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Opportunities and obstacles of monitoring a remote team

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever revolutionized team and business dynamics.
A Mckinsey survey has found that managers expect around 36% increase in work time outside the office. This means that businesses will be experiencing a paradigm shift in how they manage the workforce.
While remote working brings many advantages, it also provides some tough challenges.


Saves traveling budget and time

Working from home saves expenses on commuting, as well as the frustration of facing traffic on the way to the office and back.

Higher productivity rate

Working from home offers convenience and flexibility. Being in their own environment helps employees to deal better with workload and pressure, making them more productive.

Better work-life balance

Working from home gives employees the opportunity to establish their own work-life balance and enjoy both sides of the equation in a more fulfilling way.

Healthier Lifestyle

When the stress of reaching the office in time gets replaced by log-in and log-out timings, employees are happier and more productive. Additionally, a healthier mind leads to a healthier body, which means less sick time.

Fix Schedules

Remote workers tend to find more stability and flexibility than anyone else. This makes it easier for them to juggle back-to-back meetings and getting tasks done.


Communication gaps

The isolation created by the work-from-home model can make employees more productive, but can also be confusing due to decreased interaction with colleagues.

Discipline issues

Not everyone is trustworthy and responsible. Some people will take advantage of the remoteness offered by the work-from-home model, resulting in a marked drop in productivity.

Technology dependency

In the work-from-home model, people tend to rely on technology and use it to avoid certain tasks. If left uncontrolled, this trend can quickly spiral out of control.

Lack of social interactions

Some people thrive in social environments. Working from home and being away from their colleagues will negatively affect their morale, and eventually their productivity.

Team collaboration issues

Sometimes, the absence of social interactions and insufficient communications leads to misunderstandings and confusion within the team. This friction can kill team-wide productivity.

Strategies for winning at remote team management

Track Productivity - Identify workflow issues and resolve them quickly

Monitor your team’s productivity closely. Take note of which workflows are failing so that you can tweak them and make them more efficient. Also pay attention to super-productive team members. Learn more about what they’re doing, and then share their knowledge with the rest of the team.

EmpMonitor can help you overcome these challenges

When first hearing about “employee monitoring software”, most employers feel uncomfortable. Some are concerned that it’s an invasion of privacy. Others feel like they’re breaking the bond of trust that they have with their employees.

So let’s put things into perspective.

Monitoring employees
  • is NOT the same as spying on them
  • does NOT mean you don’t trust them
  • is important for keeping your team working at optimum performance

Additionally, as an employer, you have the right AND the obligation to know how every one of your employees is utilizing company resources. This includes their working/idle time, as well as their use of company communication channels and devices.

In a company with ten thousand employees, it only takes one bad apple to destroy all the hard work you and your team have been doing for years.

  • One lazy employee could easily destroy the morale of an entire department if left unchecked.
  • One malicious employee could easily leak sensitive data, costing the company millions, and resulting in the job loss of many of your faithful employees.
  • One careless employee could easily jeopardize your security systems, endangering the reputation and integrity of your company, and costing many employees their job.

We all find remote working undemanding and comfortable

Monitoring helps employees to accelerate the rate of productivity within their comfort zone. Plus, they can pull their own records and know what areas they need to have more effort.

Additionally, remote workers find themselves an advantage of working from any location they feel comfortable. It derives a concept of destination office, which means; employees can work from tourist spots during working hours. After that, they are free to enjoy their outings.

Monitoring technology is an incredible yet crucial tool that can either overwhelm the employees or motivate them to have better productivity. So, it’s vital to opt for advanced tools that help employees do their best.


EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee monitor software that is available with advanced features at a flexible price. We deliver upgraded surveillance and real-time reports on the employee productivity matrix for a customized period.

Save time and excel on your employee productivity with these ultra-modern features available just for you


High-end surveillance

Get utmost visibility to the user screen through real-time screenshots and detailed reports of time consumption on web pages

Clock in clock out tracking

Get a real-time log-in and log-out employee matrix and track productive hours of the working period

Stealth mode

Monitor the device without appearing anywhere on the user screen

Employee alerts

Get reminded by an alarm system on delays

Graphical observations

Have a thorough insight on employee productivity matrix plus avail for the complete analytic report

Data security

Access your data from the cloud storage even if it gets deleted from the device

Attendance logs

Get the clock-in and clock-out details of employees of the last seven days
productivity tools

Device integrations

We operate on Windows, macOS, and Linux


You have the right AND the obligation to know how every one of your employees is utilizing company resources. This includes their working/idle time, as well as their use of company communication channels and devices.


Monitoring employees

  • is NOT the same as spying on them
  • does NOT mean you don’t trust them
  • is important for keeping your team working at optimum performance

Trusted by more than a thousand companies all over the world


Is EmpMonitor invisible?
Yes, it is completely invisible. It neither appears in the Programs List nor the Control Panel and is not recognizable by Task Manager.
How do I track my employees?
Sign up to EmpMonitor, add employees and users to your dashboard, and start tracking your employees using the various tracking features.
How does EmpMonitor track clock-in and clock-out times?
EmpMonitor automatically records the exact time when an employee logs into their company-issued device and when they shut it down. The app is invisible and cannot be tampered with.
Is it legal to use an employee time tracking software?
EmpMonitor only tracks the usage of company-related systems. It does not collect any data about a user’s personal drive or apps.
Is it ethical to use an employee time tracking software?
Not only is it ethical, it is also your right as a business owner and your obligation towards your business to know exactly how your employees are utilizing company time and devices. Tracking your employees’ performance and attendance is not a sign of distrust. It is an important metric that will help keep the business lean, efficient and profitable, which in turn provides your valued employees with a secure and stable job.
Does EmpMonitor have GDPR Compliance?
Yes. It gets enabled by deploying the services in the same geography using on-premises deployments.
How does EmpMonitor deal with information security?
EmpMonitor captures real-time device screenshots, has email monitoring provision, alert facility for reporting any suspicious activity, and personalized dashboard convenience that enables the administrator to restrict employees’ access to certain databases. There are also plans for document tracking. Documents transferred to emails USB Network folders Cloud drives Printed Documents, etc.
Can EmpMonitor track the route of third-party information breaches?
EmpMonitor can track the source and the timeline of data breaches by using a predefined alert system for suspicious activity. This system is only accessible by the administrator, who can also set up filters for specific notifications.
Can EmpMonitor be used to protect company servers?
Yes, EmpMonitor can be installed on a server, and the administrator can set up which activities should be tracked and blocked.
Is EmpMonitor a viable solution for minimizing threats such as payment card data leakage, health information data breach, and health care billing fraud within the health care and e-commerce sectors?
Yes. EmpMonitor includes advanced keylogging and automated screen capture features, allowing you to track and record any sensitive data transfer.
Can EmpMonitor detect and prevent third-party access?
EmpMonitor provides a wide range of options for monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. For instance, the administrator can set rules to trigger an alert in cases where: someone has accessed a specified URL/application someone accessed a URL/application for longer than a specified time interval
What are the hardware and software requirements?
EmpMonitor is compatible with MAC OS, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers. Additionally, dedicated apps make it possible for you and your administrators to access the dashboard from your favorite devices, including mobile.
What are the pricing plans?
You can explore our pricing plans on the pricing page.