When was the last time you said- “I will do it tomorrow“? Could I get back to you by EOD? ” For all the procrastinators who love to postpone, here is a quick update- EOD is not the end of the decade! Rather, it means the end of the day. 

Therefore you need to take accountability for finishing your work before the pile of work gets too big. In order to meet work deadlines, managers unknowingly create an environment where employees work longer hours and ensure it is their only priority. 

As a result, employees fear the consequences of failing to meet performance goals. Which affects the productivity, engagement, autonomy, and overall well-being of an employee in the long run. This ultimately affects the employee’s well-being and work-life balance, therefore managers should restrain from creating such an environment for their employees.

One of the most reliable indicators of the performance of the workforce is how people feel about their jobs”. So you need to increase employee productivity as its crucial aspect of any thriving company, as it leads to better employee engagement, efficiency, and high-quality output. However, many businesses face challenges like low productivity, reduced profits, and higher employee turnover rates.

Therefore, to succeed in this modern workplace, organizations must take a proactive approach to inspire their employees, demonstrate the benefits of productivity, and guide them toward maximizing their productivity. But before that, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect team productivity.

So let us dive into- the world of employee productivity, where the to-do lists are long, and the deadlines are short.

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6 Ways To Increase Employee Productivity 


The main reason for productivity deficits is the absence of employee engagement. As stated in Gallup’s State of the Global Workforce survey- 85% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Therefore you need to make sure they feel engaged at all times. So, Here are 6 tips to increase employee productivity you can implement in your business.

1. Provide Employees Access to Tools

You need to provide employees with access to tools for letting employees use the necessary tools. For an employee to feel productive at all times- there has to be transparent management. The company should provide the employee with access to relevant tools & prevent time wastage in discussing trivial things like- account credentials, passwords, and more! 

Every company should have the policy to share such details with employees who require access to tools for better performance. And ensure having these three tools in their organization for better – work collaboration, team productivity, better communication, and time tracking of employees.

Do you want to increase employee productivity environment where employees listen to order less and work more? Then, a company should motivate a work culture of working more instead of following orders. Don’t expect an employee to do the bare minimum and go home! Instead, promote the employee’s suggestions and be open to change methods when needed. Therefore a company should give employees access to tools and technology without creating a need to depend on a co-worker or upper management to provide the tools access. 

2. Pomodoro Technique to keep employees Productive


Have you heard about the Pomodoro technique? If not, it’s one of the alternative to flowtime technique to boost productivity and focuses on one task and makes them perform their best in the task they are currently working on! You might be thinking how does it work? It’s simple to use this technique.

For using this technique your employees should set a timer for 25 minutes and work on a specific task for the entire time. Once the task is complete, they can take a 5-minute break to recharge their mind. This cycle should be repeated with the employees working for 60 minutes. They can take a 12-15-minute break to avoid burnout and stay focused.

It’s essential to give your employees regular breaks to help increase employee productivity and avoid making them feel overwhelmed. By encouraging your employees to use the Pomodoro technique you can help them become more efficient.

3. Address The Concern Areas of Your Employee

When employees fail to speak about their motivations, it’s important to dig deeper and find their pain points or reasons for being. As every individual has a purpose or reason for living and identifying that can help understand their underlying motivations and needs. By doing so, you can help address their concerns and ensure that they feel heard and valued.

Creating a healthy work environment where employees feel connected to the organization is essential for promoting job satisfaction to increase employee productivity. By taking the time to understand their needs and address them, you can foster a more positive and collaborative workplace culture.

4. Avoid Multi-taskingincrease-employee-motivation-productivity

People think that multitasking is more competent, but fewer people know that statistically- people who work on a single task or perform task batching are more competent and focused. As productivity gets affected when an employee works on various tasks simultaneously. As a result- such employees don’t feel confident about the tasks performed while multitasking. While employees who worked on a single task feel more confident as per the experiment done by experts.

5. Use Productivity Booster

A productivity booster tool like Empmonitor lets you know an employee’s productivity for the entire day, month, and year. You can use such tools to determine your employee’s mood and focus at work on a particular day. It is possible to determine the productivity status of your workforce with the help of these tools. In addition, ensure that employees feel engaged at work. In an organization, employee engagement increase productivity.

6. Have A Meetings With the Agenda


A company needs to practice the habit of running meetings with an agenda. Therefore a business needs to understand the importance of its time. And ask themselves whether this meeting is valid at this moment. Or can this discussion happen over email? If the matter is explainable over email- then 2 hours meeting is a waste. 

As it causes time waste, it’s best to cut down on the number of meetings that can help employees boost their productivity and achieve a goal for the day. Every employee should plan whether an email, audio call, video call, or just a message would solve the problem. It’s best to have a flowchart in mind before planning anything. 

These methods to increase employee productivity will surely help you boost your employee productivity. Try them and see how your business performs after incorporating these six growth tricks.

What are the Factors That Affect Employee Productivitymethods-to-increase-employee-productivity

Do you know that 85% of employees around the globe do not feel engaged in the workplace? This percentage says more about the employer than it represents the employee. Whatever employees do at work is always driven by deeper motivating factors known as the why of doing something. Business leaders must ensure they understand the whys of employees. And take care of their staff to increase employee productivity & motivation. Let us look at the factors that affect employee productivity at a deeper level and consider them to make better employee strategies to manage your employees-

  • Team Dynamics

    If there are conflicting dynamics inside the team, there will be problems managing the work inside the team! Therefore, the team can only function best when the workforce operates together and doesn’t have trust issues.

  • Getting Job Recognition


    Getting recognized is the main reason for employee performance at their workplace! The company should notice employees’ contributions promptly to increase employee productivity. The practice of suppressing employees’ efforts, grabbing their credit, or copying their work- needs to be stopped! On setting access to super-seniors to monitor leaders: employees’ exploitation can stop.

    Good employees start to act dormant when such things happen. Also, they stop performing for the betterment of the company and begin to work only for salary. It means they won’t suggest the good & won’t try to change the existing or fix the flaws in the system. Instead, satisfy their manager, take their salary, and go home. Recognition starts with people in higher positions. If they promote wrong behaviors or a thankless attitude, it will affect the work culture of employees, harshly affecting their productivity.

  • Communicate

    If employees are not aware of their impact on the company, there is a fair chance they won’t feel motivated to do more. So, it’s necessary to keep the employee motivated by letting them see how their role contributes- the larger vision and purpose of the organization. You need to ensure your employees feel wanted in the company, then only they perform their best at the task allotted to them.


  • Division of Work

    employee-engagement-increases-productivityIf the work division in the organization is not good! Then an employee might get overburdened while some might get offloaded totally. It denotes the lack of planning skills of the manager!

    Establish a workable balance among employees- keep track of their work. For the above-stated- you can use EmpMonitor. A software that helps you keep track of your employee’s work status and allows you to check their project status to ensure proper division of work. And the employee already working on a task is not overboard with more work. It denotes that workflows are divided among team members.

    To Increase employee productivity and employee satisfaction, business leaders need to understand why they do the jobs they do. It is possible to maximize workforce potential when you know about the key drivers and employees- why do things?

How to Measure Productivity?



Do you need to measure workforce productivity to understand where your employees are lacking? And what to do to increase employee productivity and make the most of your employees-

  • Measure the number of goals met
  • Amount of profit
  • Amount of work completed
  • Quality of work completed
  • Amount of time spent on a task

These methods help you to ensure workforce engagement is at the highest level. Use these parameters to measure employee productivity at the workplace. And make room for better employee management ways to benefit both the employee & the employer.

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Wrapping Up 

Improving employee productivity is crucial for the success of any organization. It’s achieved by setting clear expectations, investing in employee training and development, creating a positive work environment, promoting work-life balance, and utilizing technology to streamline work processes. It’s vital to support employees and increase engagement and support for the organization. Whether you prefer using a productivity app or the Pomodoro Technique, you should experiment and discover the method that shall increase employee productivity for your company. Ultimately, the key is to stay focused and accomplish your goals.