Sometimes even when employees are working 8 hours a day, it’s not enough to fulfill the work requirement. And that causes the extension of the deadlines, which would be more than a burden for other team members. Guess what could be the solution? It’s overtime!

Although your employees may not like the thought of working longer than what they really have to. But there can be a situation when you need to rely on your team to put some extra effort into their work.

Especially during the holiday season, you may have tons of workload pending on your table. And some of your employees might have already taken their leaves.

Being an employer, you may not be a fan of overtime either, as you need to manage the work time accurately and accordingly provide compensation. Having all sorts of questions

In the end, what you get is just extra in exchange for giving extra wages to your employees. Now the questions in front of you are- how to track overtime accurately? Are your employees putting enough effort to complete deadline tasks on time? Are your timesheet and log records correct?

To get answers to all such queries- what you need is EmpMonitor work time reporting software that can accurately calculate the overtime needed to complete all queued tasks on time.

Here we are going to discuss all the things in detail.

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How To Calculate Employees Overtime?

Time Tracking Software

The law regarding overtime pay may change depending on the country. Being an employer, it is not only a right but your duty to accurately track the work time of your employees and compensate for their efforts accordingly. In such a case, you can implement a time tracking solution for your business which gets you the exact information about the working hours of your employees.

Many of the corporate and IT industries have implemented time tracking solutions in their business to measure the work time of their employees. And one of those best time tracking solutions is EmpMonitor.

It has the feature to automatically collect the log records of employees and also check daily work activity to measure productivity. By the time when employees switch on their computer, it starts tracking their work activities till the log out of the day.


EmpMonitor also has a timesheet feature which accurately keeps track of regular working hours and overtime of each and every employee. So if you have EmpMonitor on your side, then you don’t have to be worried about accuracy in the overtime calculation in your organization.

Overtime & Holiday Pay: How It Works?

Besides the regular work hours, if employees are giving their extra time and efforts, then it counts as overtime. Every year in the holiday season, the business is on boost. But that is also the time when your employees may want to take their leaves. In some countries, there are some special laws for overtime during the holidays. And employees could get better compensation for their efforts.overtime-pay

As we know that overtime pay is not less than one and half times the regular rate of pay. Employees may even get ready to work for extra hours to gain add on earnings on top of their regular wages.

So definitely, financially, it would put more trouble on Employers. That is why it becomes quite important for the employers to accurately calculate the work hour and extra work hours of their employees and make them fair payment at the end.

Take Note Of Productivity:

What’s the meaning of spending money on overtime when you are not getting enough productivity in your business. Another factor to consider before giving overtime earning opportunities to your employees is to keep track of their production rate. If they are producing results for your business in the expected time frame, then it won’t cause any trouble for you, as they will complete most of the queuing tasks and projects before reaching the deadlines.

Managing The Workload

Another factor to consider is workload management. Of course, it is important to keep a note of whom you have assigned the tasks and how much time it will take to complete it. Due to the busiest work schedule, sometimes employers and employers can’t be able to keep track of all tasks and projects. In that case, they can use the project-based time tracking solution, to be aware of the overtime required to finish their workload.

Don’t Be The Nit- Pickers- 

Finally, don’t be the guy who pokes their employees for every single break they have taken. In fact, taking a few breaks between the long work hours can be helpful in increasing the focus of your employees, and this would also positively affect their efficiency. Although additional work distractions should be avoided so that it won’t negatively affect the overall productivity in your business.


By using the exceptional work time tracking features of EmpMonitor software, you can even keep your eyes on the tiny work details that would help you to hold the productivity intact in your business. However, make sure not to be too much nit-picky with some unrealistic expectations, as it may cause your employees burnout.


Tracking the overtime is quite an important matter. Even if you would be able to keep the record of overtime work hours of your employees by yourself but when you have to balance out each and every thing in your business for data collection and management, it would be extremely challenging. That’s why you must invest in implementing the right tools that can accurately track the work time and overtime in your business.

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