You Will Be Able To Track And Monitor Employee Activities Live!

It’s simple, isn’t it? Try once and improve your business productivity with its functionalities!

However, all we need from the employees is productivity and sincerity towards their work during their employee hours. So, here we have few tips to keep your employees engaged and happy to increase their productivity.

05 best tips to improve employee attendance to get increased productivity:

With a perfect attendance management system, it is also necessary to encourage employees to be more productive during their working hours. So, here we have few tips to get on your remote work and increase their productivity.

1. Provide advanced learning opportunities:

learning opportunities

The #1 strategy to increase employee productivity is to make them aware of the technologies you are working with. They should have all the credentials to give their best performance. When you train employees to work as per your company culture, there will be no confusion, and the employees will work smoothly with increased productivity.

2. Company culture is necessary:

A company’s culture includes a working environment, company ethics, vision, and goals. If there is a strong bonding between the team members and reward for the great teamwork, there will be no less productivity. And you can achieve this during the hiring process, where you will train the new employees to work well with more energy and increased productivity.

3. Train them with the right tools:

train them with right tools

When there is a lack of tools in the workplace, employees feel frustrated with decreased productivity. With the right tools and technology, employees can perform effectively in their roles. So, providing the right tools is a good step for increasing employee productivity.

4. Communication is the key:

When you do not have good communication between the managers and the employees, you will invite productivity issues in remote work. When employees work remotely, they should be accessible to employers to discuss the responsibilities and expectations. 

When the employees feel that they are directly connected to the goals and are a part of the company mission, they work with great interest and increased productivity. This effective communication system makes employees feel valued and satisfied in their job.

5. Set clear goals of the company:

set clear goals of the company

When you have clear goals to achieve, it becomes easier to work with a coordinated team. Company goals make employees confident and self-motivated towards their job role. Having defined goals can compel employees to work in an established system.

 If your business has meaningful goals, employees work with higher productivity and performance. As an employer, check whether the employees are working on an established track or not, and get the reports of work progress in it. You can also reward them for their successful work.

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Wrapping words:

We are in a decade where technology is rapidly growing all over the world. In this pandemic, the only way we have survived is the latest technologies to earn our living without stepping outside. Yes, it’s time for businesses to adopt the latest technologies to make new changes and improve business efficiency.

Attendance management software should be available in all organizations that maximize the cash flow and manage payroll payments and taxes. This software is like a need for the company that is running its business through remote employees. Know your business requirements and pick up the best attendance management software for your organization.

I hope you like this article. If there are any queries or you want to add something to this blog, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!

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