Has Coronavirus Pushed Your Staff To Work From Home?

EmpMonitor assists you in managing your work from home employees as if they were beside you in the office.

Monitor Activities, Enhance Productivity, Data Security, and More.

What is EmpMonitor?

EmpMonitor is an employee tracking software designed to record activities in all devices of any small or large scale business to let them understand how their staff is working on their systems. Being a cloud-based software, it stores all the relevant information for future references.

Here Is How We Can Help !

Coronavirus has disrupted almost all the sectors recently, and there seems no way to get things back to normal soon. While a majority of the workplaces have temporarily shut their doors, they are still working behind the curtains at their homes. However, one thing gets a bit tricky here- keeping track of employee activities.


To help you through this difficult time, EmpMonitor is offering its world-class monitoring solution with a 15-days trial for free !

There are no credit card requirements. Fill the form and get started with our best services at an absolute zero cost.

Use EmpMonitor for free for the first 15 days. 

You can update and purchase the product license after you are satisfied with the free trial.

Want to know how EmpMonitor can protect your business ?

Ask yourself these simple questions to know :

  • Which of my employees are the most productive? 
  • Are my customers’ files safe? 
  • Can I accurately record my employees’ attendance? 
  • Which websites do my co-workers visit the most? 
  • Who is blocking my company network? 
  • Are there any unapproved applications on my employees’ systems? 
  • Is my colleague productive throughout the day? 
  • Which of my computers likely has a spambot or malware? 
  • Who is plugging in a USB on their device? 
  • Is anyone using webmail to send or receive a file? 
  • Are my employees chatting with someone on Facebook or Skype?

If you’re dead serious with your business, I’m pretty darn sure you can relate with the majority of questions that I have mentioned above.

What benefits should I expect?

EmpMonitor offers you six special benefits:


EmpMonitor lets you keep a real-time check on your employee activities to ensure the protection of confidential data and sensitive information among the co-workers.


EmpMonitor offers you graphical reports of your employees’ work schedule so that you can track the working and non-working hours out of the total time spent by employees on their systems.


You get regular screenshots and a list of the most visited websites and apps. Meaning, you get to know what your employees actually do on their systems and implement better strategies to avoid goldbricking at the workplace.


EmpMonitor’s stealth mode makes sure you stay hidden while keeping an eye on the user activities and the monitoring icon doesn’t appear on the taskbar. Meaning, you can sneakily look into your employees’ systems.


You can whitelist user IPs to allow some of your employees to access certain websites, and can also allow some of your team leaders to monitor their teams with EmpMonitor.


EmpMonitor protects organizations against insider threats and avoids data breaching even when the employees work remotely. The employers will be aware of everything that their employees type on their systems.

Being one of the most reviewed and best-rated tools, EmpMonitor comes with powerful features, a robust interface, easy-to-use dashboard, accessible mobile & desktop support, and much more. We are here to care for your company’s security and growth at the most affordable prices in the market.

Our Best Features

Ask yourself these simple questions to know :

Monitoring Applications

Get a detailed insight of all the apps installed on your systems.

Understand when your employees use their instant messaging apps, emails, internet browsers, along with the websites that they visit.

Detect Insider Threats

Prevent data breach and information leak from the workplace.

Find out who edits or shares the official files. Avoid data tempering, and detect any suspicious activity in the workplace.

Reports & Alerts

Get user activity analysis in the form of graphs and reports.

EmpMonitor prepares reports & analytics for its users to let them assess and formulate better strategies for assigned tasks.

Cease Network Threats

Discover and stop any potential network threats and malware.

Get a list of all the frequently visited websites and user history. Track the sources of malware and other sensitive data.

Enhanced Security

Track user logs and keystrokes for advanced data security.

Know the exact login and log out times of your employees along with every word that they type on their keyboards in real-time.

Productivity Measurement

Measure the productive and non-productive working hours.

Get a genuine, job-based measurement of the actual number of hours your employees spend on the official and non-official tasks.

System Compatibility

We cover most of the systems in your business units.

EmpMonitor works on PCs, laptops, tablets, Macs, and you can easily track these devices from any location you want.

Instant Set-Up

Get, set, ready-to-go in a few minutes!


We do not come with any hustle-bustle. You can easily install and operate EmpMonitor on any system without a technician.

Flexible Package

We are here to offer you everything
you desire.

EmpMonitor offers you various packages to choose from, suitable for everyone- from a small firm to an established corporation.

How are we different?

EmpMonitor is the only cloud-based software that combines system monitoring, keystroke logging, network analytics, and bulk storage all at the same place. We offer productivity and data security at the prices that no other product can.

Unlike our competitors, EmpMonitor is:


You can track any system you want without being visible on the user history or taskbar.


You can choose the most suitable plan for your office.


The monitoring results that you get are accurate, from screenshots to reports and user logs.


EmpMonitor lets you assess and improve work pace with regular reports.


Our plans are the cheapest in the market. EmpMonitor is never heavy on your pocket.

Cloud - Based

You can store the tracked and recorded information to utilize it later.

Try EmpMonitor for free. No credit card required.

Monitor and Protect Your Distant Workforce TODAY !


Take a look at all the features that make our software the best for all the businesses out there!

Frequent updates.

Remote management.

Accessible from any device.

Check for suspicious file transfers.

Track and record all the official files.

No hardware required. Cloud-based.

Detect malware and network threats.

Keep attendance records with user logs.

Compatible in PCs, laptops, Mac, tablets.

Look for all the installed applications and tools on the systems.

Monitor the visited websites and keep the browser history saved.

Monitor the keystrokes of employees working on official systems.

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“Faced not a single hitch using EmpMonitor. Very easy to use, concise, and accurate reports.”

Andrea – Managing director