GDPR Compliance

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a new data and privacy law in regards to the organizations around the world. It came into effect on May 25, 2018, stating that all organizations should handle the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and data of European Union Citizens securely. The organizations that violate these rules will be levied harsh penalties.

GDPR requires organizations to implement best practices for data collection, data management, to detect data breaches, and to regularly evaluate the efficacy of security measures. GDPR makes it mandatory for all size companies to take the best care of privacy and data security.

EmpMonitor for GDPR features

Monitoring Tailored to Privacy

Real-time monitoring protects confidential data from insider threats while maintaining personal data protection through selective recording functionality.

Dynamic Data Classification

Discover and categorize Personally Identifiable Data to implement data privacy rules.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

On detection of any exceptions or violation of rules, the monitoring platform enforces policies and takes immediate action by notifying the concerned person.

Gather Investigation Evidence

Real-time screen monitoring during the violation of policy and other unethical incidents gets you the data you can use as evidence while complying with the GDPR.

Data Risk Management

Discover high-risk employees, system components, and policies that may jeopardize the GDPR and other enforcement initiatives.

Authentication and Authorization

Identity-based access control and authentication to impede unauthorized access to personal data (PII).

Reports for Audit

Live screen recording, user logs, and keystrokes keep the track of the information related to any access, entitlement, and correction in the confidential data.

Data Breach- Biggest challenge in privacy and security

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Less than half of the companies across the world have a robust security plan to protect their organization data. Source - nCipher.
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Companies estimated that their data has been compromised due to security breach. Source - Dell.
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The Average data breach cost worldwide as per the survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and IBM.
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Company executives believe that the challenges regarding cybersecurity are increasing. Source - Accenture.
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Approximately is estimated to be invested in cybersecurity worldwide by 2021.

Because we care, we're security aware.

Empmonitor provides data exfiltration monitoring capabilities to identify, track, and investigate data breach incidents.


Empmonitor provides the safest way to store sensitive data and other employee or organizational related details through the cloud.


EmpMonitor’s powerful policy-based features allow a wide range of monitoring that allows faster identification of internal attacks and cases of a data breach before it happens.


Alerts and real-time notification saves from data breaches, malicious insider threats, and other unwanted activities. In case of occurrence of any such events, easily find the exact cause and source of the incident with the readily available data.


Keep up with the GDPR requirements with detailed reports, screenshots, and alerts. Reports are exportable and can be shared with the auditors and compliance team members.

EmpMonitor in accordance with GDPR Compliance

Principles relating to processing of personal data
(GDPR Article 5)

Empmonitor abides by GDPR and ensures that the personal data should be processed lawfully and for legitimate purposes. Through IP whitelisting feature, the dashboard access can be restricted as well as given to the authorized person after complete identification so that the personal data cannot be accessed automatically by anyone. This leads to data safety.

Processing of special categories of personal data
(GDPR Article 9)

Article 9 specifies the basic requirement for processing the different types of data such as biometric data, generic data, and data concerning the health of an individual. 

EmpMonitor does not have any built-in features for collecting employees’ health-related data. As conditions and limitations may be introduced further regarding the processing of these data so features can be customized as per needs.

Right to Erasure
(GDPR Article 17)

GDPR privacy policy outlines the “Right to Erasure, or right to be forgotten”. It means if the person wants the data to be deleted under any circumstances, then the controller has to erase without any delay.

EmpMonitor meets this requirement and provides a way to erase all the data. An admin has the access to delete all the collected screenshots, logs, and other data of an individual without impacting the data of others.

Record of Processing Activities
(GDPR Article 30)

GDPR mandates organizations to maintain an up-to-date database of when and how personal information is used. It could be in the form of files, email, unstructured data, or anything else. 

Empmonitor helps the controller to record the data of employee activities, what they are accessing at what time, and also helps to manage the flow of data in the organization.

Security of Processing
(GDPR Article 32)

Article 32 states that the controller and processor should implement some protective measures to handle the data in a secure manner and to make sure that the security level is adequate to the risk.

EmpMonitor is very well suited to these requirements. It blocks irrelevant websites, unwanted app installation, restricts the use of sharing sites, and prevents unauthorized access to the data.

Monitoring of Approved Codes of Conduct
(GDPR Article 41)

GDPR Article Recommends the use of approved codes of conduct. It means enterprises and trade associations can create codes of conduct to comply with the data protection law efficiently and cost-effectively.

EmpMonitor enables the controller to monitor all the activities of employees, any third party vendor, including the websites and applications used over the local network, or any other environments.

Simple Deployment Options


EmpMonitor will handle all backups, redundancy, automatic updates, and other server tasks. Screenshots will also be stored in EmpMonitor cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud

With our Hybrid cloud based deployment option your activity meta data will be stored in our servers and we will handle all backups and other servers tasks. While you can get control over the screenshots taken from your employee’s computer by storing them in your private cloud storages like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft One Drive.

Private Cloud

To get more control over your security and compliance, you can use your private cloud like AWS or GCP to store screenshots and other activity meta data.

GDPR Compliance