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Grow Online Business To Newer Heights With EmpMonitor

In the IT industry, there are many challenges for a growing company. Since 2016, LBM solutions have started serving in the field of IT services. Under the guidance of “Mr. Rampawan Singla” (Managing Director), and with a team of 10 to 12 employees, they have been providing web-based solutions for their clients. As a developing industry, they have expanded their business reach, serving in the field of Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Google Ads, website, and app development. While they needed a strong management system to uphold productivity and transparency in their organization. And in a scenario, they have opted for EmpMonitor to manage the workforce and productivity in their firm.

Here in this case study, we are going to learn about the challenges they have faced and will know how they have overcome those challenges using EmpMonitor software.

Business Challenges

To have the taste of success in IT business, what a company needs is to have a team of skilled and productive programmers and developers. Without proper work management, even a great team of staffers can’t accomplish deadline tasks on time.


Besides, they also need to provide customer and support services to satisfy the requirements of clients. While working on different projects, there have been some errors that were repeated. And to avoid such mistakes, they needed software, which can track the employees’ work accuracy.


They have also realized that there might be situations in which their team needs to work remotely. In such a case, they wanted an employee management solution, which can remotely track the productivity and work engagement of employees.

empmonitor solution

LifeBoatMarketing Solutions needed an employee management system that could manage and control the work activities of employees. To maintain transparency in the business, they have realized the importance of monitoring the work activities of employees. It could also help them to learn about the mistakes, which makes them lose productivity.

Its intuitive dashboard provides all the information on a single screen. Here employers can watch the daily activities done by an employee or by a team. Digging further in will show application usage and productivity hours of an employee.

Implemented EmpMonitor

After taking the demo trail of EmpMonitor, LBM solutions have thought of taking a step forward by implementing it in their industry. The whole process of upgrading the service was quite effortless and quick. And while monitoring with this tool, they have realized the mistakes and errors in the work of staffers. While they took measures to correct those mistakes and enhance productivity. With EmpMonitor, they can now keep track of the productivity and engagement of each and every employee remotely.

Result Of Using EmpMonitor

Within a few weeks only, they have learned about the issues that were hurting their productivity. Using the EmpMonitor remote monitoring software, now they can easily gauge the accuracy and engagement of employees. And it also brought them a big boost to their work productivity. With better workforce management, it became easier for them to finish deadline tasks without any errors, and to precisely work on the demand of their clients. By providing excellent customer and support, they have been continuously enhancing their business opportunities for further growth in the future.


EmpMonitor is an online monitoring solution that helps you to achieve better workflow, efficiency, and employee engagement in an organization. It gives you real-time visibility of employees’ activities so that you can also affirm and deal with any kind of security threat or productivity issues in your business. With its efficient workforce management feature, it becomes easier for employers to uphold and enhance the productivity of their organization. Overall it’s a complete package for entrepreneurs having online networks as a spine of their business like IT, healthcare, BPO, GIC, etc.

CLIENT testimonial

We truly believe that EmpMonitor did the trick to increase the productivity of our business. Using this tool, now we can check the record of the work activities of employees, which makes it easier for us to learn about the errors that were obstructing our business. With its real-time monitoring feature, we are able to work on the deadline task and finish them before the expected dates. Thanks to that we were able to fulfil the demand of our clients and they also seem to be very satisfied with our services. I must say that EmpMonitor has helped us to achieve newer heights in our business.

Mark K – (Web Designer)

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