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EMP monitor computer tracking software

EMP monitor computer tracking software
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Employee Monitoring Software
Enhanced team performance with a boost in team productivity is a key factor for a well-performing team. With Employee Monitoring Software- track your distributed workforce and pave your way to greater team success.
Time - Tracking
Get detailed insights into your employee’s working styles during their assigned shift. Effortlessly identify patterns of time and observe your top performances with automated reports. Get access to time tracking software and improve your employees’ productivity through intuitive real-time timesheets reflecting activity stats.

User Activity Monitoring
Maintaining a productive team can be a big hassle as lots of small details need to be taken care of. With the Empmonitor user activity monitoring software and context-rich reporting, one can get a detailed analysis of the teams’ activity on a daily or hourly basis.
Workforce Productivity & Engagement
Explore a comprehensive set of tools that give 360-degree assistance on all jobs a workforce requires to function. Empower your people with the next-gen’s enterprise intelligence HR operations, project management & time-tracking reports to increase productivity & get utmost employee engagement with administrative convenience.
Attendance Monitoring
Start your working day with our employee-friendly attendance tracking software for tracking manual attendance and leaves. Plus, strengthen your team’s efficiency with standard operative attendance & leave management from behind the dashboard. Additionally, manage HR systems for distributing online payslips as per the records in the attendance sheets.
Insider Threat Prevention
Track employee usage of company assets including attempted activity on compromised or restricted platforms. Identify threatening activity from employees with negligent or malicious intent that your KYE procedures might have missed.
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Employee Productivity
Time Tracking
Effectively track every minute of the employee’s working hours, to weed out all the unnecessary time gaps and increase productivity.
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Get automated screenshots at customized intervals to get workflow details under a single dashboard for better evaluation.
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Chat Monitoring
Increase the focus of your team by keeping track of the total time spent on chat and social apps during working hours.
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Insightful Reports
Visualize employee engagement and perform a flawless team analysis with the graphic-rich analytical reports & automated timesheets.
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App & Website Usage
Find out which websites and apps the employee uses and how much time they spend on work- and non-work-related activities.
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Stealth Mode
Monitor with minimum software exposure. It neither appears in the programs list nor is recognized by the Task Manager.
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All Devices
EmpMonitor puts all of your data at your fingertips regardless of which device you’re using — PC, Laptop, Mac, Windows, etc.
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Alerts & notifications
Set boundaries and get regular alerts to keep you updated about employee idleness, inefficient work practices and downtime.
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Attendance Logs
Keep track of employee login and logout timings with this attendance tracking software to help you keep track of your team’s productive hours.
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Cloud Storage
A well-designed security framework ensures the protection of data with a cloud storage facility and no storage issues.
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Browser History
Get a better understanding of an employee engagement & browsing habits to analyze records even if it is deleted from their device.
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Project Management
Plan, organize, and manage the entire project with the best task management software and supervise multiple projects in one go.
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Data Security
Constantly keep an eye on every action of employees, ensuring the company’s data security and avoiding data theft.
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Web/ App Blocking
Manage employee website usage and distractions by limiting access to certain websites and increase employee productivity by 2X times.
Geo Location Tracker
Dive deep into user insights, including IP addresses, OS types, device types, city, region, country, and even visualize it all on a dynamic map.
Data Loss Prevention
Seamlessly block unauthorized websites, restrict access to specific applications, and prevent USB detection with DLP software and maintain the integrity of data.

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