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Track your employees with the ultimate sophistication of EmpMonitor.

Improve their productivity metrics just with a click. Enjoy the tailor-made experience of mac monitoring software with real-time surveillance, not to mention detailed reports on user device’s activity patterns. EmpMonitor integrates and syncs with every macOS application and ensures your seamless monitoring experience.

 Introduce refined professionalism and data security to your remote employee management module.

Experience monitoring to its fullest


Exquisite Features For MacOs

Your purpose-built monitoring accent

Unlimited mode of tracking

Track any amount of employees and collect their reports from suitably enabled cloud storage.


Personal mode Agent

Check on your close ones and safeguard their device activity with profound information.


Office mode Agent

Monitor and manage the activity of your employees to productivity and data security.


Keystroke Tracking

Track your employee’s keystrokes and analyze their behavior.


Website tracking

Get detailed reports on web history and the amount of time spent on them.

Application tracking

Know exactly the status of their application usage within working hours.


Monitoring Tailored To Privacy

EmpMonitor only collects the necessary data without disturbing the employee’s privacy.


Screenshot tracking

Track your employee’s screen activity through random screenshots taken in several sets of time intervals.


Dynamic Data Classification

Get a streamlined timesheet dashboard that calculates employee activity percentage.


Ensure the streamlined flow of work with us!


After testing out 8 of the best software in the market in a row, I finally found the one that offered robust monitoring along with every feature that one could ever ask for. And when I say every feature, I mean it. EmpMonitor is hands down the best. Period.
Rita J. Frink
Rita J. Frink
Recently, I purchased and installed the recent version of your software after a recommendation from one of my co-workers, and I am already so impressed with it! Very organized interface, easy operation, and accurate results. I would happily recommend it to everyone.
Bradley Helms
Bradley Helms




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Get the robust mac monitoring software experience.

We Support Other OS Platforms Too!

Our software supports almost all OS platforms. EmpMonitor is accessible with internet-enabled
Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops.


Track and manage all your remote
employees from any systemized location.

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Common FAQs

EmpMonitor Mac agent will work on macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, and macOS 11.

No, EmpMonitor is fully capable of scaling to support the largest teams. You can add as many members as you’d like to. Check out our pricing for more information.

No.EmpMonitor is completely invisible. Neither it appears in the programs list nor in the Control Panel, and it is also not recognizable by the Task Manager. You need to download and install the Agent on the user’s computer device. It will just ask for login Credentials for the 1st time and, then it will start running in stealth mode.