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Fabdesigns are leading experts in 3-D designing and knitting since 1988. They make all sorts of products with their precise and high tech equipment.

Their main focus is to produce a definite amount of products for their customer in the given time frame and to do that, employee productivity monitoring is essential. Therefore they chose EmpMonitor to track all of their employees’ activities.


With the help of accurate insights and productivity tracking, they were able to boost their productivity graph up by 10% in just a week. They were also able to implement a better workforce distribution strategy in their office, which ultimately helped them to improve productivity.

The company also observed that employees were now being more responsible as their login time improved, and most of the employees were more punctual. All these factors resolved the challenges they were facing and helped them to improve the company’s output.

Client Says

“EmpMonitor has been exceptional in providing regular insights into our employees’ productivity. In our endeavor to improve the productivity of our employees and improve our organization output, we deployed it on all of our employees’ systems, which proved to be a boon for us.

As it helped us streamline the workforce distribution and reduce the load on one employee. While using EmpMonitor, we saw positive results within a week.”

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