Online Business

One of our clients was facing a lack of productivity in his online business. And he couldn’t be able to figure out the cause of the problem that was hurting his business productivity. Eventually, he decided to opt for EmpMonitor to inspect the issues.

And he was able to learn about those business challenges that were troubling him earlier. Here we have shown his experience in this case study.


He has employed remote programmers to work on a website. Earlier the work was going on smoothly. But after some time, he noticed a fall in productivity.

  • He wasn’t able to check whether his employees are engaged in their work activities or not.
  • Due to remotely working employees, he wasn’t able to check the productivity from each and every one of his employees.
  • His employees were manually adding the daily log updates. That’s the reason why he wasn’t quite sure about the work hours and the presence of employees.
  • He was also anxious about keeping the work data secure, which was quite tough to achieve due to remote working.

Empmonitor Solution

EmpMonitor is deployed on the employees’ system, and there it tracks all the activities done by an employee throughout the day.

Result Of Using Empmonitor

Due to EmpMonitor, now he can easily keep the record of the productivity of his remote working employees. With a centralized work management mechanism, the performances of employees are gauged. It motivated employees to work more efficiently and to give their best input for the productivity of the business. Also, by keeping the record of the productive hours, it became easier for him to manage the accountability based on the work time and engagement from each employee on their respective tasks.


What we expect from our team members is discipline. Especially when you are working remotely, it becomes difficult for you to manage the business. Though I was blessed enough to learn about this EmpMonitor software, which helped me to learn about my remotely working employees’ computer activities.

It helped me to learn about those employees who aren’t quite engaged with their work. With EmpMonitor, I got screenshots of my employees’ computers. And found that some of them are using social media or idling around doing chit-chat. While doing further investigation, I checked their browsing history report. After confirming all, I confronted them with real reports and found them guilty.

Rhonda (CEO)
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