EmpMonitor works for both.

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EmpMonitor is a robust, yet easy to use employee management software with an advanced timesheet and other productivity tracking features that can give a completely new angle to your business productivity metrics.

It’s easy & it’s worth it

Say goodbye to dull & boring manual sheets

Get access to the most detailed, accurate, and automatic timesheets
based on the computer activities of your employees
And stay updated on how your team spends time
All In One Toolkit

Employee management on the go

Gives you more than just attendance

Productivity Measurement

Top Apps Used

Report Generation



Cloud Storage

Browsing History Tracking

User Logs

IP Whitelisting

We are constantly creating ways to make your job easier


Not only we provide a free trial for 15 days, but our services are also very affordable if you want to continue.

Plans for larger companies available

per active user per month, plus 15 Days free trial For 51 to 200 users

Honest Recommendation

We have helped top organizations improve their operations and maximize productivity

Time is priceless, take better care of it

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