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i’m impressed with EmpMonitor!

“Positive, engaging, and futuristic. That’s how I’d sum up my experience using EmpMonitor. I would suggest them to my peers not only for the system’s functioning but also for their ability to assist employees to get more out of their job with technology that puts them in charge of their workdays.

Davide Paul

Business Manager

Great EmpMonitor!

EmpMonitor’s implementation was a huge success for our organization! It presents us with valuable information about team engagements and assists us in acknowledging our hard-working employees. It also assists us in streamlining actions for our most valuable asset: our employees!

James George

Process Manager

fast & reliable

EmpMonitor is much more than an employee productivity tracking software. It is, in fact, an exceptional and great tool that enabled us in identifying problematic employees dealing with productive concerns in our organization. It empowered our employees in certain ways, for which we are extremely thankful. Highly recommended.

John Smith

HR Executive

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  • Get a crystal clear picture of your workforce with ease

Employee engagement software supports and tracks employee performance, recognizes employee efforts, and encourages positive results. It helps companies identify engaged and disengaged employees, improve employee performance within departments, and deepen the company’s employee feedback culture.

Engaged employees actively participate in their work and enjoy their day-to-day work, while productive employees are able to efficiently deliver task results within a given period of time.

EmpMonitor is an intelligent cloud-based monitoring software with time management features, work management features, and other specialties to optimize your team’s productivity. It comes with a plethora of benefits for measuring employee engagement and productivity that can be adopted in your work environment. From visual reporting to stealth operation, EmpMonitor has it all.

EmpMonitor’s excellent timesheet features allow you to calculate clock in, clock out, total time, idle time, productive time, active time, neutral time, and offline time. It’s 100% automated, so you can spend less time setting it up and more time proactively improving what matters.

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