Keystroke Monitoring

EmpMonitor Keystroke Surveillance for Remote Users

Take control in your hands with EmpMonitor Keystroke Monitoring feature

  • Capture any data through keystrokes that an employee uses during working hours.

  • Track all websites and applications visited by an employee with mouse clicks.

  • Check keystrokes usage for communication through email, messages, and chats

  • Monitor keyloggers for crucial documents, records, or projects

EmpMonitor is an excellent tool that helps to manage and monitor employees by their keyboard activities at their workstations.


We Cater To Your Needs

For Business Services
EmpMonitor provides complete protection of confidential data that benefits business management and operations.
For Educational Institutions
With EmpMonitor cloud-based service, remotely monitor faculty and student computer activities and refrain from inside threats and crooks.
For Finance Handlings
EmpMonitor serves best in handling exceptional information misconduct and insider breaches and keeping client data safe.
For Parenting Purposes
With the help of EmpMonitor, parents can keep track of the kid’s online presence, time spent, and URLs engaged.

Vital Keystroke Features of EmpMonitor

Review Productivity
Boosts employee productivity levels by eliminating idle hours and leisure time spent on irrelevant operations.

Data Security
Stay away from sensitive data exploitation by analyzing keyloggers and implementing risk-appropriate security controls

Auto Screen Traps
Systematically saves screen data on the cloud at regular intervals that is fast accessible and records working and non-working hours.

Scan Insider Threats
Content-rich keystroke recorder with AI-powered UBA lowers the risk of a data breach with efficient user activity scanning

Ensure Perfect Keystroke Monitoring with EmpMonitor