A remote team consists of professionals working on a particular project from different locations. They have different time zones, working shifts, and of course, flexible workplaces.

Just imagine how interesting it would be if your organization embraced remote working into their traditional work culture. 

Got fascinated by this? 

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Benefits Of Remote Work

benefits-remote-employeeRemote work has both pros and cons. Let’s see what benefits it offers and what are the challenges that the remote team or the management has to face.

We have already discussed some of the merits of including remote work in an organization. Well, there are even more benefits of remote working that we can add to the list.

1. Preferred Work-life Balance

Regular employees have to travel every day to attend their office. It is quite hectic to travel kilometers each time. Hence the employees have poor management with their personal and professional life. But that isn’t the scenario in the case of remote employees. 

The remote employees also have the flexibility to choose their working hours. Therefore the remote workers pick their employee hours such that they can dedicatedly work during those hours without any disturbance. It not only helps the employee to maintain a healthy work-life balance but also helps in balancing their personal life so that it will not hamper their work.

2. Freedom Of Short Breaks

We all know that sitting in one place in the office becomes quite irritating at times, but in the conventional office environment, the employees are not allowed to take frequent breaks. But the remote employees can take short breaks from their work to refresh their minds. Apart from that, as the employees get to select their workplace, hence they might end up choosing their favorite spot in the house so that they never get bored out of it. 

The most notable thing is that remote workers should not make it a habit of taking breaks during the working hours. The employees have to be equally productive and efficient rather than spending time taking breaks from work.

3. The Well-being Of An Employee

Remote employees tend to remain healthy and fit as they are far away from the rush at the office. The remote workers must select a peaceful place where they can work dedicatedly. Hence they will be able to complete their assignments on time.

So they will never get over-burdened with their work. The employees never have to stress out about staying back at the office because of overtime. Even if the employees have to work more than their working hours, it will not become a prominent issue because they will be working from their preferred place.

4. A Rise In Productivity

From the benefits of remote work, it becomes evident that the employees will be more productive. As the working hours are chosen by themselves, they will get highly dedicated to their work during these hours. 

If the employee is a parent, then he/she can choose their working hours such that they can remain available when their child needs them. If the employee wishes to study further, then they can select their employee hours such that it does not clash with their study hours. But the main aim of the employee should be accomplishing the tasks on time.

5. Cost-effective

If the employees are not in the office environment already, the companies will definitely save money, the organization’s store capital that would get spent on furniture, electricity, and the internet. Employers can make excellent use of this money. 

They can arrange webinars and can also introduce new software that is necessary for their work. 

6. Competitive Business Environment

The companies offering workplace flexibility always make a great team as the remote team comprises employees from around the world. If an employee acquires the knowledge required for a particular post, the companies do not have to bother if he/she is from a different country.

Hence with an efficient team, the organizations can create a prominent competitive environment for other companies. If the employees are highly productive, the companies will be able to achieve their long term goals at ease.

Inconveniences Due To Remote Work

inconvenience-remote-teamAfter checking out all the merits of having a remote team, you must be wondering what challenges the employees and employers have to face. Well, here is a list of demerits that remote work offers.

1. Communication

It is one of the significant issues that both employees and employers have to face. If the senior employees have to pass on some information to the team, then they have to arrange calls. But it is not always possible to deliver everything accurately to the employees this way.

It becomes an issue for the employees because if they do not understand the tasks at once, they will be troubling other employees over and over again. It will consume the time of the whole team, and they won’t be able to accomplish the tasks on time.

2. Keeping Track Of Productivity

If the employees are in front of the employers, then they will be able to keep an eye on them. But as we have already discussed that the remote employees have the flexibility to take short breaks, hence the employers remain unaware of it. 

The employers would not be able to know if the employee is working or spending most of the time taking breaks. They won’t be able to know the real reason behind the delay in their work so they cannot measure the productivity and efficiency of the employees accurately.

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring software that eases out the process of monitoring and managing the employees and maintaining their productivity even if they are working from any corner of the world.

EmpMonitorEmpMonitor facilitates the users to:

1. Receive detailed information about the activities of the employee during the working hours.

2. Keep a track of the screen and keyboard of the employees’ system and also check for the internet and computer usage. 

3. Access all the data whenever required as the data remains safe in the cloud-based storage.

EmpMonitor is also recently updated with some amazing new features.

Recently EmpMonitor has added some new features to the list, which are essential to acquire by an employee monitoring software.

1. Managers can select a language from English to Spanish and vice versa. Once they set the language preference, the whole site will get converted to that particular language.

2. Productivity tracking can get done in a more precise manner. The higher authorities get to choose a category as productive, and then all the domains under that category will get marked as productive. It can also get customized for every department individually.

3. The reports can get automatically sent to respective members of the company. The employers have to set the auto report option according to the departments. So, then every night after 12 o’clock, the system will send the report to the concerned members. The frequency can get set on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

3. Company Culture

Every organization has set some guidelines for working in their company. But if the team includes people from around the world, then they won’t be able to follow the company’s culture. 

Hence this will lead to poor management of the team as the employees are unaware of the rules and guidelines set by the higher authorities. So there will be no importance to the work culture established by the organization.

Tips For Employers To Manage a Remote Team

tips-employer-remote-teamIf the employers are willing to overcome the hurdles of managing a remote team, then here are some tips to help them out.

1. Daily Check-ins

Remote managers must interact with their employees. So the employees will feel that they are an integral part of the company, and the managers are looking forward to their opinions and suggestions in some cases.

2. Proper Communication

We have already discussed that communication is a significant drawback for the remote team. But the companies can make use of the latest technologies to stay connected with their team. 

The employers have to make sure that they provide a complete set of instructions to their employees at once. Hence the employees will be able to understand their job and not kill others time.

3. Set Goals

The higher authorities have to set goals and deadlines for the employees. It also links to building trust within the employees. If the employees get a specific deadline to complete their tasks, then they will be highly efficient. 

The employers can also trust the employees who accomplish their assignments on time because it will make sure that the remote employees do not spend time taking breaks and are dedicated to working.

4. Mentor The Employees

The managers do not every time have to be harsh on their employees. There are some issues that the remote employees face, which the managers have to understand. It is the responsibility of the managers to check if the employee is lagging in work. Then they need to look out for a reason behind it and provide a solution so that the employee can be more productive.

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Wrapping up

The companies incorporating remote work culture are more capable of making a great team as there will be employees from around the world. Hence the other employees in the team will be able to acquire more knowledge.

The remote team members have to face both successes and consequences of the flexible workplace and flexible working. Hence the employees have to take utmost care that they remain highly productive and efficient during the working hours. 

I hope this article helped you know about the remote team in more detail. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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