Monitor Employees Working From Home

Grant your employees work from home and manage everything with EmpMonitor

One Tool For All

As the world fights COVID-19 we urge people to stay at home and monitor activities of their employees using EmpMonitor. Whether it’s productivity tracking, screen capturing, or website tracking, it can do it all.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor what your employees are doing in real-time, with live refresh mode.


Easily track the login and logout time of your employees.

User Management

Manage multiple systems with a single user.

Intuitive Dashboard

Simple, user-friendly dashboard to manage everything easily.

Stealth Mode

Go completely undercover using stealth mode.


Every keystroke made by an employee is logged on here, which can be reviewed later.

Cloud Storage

Everything is stored on the cloud so that you never run out of storage.

Available for both Windows & Mac

Ensure Your Team’s Productivity

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