Remote employee monitoring on MacOS devices

Accurate and tamper-free analytics on all in-house and remote employees

Dedicated MacOS app

Boost your team’s output, performance and productivity with a complete MacOS-ready suite of employee monitoring tools.

Simple, no-nonsense, hassle-free setup

EmpMonitor’s suite of tools is designed to run seamlessly on MacOS. Installation consists of just a few clicks.

Once EmpMonitor is on the device, it will run discreetly in the background, tracking all web and app usage without any significant effect on the machine’s performance.

Intuitive interface

Once you’ve installed EmpMonitor on the devices you need to track, all that’s left is to add your employees in the dashboard and let EmpMonitor do its job.

From there onwards, it’s up to you to dictate how detailed or high-level you want EmpMonitoring’s reports to be.

Extensive flexibility in a user-friendly workflow

EmpMonitor works for you, not the other way around. It only gives you the data you’re interested in, and makes it simple to obtain.

You can track and compare individual employees, entire teams or even your entire organization. Go as granular or generic as you need, so you’re always equipped to make the best decisions for your business.

What EmpMonitor does for your business

  • Massive ROI from improved employee productivity

    As the saying goes, “The devil is in the detail”. If you’re looking to boost your team’s productivity, it’s the small details that will get you there. EmpMonitor allows you to really zero-in on the details that matter. You’ll discover subtleties in your workforce that you never realized mattered. With EmpMonitor’s help, you’ll be able to leverage these small elements in your workforce and boost their productivity multiple times.

  • Make smarter decisions

    Detailed reports allow you to make informed decisions on how to manage your team and keep it healthy. You’ll be able to determine who your top performers are, so you can incentivize and motivate them further. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify those employees whose performance is unsatisfactory, and assess whether they should be removed or simply require more training.

  • Discreet and respectful of your team’s privacy

    EmpMonitor only collects data that is relevant to the employee’s work-related activities, during their assigned working hours on company-issued devices.

A complete suite of tools to handle all elements of employee monitoring

EmpMonitor provides you with tools to track and analyse every element of your team’s workflow.

Keystroke monitoring and screen captures

Track all activity happening on your company devices at any time, thanks to automated screenshots and keystroke logging.

Customizable app and website monitoring

Track your employees’ app and website usage. You can even customize which apps and websites to track, based on that employee’s or team’s duties.

Automated instant alerts for restricted activity

Protect your business from negligent or malicious employee activity. Instant notifications will alert you immediately of potentially-risky employee activity, including the use of dangerous software or compromised websites.

Easy, fully-customizable, automated time-tracking

Employee’s clock-in/out times are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud, away from any possible tampering.You can set up a generic “office hours” policy for your entire team, or you can customize shifts and time-tracking for individual teams/employees.

Secure, tamper-free cloud storage so you can access your reports anytime, anywhere

All of the data collected by EmpMonitor is stored securely in the cloud, keeping it safe from tampering, and available to you anytime on your favorite devices

We Support Other OS Platforms Too!

EmpMonitor works on most popular internet-connected platforms, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be thinking about

Yes, it is completely invisible. It neither appears in the Programs List nor the Control Panel and is not recognizable by Task Manager.
Sign up to EmpMonitor, add employees and users to your dashboard, and start tracking your employees using the various tracking features.
EmpMonitor automatically records the exact time when an employee logs into their company-issued device and when they shut it down. The app is invisible and cannot be tampered with.
EmpMonitor only tracks the usage of company-related systems. It does not collect any data about a user’s personal drive or apps.
Not only is it ethical, it is also your right as a business owner and your obligation towards your business to know exactly how your employees are utilizing company time and devices. Tracking your employees’ performance and attendance is not a sign of distrust. It is an important metric that will help keep the business lean, efficient and profitable, which in turn provides your valued employees with a secure and stable job.
Yes. It gets enabled by deploying the services in the same geography using on-premises deployments.
EmpMonitor captures real-time device screenshots, has email monitoring provision, alert facility for reporting any suspicious activity, and personalized dashboard convenience that enables the administrator to restrict employees’ access to certain databases. There are also plans for document tracking. Documents transferred to emails USB Network folders Cloud drives Printed Documents, etc.
Yes, EmpMonitor can be installed on a server, and the administrator can set up which activities should be tracked and blocked.
Yes. EmpMonitor includes advanced keylogging and automated screen capture features, allowing you to track and record any sensitive data transfer.
EmpMonitor provides a wide range of options for monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. For instance, the administrator can set rules to trigger an alert in cases where: someone has accessed a specified URL/application someone accessed a URL/application for longer than a specified time interval

EmpMonitor is compatible with MAC OS, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers. Additionally, dedicated apps make it possible for you and your administrators to access the dashboard from your favorite devices, including mobile.

You can explore our pricing plans on the pricing page.

More questions? Ask us!

Is EmpMonitor right for your business?

You and your business are unique, and so are your needs.

Words Of Appreciation

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Simplified the management of the entire workforce by 80% in terms of manpower, time, and effort. Also, the productivity at my workplace has never been this great. Now my team works more efficiently, and I can work more productively on other priorities.

Davide Paul

Associate Vice President

Great EmpMonitor!

EmpMonitor’s advanced analytics offer profound insights into employee performance, driving operational efficiency improvements that have truly transformed our business, highly recommended!

James George


fast & reliable

EmpMonitor’s flexible features seamlessly align with our unique workforce requirements, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency. We’re impressed with the results!

John Smith


Dedicated apps for all your favorite platforms

EmpMonitor allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere, and from your favorite platforms thanks to dedicated apps for most popular platforms.

Each app is designed to operate natively and seamlessly on its respective platform, so that you can consult your data with ease whenever you need it.

Windows All Version,
Server 2003/08/10/12, bit 32-64

Mac 10.8 and Newer

Linux/Ubuntu 16,18,20

Complete and unconditional respect for employees’ personal data

EmpMonitor protects your rights, but also those of your employees

Privacy is a very sensitive topic.

As an employer, you have the right to know how your employees are utilizing company resources, including work time and equipment. However, this right should not come at the expense of the relationship of trust that you have with your employees.

That’s why EmpMonitor uses an intelligent process to ensure that the privacy of your employees’ personal data is always respected, and only work-related data is monitored.

EmpMonitor is installed onto a separate, administrative user account that is set up specifically for work. The account that your employee uses for personal purposes is never accessed.

Additionally, in the interest of safeguarding the integrity of the device, EmpMonitor monitors emails for phishing and spam attacks, which could lead to dangerous data leaks.