How Corporates are Using EmpMonitor To Implement Work From Home This Quarantine

The year 2020 introduced a weird phase in front of the world population. Coronavirus pushed everyone inside their homes and left everyone worried about their collapsing business. However, corporates had the upper hand- they resorted to commencing work from home for their employees.

But how could they keep a regular check on their activities and ensure if they are deliberately utilizing their working hours? Data security also became a principal issue to ponder upon, as all the sensitive information got into the employees’ hands.

Key Benefits of Using EmpMonitor

The EmpMonitor dashboard is reasonably easy to operate. The employers face no issues, in general, and our client support helps them out when in trouble.

Why EmpMonitor?

  • Our regular screenshots and graphs are accurate. We make employee analysis fairly easy.
  • EmpMonitor operates in stealth mode. Meaning, we don’t appear on your employees’ TaskBar or list of applications.
  • We record the exact working and non-working hours of our users along with keystrokes and user logs.
  • We save your precious data in the cloud. You don’t have to fuss over storage issues.

EmpMonitor Is Helpful!

How We Helped

  • EmpMonitor, unlike any of its competitors, delivered as promised. User logs and keystrokes proved to be extremely beneficial in knowing exactly what the employees type in their systems. User logs assisted them in keeping a check on the productive and non-productive hours.
  • We provided them with a list of the most frequently visited websites and apps to let them learn the sources of distraction. Employers could understand the roots of malware and online threats and could formulate better strategies for a better and safer online workforce.
  • Our regular screenshots and graphical reports eradicated goldbricking among all the agencies, as employees got aware of the surveillance. There was a hike in customer satisfaction because of the more attentive staff.
  • We save your precious data in the cloud. You don’t have to fuss over storage issues.
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The Bottom Line: Your Business Matters

Employers successfully installed EmpMonitor on all the systems of their employees and managed to keep an eye on their activities over time. All the staff got under 24X7 surveillance, and there were zero cases of data tempering among the workers. Nevertheless, there was also an evident upturn in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Working from home was no more an issue for the corporates as everything got under control, and there was discipline among the co-workers.

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