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EmpMonitor is a lifesaver! Data breaches have been a major concern in my bank due to lots of external exposure. But now I can grant or revoke data access from anyone under such a budget price. Gonna have them again!
Charls Marek, Branch Manager
I have been working in healthcare services for the last five years, and the inspection
process has never been this easier. We were able to safeguard confidential information,
block unauthorized data access and ease the hospital operations. All thanks to
Sheila Boggs, Health Administrator
I always come back to EmpMonitor. Overall it’s a great tool! I tried its timesheets and
became a fan of it in an instant! Soon after I installed it, my employee’s productivity
touched a 40% hike in just one month.
Kate Wilson, Co Founder
Time tracking, attendance management, and comprehensive reporting all at one place, and
it cannot get any simpler! EmpMonitor is hands down, the best time tracking and remote
work management tool on the market. Kudos to the team!
Jessi Robert, Strategist/Founder

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