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Industry Data Breach Statistics

Data breach issues have existed long before the discovery of technical methods to deal with them. Over a long period, the data breach has changed its shape and form.  Nowadays, companies have to consider every possibility of a data breach from the outside source and inside. It means every third-party vendor and staff member is a potential risk to company data.

According to one report, 2020 has seen 1,001 confirmed data breaches only in the US. Additionally, even 2021 has its share of data breach cases. There have been approximately 9,780,931 publicly reported data breaches, with nearly 57 biggest data breach incidents reported until June 2021.

In 2020, almost 54% of organizations went to remote work in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Estimates show there was approximately a 30% increase in data breach cases alone in May 2020, and about 5% shows insider involvement.

This data indicates the extensive need to monitor the company data in every profound way possible. Even with no unkind purpose, any unintentional mistake from the staff member could cause a latent threat to the company’s data. Such possibilities need to get neutralized by implementing a strong insider threat security system. That not only monitors the sensitive data but also tracks unusual activities of a staff member.

A data breach can take a toll on a company’s financial status and affect organizational operations for the short term. Moreover, any bigger data breach can potentially get used against the company or pose a threat to its reputation. However, installing security systems like EmpMonitor can help organizations improve their security posture and take some edge off their financial and security damages.


EmpMonitor’s Take On Threat Detection

EmpMonitor is a powerful software that monitors the device, plus it restricts the user from taking certain actions from the gadget. Additionally, organizations have a two-way advantage on using EmpMonitor. The administration can track the productivity of employees plus a to z activities they have performed so far on the device screen. 

Detecting a threat and analyzing its weightage is the first and foremost step towards navigating the solution. EmpMonitor alerts the admin on picking up suspicious activity insights from the user device.

Some industries such as banking and e-commerce have a high risk of data breaches and theft. EmpMonitor ensures the reduction of data breach cases from internal sources through installing this software on every device accessing organizational data. Even for third-party members, installed EmpMonitor will automatically block certain actions that cause anything close to the harm of company data security policy, fair and square!

The administration has the authority to pinpoint certain staff members or outsiders and get personalized suspicion alert notifications on EmpMonitor regarding their activity as stated on the inbuilt criteria of alert they choose. 

Visit the site to know how to set alert notifications on EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor is a tool that ensures IT safety within the perimeters of the organization. In addition, EmpMonitor supports GDPR  compliance that further ensures the implementation of best practices of data monitoring and detecting the data breach instances over time.

Detect-Review-Block Insider Threats.


The company has seen considerable benefits in their employee’s productivity by integrating EmpMonitor with other tools in their workplace.


EmpMonitor puts an end to data security concerns and helps them to reduce the suspicious activities at their premises.


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Detect-Review-Block Insider Threats.

EmpMonitor Threat Management Features

Empmonitor offers absolute threat detection and management protocol that defends your data against insider threats and protects your digital assets. By using EmpMonitor, organizations have the upper hand in detecting and handling potential security breaches through the assistance of these threat management features

Extensive Device Monitoring

Monitor your employees with the assistance of webcam shots, device screenshots, screen recordings, and complete web and application history. It enables the admin to have full visibility inside the employee’s user screen. Plus, EmpMonitor has an IP Whitelisting feature that automatically blocks certain data access for the user.


Intelligent Alert Mechanism

Identify potential suspicious activity on the user screen and get real-time notifications regarding it. Create a monitoring rule name, nominate an employee and select the inbuilt trigger condition upon which EmpMonitor will react.

Productivity Analysis

Get a detailed report on their total activity and workflow within working hours.

The algorithm of EmpMonitor entertains you with crucial insights into employee productivity matrics. This system is supported by clock-in/out timings, employee status identification, keystrokes, device screenshots, and available hours.


Real-Time Activity History

Get detailed insight on your employee’s activity metrics and get a glance at the user’s intent. EmpMonitor records the time spent on web pages and applications, even the data of incognito mode. The device activity history is available to you on cloud storage even if it gets deleted from the device.

Insider Risk Analysis

Prevent any malicious activity even before it happens. EmpMonitor lets you have complete visibility on an employee’s user screen, and it enables you to know the user’s psychology by just going through their activity. Anything that seems off guard about the user qualifies as an explanation.


Compliance Management

EmpMonitor has a GDPR Compliance that operates on collecting IP addresses, location, cookies, and safeguards data by deploying the services by limiting the exposure to sensitive data.

Ensure Absolute Data Security.

EmpMonitor’s Protection From Data Breaches For Various Industries

IT and Tech Sector

IT and tech sectors most often deal with the external or internal activity that behaves as an important unit of usual organizational function. Such cases could pose a liability to data security. But with the assistance of EmpMonitor, their activity can be controlled by effective monitoring and restricting certain access. Plus, EmpMonitor quickly blocks external attacks on company servers and safeguards the organizational database.


Health Sector

Health sectors are not very much closed units and have bigger exposures to data breach threats. With the help of a predefined set of security protocols in Emponitor, the admin can instantly audit trials with HIPAA security measures and extensively record any data breach activity performed by the user’s device. 

E-Commerce Sector

Merchants and businesses are exposed to the high risk of payment card data leak and financial loss. EmpMonitor installed device exquisitely records every inch of activity of the device. Plus, it has a webcam feature that clicks the picture of the employee while accessing particular data. Moreover, the admin can restrict the access of employees to accessing particular data.


Banking Sector

Banking institutions have data breach threats from both external and internal sources. With EmpMonitor’s solution, internal staff and outsource vendors can be tracked through their activity matrics and real-time monitoring features. Including this, EmpMonitor installed in bank servers blocks the third-party attackers. The threat detection and prevention protocol of EmpMonitor prevents security breaches from both inside and outside sources.

Educational Sector

Educational institutions are most often exposed to the malicious intentions of mischievous students or fellow faculty members. With the continuous monitoring and imposing regulations of GDPR through EmpMonitor, educational institutes can prevent crucial data leaks and identify the source.

Educational Live

Block The Source Of Data Breach.

frequently asked questions

Does EmpMonitor have GDPR Compliance?

Yes. It gets enabled by deploying the services in the same geography using on-premises deployments.

How does EmpMonitor deal with information security?

EmpMonitor captures real-time device screenshots, has email monitoring provision, alert facility for reporting any suspicious activity, and personalized dashboard convenience that enables admin to restrict employee’s exposure to certain databases. On the upcoming EmpMonoitor’s version, there will be upgrades for document tracking too.

  • Documents transferred to emails
  • USB
  • Network folders
  • Cloud drives
  • Printed Documents, etc.

Can EmpMonitor be able to track the route of the third-party information breach?

It can track the source and the timeline of the data breach, which has a predefined alert system for the suspicious activity that only the admin can possess access to. The admin can also set up filtered situations to get the alert notifications that resonate with the admin’s selected activity.

Can EmpMonitor be used to protect company servers?

Yes, EMP needs to get installed on that server, and the admin can set the activities which need to be blocked. Hence, the admin can track the activities that have happened on the servers over time.

Can we use EmpMonitor in the health care and e-commerce sectors to minimize threats like Payment card data leakage, health information data breach, health care billing frauds? If yes, how can we proceed with it?

Yes. EmpMonitor has keylogger and screenshot features. So any sensitive data transfer will get recorded through it.

How can EmpMonitor alert prevent third-party access risk?

There are a predefined set of rules inside the alert feature like:

  1.  if someone accessed a specified URL/application.
  2. If someone accessed a URL/Application for more than a specified time interval.


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