To Track or Not ?

Should employers track their employees with monitoring tools? Is employee monitoring right for your business? If, yes? How to choose software to help your business grow?

How does employee monitoring help in productivity,
management & security?

Security benefits

  • Decreases Data Breaching Issues
  • Control File Access Rights
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • Block Access To Removable Storage
  • Check Employee Inactivities
  • Keystroke monitoring

Productivity Ratio

  • Productivity Evaluation
  • Advanced Analytical
  • Intuitive Reporting Capabilities
  • Productive & Non-productive Hours
  • Idle Working Hours
  • Review Used Apps And Websites

Task Management

  • Track daily tasks
  • On-going timesheets
  • Projects
  • Time management
  • Get updates to manage workloads
  • Quick and Easy KPI measurement

Want to jump straight on to measuring productivity in your workplace?

EmpMonitor – Your very own productivity analysis tool – Is at your service!



  • Track real-time task status
  • Assign tasks easily
  • Check details against projects
  • Informed decision making with real-time tools and data


  • Track real-time attendance at site
  • Get actual employees working time at each of your sites
  • Don’t have to depend on the old process to be productive

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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