Due to the rising trend of remote work, many organizations are hiring across the world. And to get the best of the best talent, employers are even ready to let their employees work from home. Still, managing productivity is the biggest challenge for organizations with remote working teams. Definitely, it’s not a smooth sail, while there are also some productivity hacks for remote team management. It depends on various factors, whether they are facing time management issues because of different time zones. Or how they manage work-time effectively to generate better results for the business.

If remote work is executed smartly, it can really help you to boost productivity in your business. Many companies around the world are already implementing productivity monitoring tools and management solutions to improve their remote working capabilities.

In this article, we are going to decode some of the best productivity hacks for remote team management. Employing these can really help you get your remote work business right on track.

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What Are The Productivity Killers With Remote Work?

In the office work culture, the work seems to be more organized. Managers can easily handle the projects and assign tasks to employees based on the priorities of the organization.

However, with remote working conditions, management doesn’t have such a privilege. Without the proper collaboration between the remote working team, as an employer, you can’t be really sure to get your tasks and projects completed on time. That could really harm productivity in so many ways. And it would be difficult for the management to spot those productivity killers.


Here we have mentioned some of those:

Work Isolation-

Nobody wants to work in silos! And that’s one of the biggest challenges for remote work. Fortunately, there are online collaboration tools that allow the modern workforce to connect with each other.

Still, it hasn’t become easier to manage and coordinate various kinds of work in an organization. Instead of seamless transfer of knowledge and solutions, it takes more time to manually shift from one platform to another platform. And that’s quite a wastage of time that could be used to improve production.

Depending on how well your team is coordinated and adapts with the technological aspects to be productive even when they are working remotely.

Less Supervision: 

With remote work, it’s quite normal for an employer to be worried since their remote working employees are not completely honest about their production hours. On the other hand, employees may also face tech/non-tech difficulties in their work. It could be hectic for the management to supervise each and every thing while doing the business.

Overwork & Burnout-

Employee engagement is another important factor that can affect productivity. In an office environment, people naturally get motivated and try to do their best. That’s because other people around them recognize their efforts. Moreover, employees also try to be more productive with remote work options. Working remotely surely is a perk for employees. But it often happens with remote work that employees try to cross over their threshold and do overtime work as nobody wants to be a weak link in a team of hyper-productive team members.


This competitive pressure makes them do overtime work that sometimes even suppresses their official targets. Though such things might help to improve the production rate a little. But for long-term consideration, it may even lead to employee burnouts, which could eventually hurt the business’s productivity.  In such a case, management has a role to play where they need to manage overtime work regulations.   So that employees can also appropriately manage their work-life balance and do their tasks more efficiently.

Digital Divide-

One of the major issues with remote work is that you can’t be able to build a bonding between the team members. While working separately from different places, sometimes it won’t be easy for you and your team to coordinate properly. In the race of tackling most of the professional difficulties people often neglect the place of the human touch in their work-life. Without the proper mutual understanding between teams, differences may arise. In such a case, it’s the responsibility of the team to be more helpful to their colleagues and appreciate each other’s work to be more productive for the business.

How To Enhance Remote Workforce Productivity?

There are some challenges with remote work, which can affect business productivity. However, if there is right supervision and better communication within the team, they can work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are some of the best productivity life hacks which you can implement to improve remote work productivity in your business.

Opt For The Right Tech Stack-

While working remotely, one of the most important things is to invest in the right tools and services. In a digital workspace, without the proper tech solution, it could be difficult for the management to keep track of work. Having the basic workforce management and collaboration tools can simplify most of their tech overload. That way, you and your team can easily keep up with the new tasks/projects and manage them accordingly based on the skillsets of your team members.


Most of the IT organizations make use of tools/software, which let them efficiently monitor and engage with employees. Tools like Zoom and Google meet are some of the best conferencing tools that let you easily connect with your remote team. While you should make sure to use the best remote monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor that would help you to keep track productivity in your business

Basically, it helps you to gauge the work performance of your team members. It shows all the different work patterns of employees in the graphical representation, whether your team is being productive in their work or idle. Also, it gives the complete work details record of each and every employee in your team so that you can effectively manage and schedule their tasks.

Simulate Normalcy

Earlier, at the start of most of the lockdown, work from home is a new thing for employees. And due to this sudden change, initially, many employees might have faced some tech/non-tech difficulties in their work. To manage such a situation, first, you need to simulate the state of normalcy in your work. Make sure that your employees are aware of the new rules and regulations of remote work.

Time Management

As you know, flexibility is a perk of remote work. Working in flexible work hours doesn’t mean that production hours will change. So, employees have to adhere to the regular working hours. That way, the ongoing project pipelines won’t get disturbed.


Set Clear Expectations

Remote work can be a success if management sets the clear expectations to their team from the beginning. With the latest tech project management solutions, it has become easier to manage tasks/projects of employees and accordingly set your expectations. These project management solutions can help you to set clear rules regarding the deadlines and reporting of given tasks and projects. So that accordingly, employees can also put their best effort to reach the expected goals.

Work Priority-

Let’s suppose every employee has their own well-defined tasks on their to-do list but how to know the priority? There might be some of the tasks that are urgent compared to the others. In such a case, prioritizing such tasks becomes quite important. Nowadays, the best project management solutions also have this feature that lets you categorize the tasks based on their priority levels. So that employees won’t be confused to know what tasks to do first and what can be done later.

Wrapping Words

Here in this article, we have shown -what are the things in remote work that can be the productivity killers in your business. In that case, you need to implement the best productivity hacks to improve the efficiency of your remote team. For that, you can make use of the tech solutions which gives you the ability to efficiently manage, monitor and control the production of your remote working team.

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