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Opportunities and obstacles of monitoring a remote team

The rapid expansion of workplace management technology has already eliminated most of the obstacles. However, the establishment of monitoring technology is something that requires more attention than employees themselves. For both administration and employees, maintaining connection and communication is a crucial aspect of running a team.

The remote work revolution has made things pretty simple yet complicated. Given the current pandemic situation, teams are virtually available. When people work digitally, they feel more capable of handling workload but don't prove enough with the communication part.

Let us explore some opportunities and obstacles of remote monitoring.



Saves traveling budget and time.

Work from home saves the expense you invest on traveling to your office, plus it liberates you from the hectic traffic you have to face while going to your workplace.

Higher productivity rate.

The work from home model is productive because it is more comfortable and flexible. Being in a  comfort zone helps employees to deal with workload and pressure. It ultimately reflects in their productivity.

Better work-life balance.

The obvious benefit of the work-from-home model is sync gets established between work and life.

Healthier Lifestyle.

When the stress of reaching the office in time gets replaced by log-in and log-out timings, you blossom! The remote work schedules things in a more comfortable way. So that one can actually pay attention to their diet and stuff.

Fix Schedules.

Remote workers tend to find more stability and flexibility than anyone else. With this advantage, managing back-to-back meetings yet getting done with solo work seems like a less difficult task.

Communication gaps.

The work-from-home model is something that guarantees you total isolation. But can also prove to be confusing because of low interactions with your colleagues.

Discipline issues.

The productivity of an employee is directly proportional to discipline. Since work from home comes with the advantage of flexible hours, employees can be quite un-disciplined with their work and may hamper their productivity.

Technology dependence.

In the work-from-home model, people tend to rely on technology rather than physically doing it. Usually, this is not such a big problem but, excessiveness of anything has unpleasant results.

Lack of social interactions.

You can not have everything ever! In work-from-home, you get to have more time but, in work-from-office, you get to socialize with people. The lack of interactions can get resolved with online communication systems, but it does not ensure friendly and informal interactions.

Team collaboration issues.

Sometimes, the absence of social interactions and insufficient communications leads to a lack of understanding and confusion within the team. It could hamper work collaborations and ultimately affect productivity.


Quick-fix for remote
work issues

Remote working might give us freedom and flexibility of work. But despite the most comforting advantages,
several challenges need to be addressed. 

The work-from-home model sounds like a business revolution because of its bountiful convenience,
but to implement that, one needs to address the simultaneous challenges that appear.

Thankfully there are working solutions that help us to overcome such obstacles.

Let us discuss a few of them.

Quick-fix for remote work issues

Tracking Productivity

Hopefully, there are excellent tools available that ensure productivity and also monitor employees. For example, EmpMonitor! With this, you can have detailed reports on the employee productivity matrix just with a click.

Communication Gaps

There is multiple software available on the internet that helps us to have connectivity and good interaction. But clear communication can only be possible by profound strategy within the enterprise.

Time Difference

It is a common problem when employees are from different parts of world. Finalizing suitable time at which employees have to be present may help to overcome this issue.

Language Difference

It can be addressed by implying official language rules so that everyone in the company can have clear internal communication.


Loneliness can hit anyone hard, but to resolve such issues in the firm, the supervisor should take charge and encourage the teammates to stay connected with each other regardless of work. It can reduce some additional social issues along with this.

How can monitoring help employees?

We all find remote working undemanding and comfortable.

Monitoring helps employees to accelerate the rate of productivity within their comfort zone.
Plus, they can pull their own records and know what areas they need to have more effort.

Additionally, remote workers find themselves an advantage of working from any location they feel comfortable.
It derives a concept of destination office, which means; employees can work from tourist spots during working hours.
After that, they are free to enjoy their outings.

Monitoring technology is an incredible yet crucial tool that can either overwhelm the employees or motivate
them to have better productivity. So, it’s vital to opt for advanced tools that help employees do their best.


EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee monitor software that is available with advanced features at a flexible price. We deliver upgraded surveillance and real-time reports on the employee productivity matrix for a customized period.

cloud-based employee monitoring

Save time and excel on your employee productivity with these
ultra-modern features available just for you.

High-end surveillance

Get utmost visibility to the user screen through real-time screenshots and detailed reports of time consumption on web pages


Graphical observations

Have a thorough insight on employee productivity matrix plus avail for the complete analytic report


Clock in clock out tracking

Get a real-time log-in and log-out employee matrix and track productive hours of the working period


Data security

Access your data from the cloud storage even if it gets deleted from the device


Stealth mode

Monitor the device without appearing anywhere on the user screen


Attendance logs

Get the clock-in and clock-out details of employees of the last seven days


Employee alerts

Get reminded by an alarm system on delays


Device integrations

We operate on Windows, macOS, and Linux


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Rita J. Frink
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Common FAQs

Employee monitoring software is a tool that keeps tabs on the employee’s activity on the user screen and produces a detailed report on their project to the administration.

Most countries have a defined set of laws in pursuit of monitoring employees, whereas some countries do not allow employee monitoring.

Given the condition of the pandemic, almost every working sector has implemented a work-from-home model. In this case, it is crucial to keep records of employee productivity to avoid any malpractices.

Yes. Hence,  people should use their official passwords only and avoid any personal work on the device user.

Employee monitoring software gets stopped when logged out, so there are no privacy concerns in general.