We are currently in the midst of the work from home revolution. Nowadays, most of the employees value work at home, telecommuting, and flexible work options, as it helps them provide a better work-life balance. According to the predictions, more than 30% of big tech companies are either hiring freelancers or remote workers who spend most of their time working. As work from home culture also helps employers to increase their business revenue. 

But, here the question arises How? 

Here, I have mentioned some of the benefits of employers to allow their employees to work from home. 

Increase In Moral Values


People who have flexible work schedules often have high moral values and are responsible enough as compared to the ones working in a traditional office environment. Higher confidence or morale also has a positive effect on work quality and efficiency, which helps in terms of earnings and providing bottom-line benefits for the company.  

Apart from that, work from home also helps a person to be happy and healthy, which play a vital role in increasing employee productivity and reducing absenteeism from work. Therefore, it transforms a person into a motivated, confident, and responsible employee with high moral values.

Enhance Employee Retention 

For small scale companies, one of the greatest challenges is losing the workers that make them tick. Small businesses are not always able to compete with larger organizations when it comes to wages and benefits, so making the most of the benefits you have is important. 

In larger organizations, never-ending meetings, and superannuated workplace acts, may authorize employees to keep intact to their desks. Though in some small businesses the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that is alive gives workers the independence they want.  

But, working from home helps parents take their child’s responsibilities with the flexibility they need, whereas others can have a proper work-life balance. As both these factors play a vital role in increasing employee retention, thus we can say allowing employees work remotely is beneficial. 

Environmental Impact 


Remote employees usually connect via email, telephone, videoconferencing with colleagues, and managers. Conducting online meetings and promoting online contact helps to protect the environment by reducing pollution from vehicles. It also helps in making you healthy, and benefits the community and allows you to role your business as a good steward of the organization. 

Reduce Costs

Employers possibly moralize to the conversion here because it is costly to lease the office space. For example, if you rent office space using a part of your capital budget you can take some of the costs back but it is still likely to be one of the largest fixed costs the company would have.

Though I don’t recommend shutting down the office entirely, you might minimize the amount of office room you need, by encouraging your staff to work from home two days a week, and running a hot-desk policy the rest of the time. Indeed, hot-desking is not a favorite policy for any employee, but if it allows them to work from home, then it probably has a good chance of working. 

Optimal Use of Technology 


Remote working cannot be possible without the latest and outstanding technological assets we have today. Technology is a key facilitator for mobility, high-speed internet connections, cloud computing, smartphones, VoIP, project management software, computer tracking software, etc. It helps employees to easily communicate with their fellow mates and share their concerns with managers in no time. 

Most people might think a remote workforce is distinct from usual, but it’s not anymore the case because of the availability of these tools. Along with putting all the required technologies in one place, various other things are to be considered that benefits you in providing the very best chance of favorable outcome while working at home.

Low Salaries 

It doesn’t mean that the employees will be happy if they get a pay cut off in return to get work from home. Though, based on the various surveys it’s proved that people prefer taking flexible shifts than a pay rise. It means instead of expecting salary appraisal, employees prefer working remotely. 

It will not only help the employers to decrease their wage bill but will also help to increase the cash-flow in the business. As they can decrease the electricity bill, maintenance charges, and take advantage of more opportunities that come along. 

Increase Productivity

What Are The Employer’s Benefits Of Employees Work From Home? 1

Studies have shown that employees working remotely are much likely to be more productive as compared to the ones working in the office. As they have much fewer diversions, greater autonomy, and focus more on their work. 

But one of the most important things is that the business owners should have high trust in their employees and allow employees to work from home. But only to those who could help in increasing productivity. 

Accepting work from home doesn’t mean shutting down the shop and working remotely 5 days a week. Employers should split the time between the workplace and home. You can also use various employee productivity monitoring software available in the market that helps you to check the employee productivity in the office and at home. One of the best productivity tracking software which I feel quite accurate is EmpMonitor. 


EmpMonitor is a tool designed to help you streamline your employee’s workflow. In addition to this, it also helps in insider threat detection, provides ransomware protection services, advanced firewall protection, productivity management, activity tracking, browser history, etc. 

What Are The Employer’s Benefits Of Employees Work From Home? 2

Some of the exceptional features of EmpMonitor in brief are – 

Insider Data threat – 

EmpMonitor not only tracks the employee’s activities but also insights and context so that employers can understand the behavior and intentions behind their activities.

  • It provides high-quality screenshots within the desired intervals of time as per your need, which helps to analyze user activity. 
  • View data with content and usability too with real-time insights of the user activity. 
  • Access data as far back in time as needed with unlimited data storage.

Remote Workforce Management – 

Gain complete visibility of how your employees utilize their time working from home using the exceptional feature of this tool. 

  • Discover the productivity graphs among the dispersed teams. 
  • It allows you to identify the overworked employees to reduce attrition. 
  • Identify frequently used unproductive websites or applications and set usage limits.

Productivity Monitoring

Analyze and design your teams for better outcomes by keeping an eye on their employee’s productivity behaviors for better business outcomes in the future. 

  • Measure employee productivity using graphical insights that show productive, non-productive time and sites used. 
  • Use Activity Logs to understand employee workflows and where time can be better allocated.
  • Create a balanced record using the details provided by EmpMonitor to measure the performance department wise. 



Some of the benefits which employer’s benefits which they gain while their employees work from home. But the important thing is that employees should check which environment makes their employees more productive and how long it takes them to get back on track, the best way to communicate, etc. So employers, make a detailed list of your requirements depending upon the needs and make your employees highly productive.