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A robust employee monitoring software that determines how your employees are managing their time on various apps and tools without wasting time.

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Make the most of your Employee’s Time

Get to know about your employee activities in real-time. Keep track of their daily tasks so that no task goes
unnoticed with the detailed analysis with timesheets and graphs.

Activity Surveillance

Record every activity done by employees on their screens from a centralized location.

Website and Application Use

Keep a check on the most visited websites and applications used with the number of hours spent on each activity.

Stealth Mode

Monitor user screens in a complete invisible mode without appearing on the list of Programs or Taskbar.


Take automatic screenshots of employee screens at regular intervals and track time spent on productive tasks.


Productivity Centric Properties

Monitor the remote work of your employees from a single dashboard backed by application data and regular screenshots.

Stable Process for Assertive Throughput

With our integrated platform, arrange and modulate any goal-oriented data residing on the cloud or premises.

Calculate, Keep Tab on Outcome To Maximize Efficiency

EmpMonitor helps to unearth productivity defaulters and make a transparent understanding of individual processes resulting in maximum productivity and effectiveness.

Avert Gaps to Shrink Violations

Minimize the risk of important data exploitation by securing with suitable security controls and abnormal threat detection before any threat converts into a breach.

Precise Fact Figured

The platform is authorized to identify key information carefully, reduce risk exposure, early threat detection to refrain from data breach and gain agreement.

Robust Reports To Maximize Execution

A detailed analysis of staff performance with specific timesheets and graphs assists in amplified productivity.

Secret Mode for Timely Tracking

Record the exact employee keystrokes and monitor the user screen by popping up on a list of programs or taskbar.

Assemble Your Functions with Personal Approach

Manage access, organize teams, and get accurate analytics out of EmpMonitor

Employee Sign-In

Employee login made easy with the registered login credentials and access to personal performance window.

Admin Sign-In

Team leads can track and analyze team performance and manage their productivity levels.

Add Users

Irrespective of your business magnitude and number of users, any number of users can be added.

Append Facts

For as many users added, the respective employee details are easy to edit at any point of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EmpMonitor invisible?

Yes, it is completely invisible. It neither appears in Programs List nor Control Panel and is not recognizable by Task Manager.

How to track employees?

It is a productivity monitoring software and can get working hours, keystrokes, screenshots, browser, and application history.

How does time tracking work?

This can be done by installing the application on their machines to track work-time, activity levels, and capture keystrokes and screenshots.

EmpMonitor Benefits Multiple Businesses and Industries

A remarkable sole solution

Educational Institutes

Education departments can manage online assessments, web browsing activities, decrease possible distractions and help achieve higher goals.

Stealth Mode
Visible Mode

Business Services

Assists in safeguarding business from corporate frauds with detailed reports of apps, websites, and user logs of every employee in the form of automated charts and graphs. 

Stealth Mode
Visible Mode


Access complete visibility of your child’s computer activity by generating screenshots. Get a list of the top 10 apps and websites used on real-time browser history with a detailed report.

Stealth Mode


EmpMonitor helps secure and safeguard corporate data on client base and cash logistics. Monitoring ensures the safety of vital information and the usage of workplace computers for business purposes.

Stealth Mode

Client Testaments

Installed and upgraded to the latest version on a friend’s recommendation and found to be most versatile with the systematic interface, easy operation, and accurate results. Would highly recommend it to all business owners. 

James Cooper

Digital Specialist

EmpMonitor is a solid employee monitoring and analytics solution that is laser-focused on worker productivity, with attractive pricing and an easy-to-use user interface. This is a valuable tool to keep an eye on during the COVID-19 pandemic and further.

Patrick Lambert

Business Manager

Unbelievably Effortless to Install on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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