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A secure and completely hands-off system that automatically registers the clock-in and clock-out time of your entire workforce — both remote and on-site

Rapid and easy setup | Cannot be tampered with | Error-free | Detailed reporting | Works for remote-teams too

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The challenges of employee time tracking

Since the invention of the infamous punch clock, tracking employee working time has been a nightmare for companies and administrative staff in every industry.

Even the most precise and expensive clock-in/out devices have severe limitations.

  • The data they give you is uni-dimensional and lacks context.
  • Interpreting the clocking data is a messy and time-consuming process that is subject to human error and tampering, and will often produce misleading conclusions.
  • Clocking devices are subject to technical faults and are useless in today’s remote-working environment.

Are you tired of wasting money and valuable human resources, only to get a bunch of data that you cannot use effectively?

Read on.

How EmpMonitor’s Clocking app overcomes all of these challenges and lots more


EmpMonitor’s Clocking app

automatically tracks the working hours of your remote and on-site teams , and generates detailed reports on every individual employee’s late punch-ins ,early punch-outs reduced/exceeded working hours and more.

Step 1 : Install the app

Set up EmpMonitor on the employee’s company-issued device. The app automatically registers the employee’s clock-in and clock-out time without any need for intervention on their (or your) end.


Step 2 : Set up working times for the employee (or even a whole team or entire workforce)

In your EmpMonitor dashboard, set up the employee’s stipulated working hours. You can do this individually or even in bulk for entire teams.


Step 3 : Go back to doing more important tasks

Once you’ve completed the minimal setup in the two steps above, you can turn your back and let EmpMonitor do its thing. You can check reports as often as you wish, and also have them generated periodically.

View your team’s working hours within the bigger picture of your HR operations

EmpMonitor is an extensive suite of productivity-tracking tools, including the Clocking tool, Website and Software Usage tracking tool, Productivity Monitoring tool and much more.

Working hours on their own are just a number that makes little sense in isolation. Interpreting the data manually is so time-consuming and imprecise that it’s not even financially viable.

EmpMonitor finally allows you to make sense of this data within the greater context of your team’s productivity metrics.

Your HR Team will be able to accurately:

  • See whether an employee (or even a whole team) is falling short or exceeding stipulated working hours.
  • Assess the entire day’s productivity levels of every employee/team.
  • Identify times of drops in productivity during the work shift.
  • Monitor web and application usage on company-issued devices.
  • Pick out which employees deserve to move up the company ladder, and which ones should be let go.

All of the data is presented in fully-customizable, easy-to-interpret, visual reports.

“But do I have to interpret the reports???”

NO! That’s why more than 80k users are happily using EmpMonitor’s employee time tracking app.

Smart reporting with visual cues shows you when employees:

  1. Punch-in late or punch-out early
  2. Don’t fulfill their stipulated working hours
  3. Exceed their working hours

Fully-customizable, visual and easy-to-interpret reports:

  1. Only show you the data you decide to see
  2. Are as high-level or as detailed as you need them to be
  3. Are presented in a highly-visual manner so you can extract information at a glance

The automated system:

  1. Makes the data tamper-free
  2. Eliminates human error
  3. Saves hundreds of hours of administrative intervention

Employee Time Tracking WITHOUT EmpMonitor’s Clocking app


A tedious, imprecise and impractical process that consumes countless administrative hours every month.

Clocking data is vulnerable to tampering and subject to human error.

Clock-in/out data is isolated and requires significant effort to extract meaningful information beyond simple working hours.

Employee Time Tracking WITH EmpMonitor’s Clocking app


A one-time setup that will work accurately and reliably with minimal human intervention.

Automated clocking registration makes it precise and tamper-proof.

The Clocking app is part of EmpMonitor’s main dashboard, so clock-in/out data is part of the bigger picture of your workforce.

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Still hesitant? We understand!

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be thinking about.

1. How do I track my employees?
Sign up to EmpMonitor, add employees and users to your dashboard, and start tracking your employees using the various tracking features.
2. How do EmpMonitor track clock-in and clock-out time?
EmpMonitor automatically records the exact time when an employee logs into their company-issued device and when they shut it down. The app is invisible and cannot be tampered with.
3. Is it legal to use employee time tracking software?
EmpMonitor only tracks the usage of company-related systems. It does not collect any data about a user’s personal drive or apps.
4. Is it ethical to use an employee time tracking software?
Not only is it ethical, it is also your right as a business owner and your obligation towards your business to know exactly how your employees are utilizing company time and devices. Tracking your employees’ performance and attendance is not a sign of distrust. It is an important metric that will help keep the business lean, efficient and profitable, which in turn provides your valued employees with a secure and stable job.
5. What are the hardware and software requirements?
EmpMonitor is compatible with MAC OS, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers. Additionally, dedicated apps make it possible for you and your administrators to access the dashboard from your favorite devices, including mobile.
6. What are the pricing plans?
You can explore our pricing plans on the pricing page.

More questions? Ask us!

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