New joinee is a new responsibility! Isn’t it? When we hire employees, it is our responsibility to make them know about their work and responsibility along with making them comfortable with the working environment. 

So, a well-built onboarding process is the best way to welcome your new employees.

In short, through the onboarding process, you can provide enthusiasm and important information to your employees which will lead to joy, job satisfaction, and reserve your employees for the long-term.

 Wondering how? Keep reading till the end!  

What is an employee onboarding process?

what is employee onboarding process

The employee onboarding process includes the required information, tools, and relationships they need to be confident enough and make them comfortable in the office premises to give their best performance.

This process begins with their recruitment and ends when the employees get settled into their work.

What are the steps included in the onboarding process?

what are the steps included in onboarding process

The following steps can be the foundation for the best onboarding process.

1. New recruitment:

Critical goal: In this process, you need to be transparent about your company goals, mission, values, people, and culture which will make them clear about your requirements. 

You should also make them understand your expectations and in what role they are going to work. This information will give a clear definition of your company as well as their position in the company.

2. First visit to office:

Being comfortable with the working environment is what all employees want. So you need to introduce your new hires to everything to be compatible with their work premises. 

Show them the place where they’re going to work. Guide them to every department of your company to give them an idea about your company’s working process. Introduce new hires to your employees and give them a chance to know everything.

3. Forwarding offer letter:

In the offer letter, you should appreciate your employees and make them realize that they have been selected by the best employers of the company.

You should also talk about the talents of your new hires and how much you value them. You need to make them feel how excited you are to see them join their company. Also, you can give a thoughtful message like how you are impatient to work with them to drive their sentiment.

4. Early onboarding:

Officially the onboarding starts when the new hire signs the employment letter. From this day till the joining, you need to make them believe that they have taken the right decision to choose a new job.

The time from the candidate signs to the joining is regarded as the most crucial engagement period which you have to make the most of.

You can share the work related to their role with complete documentation. You can also share information like:

  • A guide to the first week of their joining.
  • Provide access to the emails, phone numbers, and the tools that they are going to use in their working process.
  • About the tasks and goals for the first week.
  • Events of your organization.


5. Welcoming new employees on their first day:

Create an atmosphere that will make the new hires feel appreciated and welcomed. Schedule a lunch break for the new team which will include small talks about the first-day experience. Provide them videos, documents, web pages that present your company goals and the history of your organization.

At the end of the day take a few minutes to ask them about their first day and experience in the company.

6. Onboarding process in the first weeks:

Help your employees understand your expectations and work. We all like to know about our future. So, when you make your employees imagine their future role in your company, you are going to have good employee retention.

In the first weeks, schedule meetings and greetings with the top performers of the company. Provide a list of regular tasks and goals for the year. Give them a brief about how they can have growth in their position. For this, you can meet them with employees who were promoted from a new hire’s position to have real experience.

7. Team building and employee engagement:

For team building and employee engagement we can do the following:

  • Organize events for team building.
  • Make sure your new hires are provided with resources, tools, and equipment for their efficient work and also support them when they make mistakes.
  • Ask your employers to do regular meets and greets and introduce all the concepts on which the new hires are going to work.
  • Watch your employee’s performance.


Why is HR onboarding software so important?

why hr onboarding is so important

Manual paperwork are the gone days. Nowadays there are tools available with the help of which you can complete your paperwork within less time and focus on new hires. 

The HR onboarding software is a tool which not only boosts your productivity but also engages employees and provides new hires more time to learn. HR onboarding software improves the experience of both the new hires as well as the employers of the organization.

Let us see the best HR onboarding software that will help your employees work in a better way.



As I have said earlier, HR onboarding software tool helps you do your paperwork in less time and increases productivity. Keeping this in mind I have the best hr onboarding software which will not only boost your productivity but also help you in other ways. It is EmpMonitor.

As an employer, it is important to know how your new hires are working and how productive they are. Keeping an eye on them is not possible. So, the best way is to track their work and performance during their working hours. So, we should install a monitoring software in the working device of the new employees which will work in an invisible mode.

There are many monitoring software available in the market out there. EmpMonitor is the best of all. EmpMonitor can act as the best hr onboarding software of all time. Want to know about its features? Let us have a look at them.

Features of EmpMonitor:

  • You can get insightful charts of the productivity hours of your remote employees.


  • You can track the productive and non-productive hours of the employees from the time of their login.

productivity analysis

  • It automatically captures screenshots generated with high-quality within 15 seconds.

real time screenshots

  • You can track the web URLs and apps used by the employees during their working hours.

web usage report

  • The EmpMonitor works behind the desktop as an invisible software that is not recognized by the task manager and is not found in the program list.

stealth mode

  • All the generated reports are saved in the cloud with no issues.

cloud storage

From the above features, it is clear that with EmpMonitor we can have a lot more features along with productivity. With these features, we can have solutions for many other problems. It has a 15-day day free trial with 5 users. Grab it!

So, without wasting the time, install EmpMonitor on your employee’s working devices and track their performance. Do not take monitoring of employees as a spying activity. It is just used to track the performance of the employees that can be improved if needed.

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Wrapping words:

From the above discussion, we are clear about the onboarding process of the employees conducted by all organizations for high employee retention. 

We have covered HR onboarding software used in most of the companies for the employees to work in a better way. Do not forget to install EmpMonitor.

I hope you find this valuable. If you have any queries related to this article, please do comment below. I would love to hear from you!